0000023036 00000 n Provide lots of fiction and non-fiction books and magazines. 1. 0000055062 00000 n (630) $8.00. I am new to the school and they have never done anything like this before. See above for ideas on promoting the event. Theres even a make-and-take game activity, a partner play, writing activities, a fun food craft, and other ideas for parents & kids to interact around literacy. 0000001646 00000 n Get it in Spanish, English, or BOTH! What better way to get parents engaged with their children than an Escape Room with a dinosaur theme that they all can enjoy. Before we can design a successful event we have to think about our audience. Food was provided in each room that also matched the theme. The Sum is Greater Than the Parts: Engaging Community to Promote Math Learning. Get even more resources for empowering families to find the time, confidence, and resources to build literacy skills at home.>CHECK OUT THE EMPOWERING FAMILIES RESOURCE, 3 Comments Filed Under: All categories, Family Literacy Tagged With: family involvement, printable. In the cafeteria, they read Green Eggs and Ham and then make green eggs and ham. Note: Competition can be stressful for some kids, especially those working on language skills. 2020-2021 School Performance Reports. There are step-by-step directions, but you can easily change things around to fit your needs. Do an author study. Terri Cox looked on as her grandson Bentley, a third grader, took part in another station. If you want families to feel comfortable and return for future events, the being prepared for when they arrive is crucial. How was that going to help a reader grow and build a culture of literacy at home? High School District 214 Community Education. Hello Mrs Sykes Jennifer Sykes. we are doing the following: we had funds to buy a book for every student in the school (about 400) (we did buy a lot of books during our school's scholastic book fair, so saved like 25%.) so they could listen to a story together read by a famous actor or even Al Gore. Curriculum Guides. "We were just asked if we could contribute some equipment for the kids," said Josh Darling, senior vice president of the Adena Corp. Your email address will not be published. Both are things to keep in mind as we plan. A. Remote learning courses are offered through a mixture of synchronous (80%) and asynchronous (20%) instruction. 0000087814 00000 n The teacher had invited the families together to discuss ways they could help their child succeed, and they began with this simple activity. Those will be coming soon! AMgZ4`ZUsN6Ux} In a school I was at, each room that participated (not all teachers did)choose a theme. The videos can be shown at the school's literacy night or during parent-teacher conferences to illustrate family involvement in first grade literacy. One way is to let teachers know the theme, and let them pick an activity they would like to do with families. My room was "bears", so we had a lot of books that involved bears (the Berenstein Bears, Cordoroy, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, etc.) The Dr.Seuss website has many more great ideas and resources. Students played games focusing on reading skills and had stories read aloud to them by volunteers, along with family members that accompanied them. Here are a few of the most common kinds of programs you'll find: 1. so that each room had plenty of books. With Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, Romany Malco. #familyliteracynight #literacynight, Looking for ideas for a family literacy night? One teacher will be needed to make the announcements in the auditorium. I introduced students to a reading/book website called Bookeliciousto get to know books that match our unique identities and help us to keep track of books and stories we really enjoy. Each parent will receive a pamphlet of the schedule of the event and some additional information such as teacher contacts and facts to be aware of. Each station activity includes any printables needed and a step-by-step guide to set it up! One is poems and it is my favorite. Student solve 3 clues to help a paleontologist find a missing baby dinosaur. Course selections must be made in accordance with the Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines. Would you like to have rocking events that families will love? Make sure you have door prizes relevant to the school community and the literacy cause. I have two literacy night ideas. 14. Check it out! Theres even a make-and-take game activity, a partner play, writing activities, a fun food craft, and even more fun ways for parents and kids to interact around literacy. She is the Title I lead teacher who recently helped start a learning lab at Lucas. Crosby Elementary School hosted a Literacy Night for students in honor of Read Across America Day, a holiday commemorating the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known better as Dr. Seuss. Best of all? Our why for wanting to hold family literacy nights is more than ticking a requirement for Title I or fulfilling a district mandate. My class did SWIMMY by Leo Lionne the black fish wore black t-shirts and Swimmy wore red.Also did Caps For Sale one year and the kids had a great time being the Monkeys! For many of our families, English may not be their primary language. "There are games and activities that also work on literary skills," she said. I decorated the room with stuffed bears from home. The special day was planned by the members of the school's Reading Committee and by each classroom teacher. $10.50. Families that read together learn together. After this 20-30 min. Fundamentals - Uni./Coll. 0000023222 00000 n Celebrate Literacy in the NWT NWT Literacy Council 7 Alphabet Scavenger Hunt 1. Night School: Directed by Malcolm D. Lee. "The kids are really dedicated. <]>> Hope this helps!! #familyliteracynight, Can you think of a more fun theme than pirates? "Our kids are also mingling, which is rare too, to see a charter school and a public school to link . Most importantly, make sure you send a reminder home the day of the event. Teachers of each class will be present at the meet and greet at their labeled spot for their class. The shopping could mean that you buy certain items, such as bookmarks, books, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. So simple! 2. Another way to enhance your literacy event is to not only invite families but to also invite your community and community partners. "I don't really like it," Wyatt admitted. 0000002818 00000 n #familyliteracynight #superfamilyliteracynight, Looking for ideas for a family literacy night? Attendance was boosted because we had the baskets on display during lunch and kids were excited about the prospect of winning. Dont overlook your food service provider for food needs. Fraley had taught fourth grade for nine years before assuming her new role. Each child gets to pick one book, which the Home and School Club buys from Scholastic. Just assemble everything into a two-gallon zip top bag, and they're ready to go! The parents then have time to read aloud to their child. . 4.9. I suggest Patricia Palacco because she has written so many books and she has a great website. Divide participants into groups of 4 or 5. Here are just a few themes that are fun and educational. 132 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5AF7E0E66F84E440A7497BE726FDE810><4864F8EA4611E440BFF018768C019CBC>]/Index[106 49]/Info 105 0 R/Length 122/Prev 135804/Root 107 0 R/Size 155/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream We are going to provide them with some ideas on how to make reading a GOOD thing at home rather than just another chore to do. HW0,A*ljjH]T]0G;L,p{|47qLh"84+5sq`Hz; @ 8HB8"pb9F^4=zcxSRr/Q`pMR3THY^ Xr!)-Z|x These are great fun to read aloud and the motivation is high because kids love this holiday. When we dismiss them, they go to their first session then we all meet back in the cafeteria for snacks (made by our home ec. Two teachers will be needed to prepare and give the presentation on literacy skills in the. Another teacher did a reading basket and had a wide range of new books in a basket. Our K-4 teachers sign up to read a book and do an activity to go along with that book. Thank you so much!! We start in the cafeteria and have then split the families into three or four groups. This will make setup SO MUCH easier! A different theme each month. Title 1 funds may be used so check with your title coordinator. Now that we know why we truly hold literacy events, lets plan a great one with these tips and ideas. After the author, the students go to their breakout sessions with the teachers. It worked out pretty well. No matter where the starting point may be. The synchronous component of classes will use either Brightspace D2L or Google Classroom with Zoom or Google Meet. To boost attendance at our Family Literacy Night each teacher was asked to make a themed basket as a door prize. The teachers then read a mentor text which explicitly showed the font strategies that we want the children to pattern in their writingsuch as speech bubbles, thought bubbles, text wrapping, bold print, sound wordsetcteachers pointed out these techniques during their reading. Synchronous Learning occurs when the teacher interacts with a student or group of students in real-time either online or through other means in relation to the course content, lessons, or assessment tools. One of our wonderfully "dramatic" teachers performs the story, Where the Wild Things Are, in the gym with a spotlight shining on her. 6 37 Learn how your comment data is processed. #familyliteracynight #familyliteracyactivities. Save yourself time and stress while running a fun superhero themed event for your kids and parents! Your email address will not be published. In the first group they heard a story read by a teacher (another 20 minutes), then they switched to a second group where they got refreshments and watched a video of a book (another 20 minutes). We only allow a certain number to sign up for each story because we want the teacher to know how many to plan for when preparing for an activity to go along with the story. Vary the Dates and Times- Accommodate family work schedules. share about developmentally appropriate expectations. endstream endobj 7 0 obj<> endobj 8 0 obj<> endobj 9 0 obj<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 10 0 obj<> endobj 11 0 obj<> endobj 12 0 obj<> endobj 13 0 obj<> endobj 14 0 obj<>stream xref They are often an economical way to provide food at your event. See step #5 Strategies. Posted by: Amanda K. Once a year, the whole school does a Math Night wherein each teacher sets up a grade-level math project in his/her classroom. Those who participated in the Family Literacy Night on October 19, 2021, were invited to such wonder and delight. They will have to open a box with surprises to escape their room! 13. Remote Learning: Night School. PTA's vision is for all students to have the family and community . Hope some of this is helpful and good luck with your literature night. Once you know your goals, it will help you think about your activities for the event. 0000010545 00000 n (49) $7.00. Open Houses, Literacy Nights, school newsletters and websites. Literacy development should be a combined effort between home and school. The children with simple costumes act out the story while it is being read by the teacher or a student. 0000007525 00000 n we'll have teachers giving talks for parents of primary and intermediate students--how to read with your child, improve your child's reading a room with spansih/english books and someone reading books in spanish. 0000041437 00000 n document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We get a Coach's Chatter (used to be Coach's Corner) that is from both the literacy and math coaches. The BIG FISH could be a book. To Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology, Intro. Parental Involvement: Building Partnerships, WELCOME TO THE GROWING BOOK BY BOOK COMMUNITY, CHECK OUT THE EMPOWERING FAMILIES RESOURCE, build family and school connections and partnerships, supportfamilies with assisting their kids, share about developmentally appropriateexpectations, Reading Picnic (have books in native languages), Photo Booth (great for documenting the event and sending home a keepsake), Flyers (send home and hang up throughout the school), Social Media (school website, Facebook page, etc.). Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The event . Your email address will not be published. Once we know our why and who we are serving, we are ready to pick a theme for our family literacy night. break, we dismiss the students to go to their second session. When the 33 post-its were on the board, the teacher stated, "50% of Latino . This toolkit provides resources for educators and administrators to build relationships with families and community members. I am also a professional storyteller, so we are starting out our evening with me telling Appalachian stories (our principal is joining me, which should be hilarious) and then after refreshments, we are going to have stations. Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit) V20H2 or later; RAM: 8 GB of RAM required. Great ideas! You want to gain interest and enthusiasm for your events sodo a social media blast, put it on the marquee sign, talk about it in robocalls home, send notices weekly, etc. what are some successes? What you need to know. If so i would lOve to see them! Advertise well ahead of time to build anticipation among parents, guardians, students and the school community. Free downloads from Fun in First, Tips for ParentsHow to Help My Child Succeed Free Downloads from Fun in First. 0000088321 00000 n 'x_9ZIZ9 Then we play sight word BINGO and the winner of each round gets to pick a book to take home as their prize. Next month we are hosting a Pajama Party. Your own staff will appreciate the opportunity to sign up for areas they would like to work so having a sign-up sheet is a good idea. thank you for sharing your ideas and was wondering If youve held a family literacy night for middle school families that speak predominately Spanish? The students are split up according to grade level. All rights reserved. If you need help running stations, request parent volunteers. how can we get middle school students to attend family literacy night? Depending on staffing resources and size of the crowd, youll need to choose if you want to do station activities or a whole group activity. Remember, however, that no matter how many good ideas your teachers, parents, and students have, those ideas won't go very far without the support of the administration. "He reads usually a little bit every night," Cox said of her grandson. Bulletin board materials are included, and best of all, there are editable pages, too! A spirited second-half effort by the Rams wasn't enough to make a . Learning Strategies (Numeracy Focus) - Open, Learning Strategies (Literacy Focus) - Open, Canadian History Since World War I - Academic, Canadian History Since World War I - Applied, Career Studies (Classes run from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.), Civics and Citizenship (Classes run from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.), English: Literacy Development (Level 1) - Open, English: Literacy Development (Level 2) - Open, Communications Technology: Print and Graphic Communications (Yearbook), Financial Accounting - University/College, Foundations for College Mathematics - College, Functions and Applications - University/College, Intro. If families will be going to stations or multiple locations, have a map with labels ready and copies of the maps for families. Here are some family literacy night ideas and tips that will set you on the road to success. It was a big hit! Knowing your challenges ahead of time will help you prevent any mishaps during the night. This is a two-way street and works for a Math and Science Night too! It's fun hope you enjoy yours! Counseling . The Benefits of Assigning Spring Break Packets in Elementary, How To Create A Positive Affirmations Station in Your Classroom, The Benefits of Implementing Classroom Jobs In Elementary, How To Host an Unforgettable Book Tasting. Make sure teachers are talking it up in the classrooms. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Share your favorite stories and encourage a love of reading. %PDF-1.4 % We're here to help.Arizona Adult Education Services provides comprehensive services to students 16 years of age and older who are not enrolled in a K-12 school. He is 40 now and is working on passing his 12th-grade exams from the National Institute Of Open Schooling. Picking a great theme can motivate families to participate. We also tell them what group they are in. 0000088100 00000 n It helps to provide some incentive of a book giveaway that is high on the students interests meter or gift cards. It is never more than the front of one page. Library Read-Aloud Shows. Comprehensive Evidence-Based Reading Plan Template . station where kids can make their own bookmarks--leave them, and we'll laminate them and get them to the kids the following week. Make your next family literacy night event fun and easy to plan with Arrr you ready for Family Literacy Night? We have a family literacy night each year. endstream endobj 15 0 obj<> endobj 16 0 obj<> endobj 17 0 obj<>stream The proposed project outcomes are enhanced classroom environments and school libraries via literacy, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and computer science materials; gains in literacy skills for Pre-K students and in reading achievement for K-5 students; increased STEM and computer science content knowledge, student use of . Students are expected to be connected to their class during the posted times. Adena is handling the new Little Buckeye Museum in downtown Mansfield. Hispanic Heritage Month. This 'million word gap . All of the themes could have photo booths, professional storytellers, giveaways and stations full of literacy activities that include the parent. 0000080078 00000 n During literacy night, parents will receive a copy of the event program in their preferred, language. Even teachers have fun with this Literacy Night theme! 0000005855 00000 n This escape room is editable, but it comes with two activities that are differentiated. 0000004025 00000 n Teachers lent other teachers books and books were cheked out of the library, etc. Set up stations of different cultures to create a walking touch table museum. The week before Literacy Night have teachers gather together (maybe a faculty meeting) and prepare their strategy station materials and booth signs, dcor, etc. 0000009512 00000 n Additional resources or parent workshops are needed to help me understand how to support my child's growth in reading and writing. FamiLy Reading night ideas F a Fa R a N a a . Then the adults stayed in the multipurpose room with the reading specialist and she talked to them about reading, our programs, etc. Many parents know their kids should read more but aren't quite sure how to make it happen. The families in our school have for the most part lots of books at home so we are not giving each family a book, although we have done this in the past. Susan Meleshko ECS-325 Grand Canyon University CLC Assignment: Literacy Night Schedule of Events 5 PM - Meet and Greet in School Cafeteria o Parents will arrive at the cafeteria and go to the section labeled with their child's class. %%EOF It came complete with sand to make it look like a construction site. Registration Closes. Collect several books by the same author from your library. Did you ever get the theme nights pUt together? Our school has a "literacy luau." Light, refreshments will be served. You will want to have at least a months advance notice, so that advertising, purchasing and preparing supplies wont become an added stressor to the teachers already packed schedules. And what's more, an elementary school Family Reading Night can be great fun. Promotion of the event is crucial. This one was great and the families LOVED it! What is a Family Night? 4.9. Children who excel at reading 3 routinely score better on math skills challenges related to problem-solving, estimation, data interpretation, and math . We also include some of our own Family Literacy activities at other times. endstream endobj startxref Canada and International Law - University, Challenge and Change in Society - University, Equity & Social Justic: From Theory to Practice, Financial Accounting Principles - Uni./College, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity - University, International Business Fundamentals - University/College, Mathematics for College Technology - College, Mathematics of Data Management - University, World Issues: A Geographic Analysis - University, English: Literacy Development (Level 3) - Open, Level 1: Beginning Communication in English, Open, Level 3: English for School and Work, Open, Continuing Education80 Sheppard Ave. E.Toronto, ON M2N 6E8. LUCAS The theme for family literacy night at Lucas was "Building Better Readers.". No need for locks or fancy boxes either! Jodie's passion is helping parents, teachers, librarians and anyone else interested in nurturing and reaching ALL of our youngest growing readers. Specifically be aware of two areas. There are tons of poems online that you could make copies of and use. Two teachers will be needed for directing the parents to the auditorium. Various books that highlight the strategies you want to show were placed on the tables. The nights built up a community that extended beyond a single school. Parents will be directed to the school exit. There are many benefits to reading poetry with young children, including an increase in fluency, emergent literacy skills . Its purpose is to write for individual enjoyment and build a stronger sense of writing as a benefit to the family and to the school community. I'm here to show you a quick checklist for planning your Family Literacy Night. Remote learning courses are offered through a mixture of synchronous (80%) and asynchronous (20%) instruction. Try playing in teams to make the game more fun for everyone. i think that's everything--hope it helps! The program calls for parents and kids to attend each of the four meetings. show students that they value reading and learning. Open to elementary and middle school students, the event offered a variety of games to help kids improve . We invite families to come in their pajamas. If your goal is to include families to be engaged in your family literacy night at school, you need to be creative. 8 Middle School Parent Literacy Night Presentation. To Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - College, Introduction to Computer Science - University, Marketing: Goods, Service, Events - College, Travel and Tourism: A Geographic Perspective - Open, World Religions & Belief Traditions - University/College, World Religions & Belief Traditions in Daily Life - Open, Analysing Current Economic Issues - University. We had a little tea afterward in each classroom. In my first school our mascot was the bear so we had a Book, Bear, and Blanket night. 0000001332 00000 n Kari Case, principal for grades K-7, said a team of teachers brainstormed about what the night should include. We have Family Literacy night at my school. Online Availability: Download, view and print the report as a pdf file. hbbd```b``+@$N%d"XD2!`DZHH;W$3X$DuArX2 O&8 o nz Many will provide funds for you to purchase materials or give discounts to purchase items. Each teacher had a powerpoint or center games set up in their classroom to show the parents what skills we are working on in literacy and how they can help at home. (Also from the box of Scolastic 100). provide ideas to try at home. The Justices came out strong, leading 34-15 at the half. Just click the green button below to download. This makes incorporating literacy skills into every classroom necessary. A group of high school dropouts is forced to attend night school in hopes that they will pass the GED exam to finish high school. Roles and expectations for each teacher that evening. Set a goal for how many minutes families can spend reading at the event. I also would try using one of Mary Ann Hoberman's books. The flyers will come in several different languages to. You had to be present to win so almost everyone stayed for the last thing. Family Movie Night. The synchronous component of classes will use either Brightspace D2L or Google Classroom with Zoom or Google Meet. The one we did last year was each grade level chose an author. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Each class chooses their favorite read aloud short story. (We order 100 books for $100 from Scholastic.) Outside of the library, we placed a sign that had "show times" for various read alouds that were happening throughout the evening. If you introduce digital media to children ages 18 to 24 months, make sure it's high quality and avoid solo media use. 0000041184 00000 n Adult basic education. (8) $13.00. Google Classroom Parent Resources. all classrooms will have class and individually-made books on display, cookies and milk in the gym, along with applications for 2 local public libraries. (We get the food donated from 1 or 2 local supermarkets.) Bentley said one of his favorite books is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," which tells the story of a middle schooler who illustrates his daily life in a diary. . I did David Shannon. This could drive the dcor and freebies handed out throughout the night. Make it about Literacy strategies and nothing elseno dances, no carnival games or anything over the top. It takes about 45 minutes to set up, 30-40 minutes to solve all the clues and 10 minutes to clean up! If you do that, the literacy aspect is lost because it's all about the nonacademic fun instead of the literacy. 3 Spread the Word. how timely! Then you have come to the right place. A successful literacy night for parents cannot just be thrown together a week before it happens. If your goal is to include families to be engaged in your family literacy night at school, you need to be creative. Forest View Educational Center 2121 South Goebbert Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 847-718-7700 | ce@d214.org. It runs from about 6:30 to 8. To boost attendance at our Family Literacy Night each teacher was asked to make a themed basket as a door prize. Families need lots of reminders. "It's nice to branch out and work with K-7," she said. by. I am organizing a Reading Night on November 18, in conjunction with National Children's Book Week. We are having a Books and Blankets Family Literacy Night tomorrow. System Requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro 2023. We need to provide resources and services that will make the setting supportive to all families we serve. They are designed for two voices, so it would be perfect for a child and parent reading. Promote, promote, promote, and then promote again. Family literacy nights can: build family and school connections and partnerships. Bilingual Read Favorite books are read page by page, first in English and then another language . Ways to support literacy development. Students receive instruction in grammar, reading comprehension, and sentence structure as well as . Some teachers order craft items from Oriental Trade; some do movement activities; some art projects; etc. Each of the Latino parents wrote their child's name on a post-it note and stuck it on the board in the front of the classroom. The Family Reading Experience aims to: Empower PTAs with information on hosting literacy activities that improve book access and book choice and incorporate a lens of diversity and representation. Then they'll have a small piece of Halloween candy or something for anyone who emails. The lessons are on how to set up a homework space at home, How to read to young children, how to engage young children in reading (asking question, describing pictures, prediciting). Printables make planning simple for teachers! Finally, sending home reminders regularly will increase the participation. The school hosted its monthly Family Literacy Night, featuring several activities children and parents could participate in designed to improve kids' literacy and help prepare them for kindergarten reading. Our event ran from 5:00-6:30pm. As the kids came in I took their picture and printed it out on writing paper. Also, seek out volunteers. Step 1: Select a game from the list below based on your child's reading level. accommodate parents that do not read English well. We do a Book Walk exactly like a Cake Walk except words on the floor not numbers and the prizes are books. Ideas for Family Reading Night: Teachers and guest readers can read with students in classrooms while families listen to a guest speaker. The company went a step further, providing a toy crane for a game. startxref "Magic Tree House" is an American series of children's books. In the library, we have them surf the Dr. Seuss website, which is very cool and kid friendly. Check out these eight space themed stations for hands-on activities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking! We will also focus on a Dinosaur Themed Escape Room that the entire school can participate in during Literacy Night. Last year I made writing kits for each family. Here are some tips for improving the attendance rate at your event. the parents are there to help with the craft. Make and take stations are easy to create and fun for parents and kids!