Accounts arehandled via the DLA Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS). Users have the ability to enter data (e.g., NSN, NIIN, Part Number, and CAGE Code) into a single search bar. 6RX5 ".BHNin{s'b2 Presidential & Congressional Commissions, Boards or Small Agencies, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility. Includes automotive, marine, railroad, and aircraft lights and fixtures. Includes cranes; crane-semitractors; crane-shovels; crane-tractors. For more information on the roles and the AMPS request process please consult the AMPS WebFLIS Access Registration Guide. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense. Includes culvert pipes; culvert pipe connector bands; metallic pipes; plastic pipes; tubes and rigid tubing and their assemblies. NSN 8465-00-965-1705 is green nylon, and 8465-00-262-5237 is white. Includes light meters; tripods; filters; range-finders; photographic floodlight fixtures; lenses; specialized photographic test equipment. Includes prefabricated concrete placing forms; builders' ladders and stepladders; suspension stages. For more information contact cif accountable. Includes depth charge tracks; torpedo tubes. Medal of Honor. Includes steam boilers, over 15 pounds wsp. If you select a role that you are not authorized your request will be denied. Includes semiconductor assemblies; semiconductor diodes; semiconductor rectifiers, semiconductor thyristors; transistors; unitized semiconductors; associated hardware except sockets. 875 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3EA0C286379F4C4180F183EC9EAEC1FA><29249372F06CB4428FC34031C9A7DEBF>]/Index[866 14]/Info 865 0 R/Length 61/Prev 806908/Root 867 0 R/Size 880/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Currently, audio communication is handled via telephone. Includes flares; signals; fireworks; pistol rocket signals. Includes fire extinguishers; fire axes; fire rakes; fire beaters; fire trucks; fire hose; play pipes; hose fittings having one or more fire hose end connections; fire hose reels; fire fighting trailers; fire hydrants; sprinkler heads. Includes specially designed components of guided missile remote control systems. Includes leaf type vehicular springs; suspension type shock absorbers. Includes orthopedic equipment; operating lights; physiotherapy equipment; sterilizers; wheelchairs; litters; hospital beds; restraint equipment. Includes grave markers; burial vaults; burial urns; caskets; burial boxes; morticians' supplies; monuments; gasket shipping cases. Includes automotive lifts; wheel aligners; brake service equipment; tire maintenance and repair equipment; test stands and test equipment specially designed for use with motor vehicles. Includes brake beams and components; couplers; trucks and components; journals and components; wheel sets and components. An official website of the United States government. Includes: remote munition items and systems used singularly or in combination to defeat a variety of threats; fuzes; safe and arming devises; self destruction mechanisms; communication modules; command and control systems and various other pertinent components. Includes turret, gun, torpedo mount, and searchlight indicating equipment; target designating equipment; synchro systems. Includes in vitro diagnostic aids, such as test tablets, test slides, test strips, test cards, test papers, test solutions, reagents; sets and kits designated for in vitro qualitative and quantitative tests on specimens, such as blood, urine, feces, and the like, for the purposes of aiding in the medical diagnosis of disease, determining body organ dysfunction, or other abnormal conditions. Includes substrate preparation equipment; circuit pattern forming equipment; interconnecting and packaging equipment. and search ocie in search bar for listings, pictures, nsn, etc. Search our NSN Look up by National Stock Number (NSN) (for example: 2530-00-088-9531, or 00-088-9531). Includes collating machines, key punch machines, tabulating machines; verifiers; reproducers; summary punches, sorters; interpreters. Includes assembled and unassembled tanks for storage only; enclosures for pressure and vacuum tanks; petroleum bulk storage tanks. Includes skis; floats; tracks; landing wheel skid detectors; valves specifically designed for use with hydraulic or pneumatic wheel and brake systems; helicopter rotor brake system components. I dont want to order childrens Benadryl again. Structure of the National Stock Number (NSN) The configuration of the NSN is a 13-digit number, as the examples above show. Includes air duct, metallic, nonmetallic, and textile fiber hoses and their assemblies; flexible tubing and their assemblies. Rates are available between 10/1/2012 and 09/30/2023. Includes cooling fans; radiators; water pumps; water hose assemblies; engine coolant filters; components for all engines except aircraft and guided missile prime moving. Includes tube, knob, cleat, strain, and standoff insulators; feed through insulators; bead insulators; varnish cambric tape; friction tape. In addition, they satisfy environmental initiatives, trade agreement policies, socioeconomic goals, AbilityOne mandates, and executive orders. But I have the LIN and NSN on my clothing record so if I could look up a picture, I bet I could find it. Includes asphalt; cinders; gravel; lime; sand; rough dimension stone, including rubble; cement; ballast. Includes colognes; cosmetics; deodorants; depilatories; toilet waters. Includes secondary spill containment sumps; liquid spill containment pallets; spill containment basins; spill containment systems; absorbent, sorbent and blotting materials. Includes ration heating tablets; cordwood; charcoal; briquettes; coke. The course and course time can be tailored to meet the needs of students. Includes externally threaded rings; keyed and serrated lock rings; dee rings; instrument retaining rings; shim sets and assortments; plate spacers; ring spacers; sleeve spacers; stepped spacers; spacer sets and assortments; sleeve bushings; machine threaded bushings; machine threaded plugs. also makes a pistol lanyard which is made of a coiled, black rubber-coated steel cable, with NSN 4020-01-493-8335. FSG 16 - Aerospace Craft Components and Accessories. Note:Some of these courses are also available asWeb-Based Training (WBT). Includes hardening, annealing, tempering, normalizing, cyaniding, and carburizing equipment; furnaces, flue welding, non-thermal stress relieving systems. Includes cereal grains; sugar crops; crude rubber. At any time, you may open AMPS to view your WebFLIS registration status. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Includes refueling machines; ion chamber seals; thermal barriers; control rods; steam generators, pressurized water; reactor vessel shells; handling carts; hoisting units, new and spent cartridge. Has every NSN I could possibly need. Camelbak Rubicon, MultiCam, NSN 8465-01-649-3500, 100 oz/3.0L, with Mil-Spec Antidote (Lumbar) Reservoir; Property Accountability. This document in the User Guides and Job Aids will guide you through the process in obtaining an AMPS account. Includes chambers; wind tunnels; enclosures specifically designed to simulate an environmental condition; weatherometers; fadeometers; specially designed equipment and components exclusively related to environmental chambers. Includes propulsion shafts; ship proppellers. Rates are available between 10/1/2012 and 09/30/2023. Also helps to type in nomenclature into google, let it auto complete with the. Includes water paints; oil paints and latex; driers; paint primers; lacquers; paint sealers; pigments for coloring; stains; turpentine; paint removers. Includes wind and compressed air engines. Includes insulated and noninsulated, wire and cable, such as, antenna wire, coaxial cable, fuse and resistance wire, and magnet wire. Tan 499, NSN 8415-01-630-5589, 2X-Large, for OCP Uniform. Includes pneumatic tube systems; portable, stationary, powered, and nonpowered conveyors; conveyor feeders. Getting ready for that final CIF turn in! Includes power transmission towers; radar towers; searchlight towers; control towers; prefabricated tower components, such as anchor rails, tie rods, braces, steps, guy assemblies; specialized tower hardware. No results could be found for the location you've entered. For more information contact cif accountable. Includes chippers; digestors; beaters; bleaching equipment; paperboard manufacturing machinery. Customers can place orders using a SmartPay purchase card or arrange direct billing using their Activity Address Code (AAC/DoDAAC) or the equivalent. Includes food and water production equipment; air production equipment; shelter equipment; power generation and conversion equipment. Includes derrick, piledriver, and rock cutter barges; barrage balloon, catapult lighter, and torpedo testing barges; concrete mixing plant, mechanical bank grader, and other bank revetment barges; fire, smudge removal, and other pump barges; houseboats, except yacht type; power plant barges; refrigeration barges; barge mounted cranes, flexible towed barges. Includes components for all engines except aircraft and guided missile prime moving. Includes fare recording devices; parking meters; turnstiles; coin operated phonographs. Includes diving and salvage apparatus, including pressurized divers' suits; rescue nets, buoyant; inflatable life vests; life rafts. Removable 100oz bladder 8465-01-519-2304 LIN:DA651E 2. Unless otherwise specified, the per diem locality is defined as "all locations within, or entirely surrounded by, the corporate limits of the key city, including independent entities located within those boundaries. Includes clays and other earths; mica; asbestos; crude petroleum; graphite. Please order online or call us at 800-488-3111, option 4. 1. Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department. Includes radiators; cooling system pumps; water hose assemblies; lubricating oil coolers and control valves; oil temperature regulators. Do you have access to MMIP? The Nation's Combat Logistics Support Agency. Looking for U.S. government information and services? army ocie guide with pictures 2019. designed to .70 blanket wl og blanket bed wool olive green green, olive . Includes soldering irons; welding electrodes and rods; brazing fluxes; soldering fluxes; solder. Official websites use .gov Open the AMPS application. Includes infant foods; potato chips; prepared pie and cake fillings. Includes light burner fuels; diesel fuels; kerosine; military specification type residuals; special and heavy grade turbine vessel propulsion fuels; federal specification heavy burner fuels; bunker "c" commercial grade fuel; heavy fuel and other black (boiler type) fuels; illuminating oils. Agencies submit a requisition/order to GSA for a simple government-to-government transfer that is quick, safe, and compliant. I have tried this already, it is not accurate. They should have maintained a copy of your clothing record in your soldier . All rights reserved | Email: [emailprotected], Billions Recap Its All About The Zugzwang And Arousal Template, Investment Letter Of Investment Word Format Download, How To Write A Strawberry Letter To Steve Harvey, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Apparel Store Malden Ma, Microsoft Powerpoint 2021 Free Download Full Version Crack, Animal Crossing New Horizons Poster Catalog, American Express Rewards Catalog Shopping, American Artists Society 1897 Exhibition Catalog. My Dashboard; Organization Overview; . Includes copyholders; fountain pens and pen desk sets; pencil sharpeners; paper punches; staplers, office type; artists' accessories, such as easels, airbrushes; slide rules. FLIS is an EPC Standard Service. Includes crosses; sacs; fur plates; fur mats. Includes roofing (all materials), including sheet metal; roofing felt; roll roofing; roofing tile; shingles. Includes thermite welding equipment; flux recovery machines; flux dispensers; arc converters; welding panels. Includes periscopes for submarines; range and height finders; telescopic sights; optical instruments integrated with fire control equipment. Show Comments. Includes specially designed maintenance, test, checkout, and repair shop specialized equipment for maintenance and repair of torpedoes, torpedo components; adapters, fixtures, inspection and holding fixtures, leveling jack assemblies, fuel filling and syphon assemblies, control surface adapter and protractor assemblies, afterbody cradle adapter and tilting mount assemblies, pressure air heater assemblies, motor drier and puller assemblies, test stand levels and stands for overhaul, maintenance, test, checkout, and repair of torpedo and torpedo components, test panels, fixtures, and test sets for electrical circuits, firing circuits and torpedo test sets. Includes uniforms, military and nonmilitary; civilian outerwear; headwear; work clothing (ordinary nonsafety); shirts; skirts; blouses. Includes complete battery charging equipment, nonrotating; power supplies, multiapplication. Includes vestments; altars; communion sets; ecclesiastical candelabra; chalices; patens; altar cloths; ecclesiastical statuary; sacramental wine. Includes candy; chewing gum; honey; maple syrup. Includes specially designed maintenance, test, checkout, and repair shop specialized equipment, for maintenance and repair of ammunition items; adapters, ammunition feeders and hoppers; inspection and holding fixtures; linkers, linkers-delinkers, and delinkers to assemble and disassemble ammunition belts; surveillance ovens; explosimeters; primer firing device fixtures; mandrels; repositioning machines; gas bomb service kits; test fixtures; panels; plug assemblies; and test sets for ammunition maintenance, checkout and repair. Also includes complete guided missile air launch decoys. ISO Group account gives you access to priority processing, request tracking, a dedicated account manager, and real-time communication. have to build 3161. Includes hay; manufactured feed; straw; zoological animal food. Includes power transmission chain; matched gear sets. For more information contact cif accountable. Includes cars, motor, highway; busses; chassis, passenger motor vehicle; hearses; ambulances. Includes binoculars; magnifiers; microscopes; periscopes; telescopes; optical elements; such as lens, prisms, windows; optical benches and associated devices; endoscopes, fiber optics (non-medical). For those lacking reliable Internet access, a limited quantity of print editions are available. Includes airborne and nonairborne guided missile launchers. If you are familiar with FED LOG and the downloadable version, please take the time to fill out anonline survey. Includes wall type fans; pedestal type fans; household type and attic type exhaust fans; floor fans; forged draft exhaust and disposal kits; fans, air circulators, and blower equipment, whether designated as "industrial" or "nonindustrial" by application and/or use. If your BMSO is doing its job, they're not going to let you order anything that's not on your formulary regardless if you have the NSN or NDC. Includes buttons; dressmakers' pins; needles; shoulder pads; embroideries; stamped art goods for embroidery and art needlework; hair nets; sewing kits. Includes tug jockeys; fork lift trucks; platform trucks; straddle trucks. Please open and search in the FED LOG application. Use our NSN catalog to find the details of the part you need. Includes cork fabricated basic materials; asbestos fabricated materials; manufactured mica; minerals for scientific and technical use (cut but not mounted); pottery supplies; catgut and wormgut; vegetable brush fibers; bagasse. Each NSN is listed with the vendors description of the item. Also helps to type in nomenclature into google, let it auto complete with the. Access to the training calendar can be found here Microsoft Teams Training Calendar(Non-DLA Web Site)(CAC or User I.D./Password Required). Read the "Complete and Submit a Role Request" document and apply for a role. Includes minicomputer and microcomputer controlled systems specifically designed for user programmable processing of the office information application; connected peripheral equipment; automatic repetitive typewriters; text editing typewriters and video display text editing typewriters. Includes naphtha solvents; water softening compounds; tanning materials, natural or synthetic; dextrines and starches; inedible gelatins; acetone; propellant chemicals, bulk, not specialized solely for guided missile use. Includes ingots; pigs; billets; blooms; muck bar; rods for wire; sheet bar; skelp; tube rounds. Includes air speed indicators; rate of climb indicators; bank and turn indicators; pitot tubes; gyro horizon indicators; attitude gyro indicators. (LOGISTICS) by "PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly"; Transportation industry Military and naval science Mechanization, Military Military equipment Military paraphernalia Safety equipment Soldiers and search ocie in search bar for listings, pictures, nsn, etc. Includes typewriters and office type composing machines with built-in electric/electronic functions such as margins, headings, tabs, centering and related actions. Browse and select from our realtime inventory database. 879 0 obj <>stream Includes specialized antiexposure, antigravity, partial pressure, and full pressure ensembles, and specialized components therefor, including unpressurized protective helmets, eye protective devices, and items with sound attenuating features. Search news, photos and videos on Users can register/obtain roles through the Access Management and Provisioning System (AMPS). Includes drills; riveters; portable electric saws; pneumatic tools; abrasive wheels, cones, and other abrasive attachments for use only on hand held power tools. Includes atomizers; delousing outfits; dusters; fly swatters; flypaper; fog generators; sprayers; traps. Requisitioning is a simple method for agencies to acquire products directly from GSA. It contains more than 8,300 items including office supplies (with many toner choices), tools, furniture, and much more. Includes cellulose acetate and other plastics; bars, rods, sheets, and strips. Includes decals; printed posters; printed labels. If you already have an AMPS account, please proceed to step 3. Presidential & Congressional Commissions, Boards or Small Agencies, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility. Includes panel, delivery and pick up trucks, military cargo carrying vehicles, including wheel mounted amphibian vehicles; truck tractors and trailer combinations. All users with an approved and provisioned account are strongly encouraged to login to their account before the 30 days expires in order to keep their account from being disabled. Includes rubber footwear; athletic footwear; safety footwear; submarine deck exposure footwear. Pictures would be great. NSN 8465-01-525-5531 1. Includes trailed cars; self-propelled cars. FSG 12 - Fire Control Equipment. Includes heat exchanger equipment; refrigerant strainers; refrigeration compressors; air conditioning and refrigeration servicing equipment, such as charging and testing manifolds, lines and units; operating components of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, plants, and systems classified in classes 4110 and 4120. Includes medicated cosmetics and toiletries that have been determined to be drugs in accordance with the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act.