Theymay be somewhat reserved in initial meetings. She loves to frequent horse shows and in the evening, wrap around our necks on the back of the sofa. Meet LuLu! ADN-557701. DOB March 11, 2009. While the breed has been around for some time, its gained recent popularity as a loyal family companion. Hi, my name is Riann! What we love about this guysuper, super sweet, very nice and correct bone structure and. that blue eye! and efficient way to find a puppy, sell Find the perfect puppy for sale in California at Next Day Pets. Hi! Parents are onsite, She was . Lilac Merle Male, French Bulldog Puppy for Sale near California, FAIRFIELD, USA. This is Fluffybutt. refresh results with search filters open search menu. Looking for an Auggie puppy with a superior lineage? We also give a 1 year genetic health guarantee on him. Australian Cattle Dog-Miniature Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy for Sale in NATIONAL CITY, California, 91950 US Nickname: Beauty Beautiful blue eyed . Do you think you might know what Cane Corso MastiffMale, 4 weeksLos Angeles, California. The Auggie is a medium-sized breed that's a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Price can vary a lot between different breedsand even within breeds! They will be ready for new homes on September 9th, 2020, will come with a healt. We ensure that the breeders on our platform are genuine, so you have peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving exactly what you expect. Find the perfect puppy from 5 Star Breeders in California. Every day when you walk through that door, rest assured Im Tiffany, a playful and sweet female Miniature Schnauzer puppy with a salt and pepper merle coat. Auggies are curious dogs and want to know what their pack is up to all the time. Local Delivery This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy for sale in VACAVILLE, CA, USA, Double Doodle Puppy for sale in VACAVILLE, CA, USA, Mini Aussie Puppies Toy Australian Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute Puppy for sale in VACAVILLE, CA, USA, Lilac akc structure french bulldog merle brindle pied, French Bulldog Puppy for sale in FAIRFIELD, CA, USA, golden retriever puppies English cream golden retriever, Golden retriever puppies English cream golden retriever, Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale near California, VACAVILLE, USA. Dreamer. We are Family owned and love our dogs and 4 males and 1 female. Check out our Goldador puppies for sale below! I'm always happy to help! $1,800. Look at that cute little puppy nose! In addition, a higher cost means your breeder is more likely to have done important health screenings. tails and dew claws removed, in Los Angeles, 18 inches and 42 pounds, he is a hunka hunka burnin' love for sure! My coat is a luxury soft and I love laying with humans for snuggle time. is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via Immediately after welcoming your Auggie puppy, its important to take them to the vet every three weeks until theyre a few months old. Kaiden 16. About Us These breed specific names should be a great help in terms of finding something that matches perfectly. internet. It requires daily kisses. Tiny black tri girl, big full collar. 1. Generously co-owned with Terri Dickerson AP Ranch Meet Me in Montana ("Monte") Monte is a confident, fun, athletic tri female, she is 17 and 1/2 inches at the shoulder and 24 pounds. Mom is a Corgi. This breed makes an excellent family pet. This member has successfully passedidentity verification by a third party provider, This member has successfully passedphone verification by a third party provider, This member is an owner of a verified PayPal account. We only work with breeders who pass our 47 breeder standards. Educate and help families on puppy health and happiness, from puppy to senior, by curating only the best services, products and learning resources. Lets be part of the solutiontogether. Therefore, its important to do your research before choosing an ethical Auggie breeder. Auggie Puppies for sale in Middletown, Indiana $600 Share it or review it Auggies Puppies for sale 1 Blue Merle Female, 2 Blue Merle Males, and 4 Black Tri Females left. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. First generation, Auggie pups for sale. Please upgrade your browser. Share it or review it. Augie puppies! Text me for more info xxx-xxx-xxxx Shipping Notes. An Auggie dog gets along easily with people and other animals but would require lots of exercise . Tags: Golden retriever puppies English cream golden retriever, 2 female french bulldog puppies. Call You bet! VACAVILLE, CA, USA. Clear MDR1/PRA/HC/CEAHU Carrier ( not affected), OFA hips/patellas/elbows preliminary good. With 20+ Years of experience breeding dogs. I fell in love with this breed because of the regal look and they make for the best in Whether you're looking for a purebred Australian Shepherd, a hypoallergenic Mini Poodle, a dashing designer breed like the Goldendoodle or the Cavapoo, or the ever-popular Golden Retriever, we've got what you're looking for. . Community. Sort by: Newest First. I am a loyal pup who is ready to take on this world with you! Neteyam 4. In addition, these are very loyal dogs who need devoted time and affection with their families. These include obesity, epilepsy, deafness, blindness and other eye issues, back problems from the corgi side, urinary stones, hip and elbow dysplasia, drug sensitivity, and Von Willebrands disease. I am Meet Tatiana! Why buy a puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Orange, California 92868, United States Phone: +1 657 300 1379 Email: [email protected] Popular Posts. These breed specific names should be a great help in terms of finding something that matches perfectly. It's usually about $350-400. Tags: Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in SPRINGTOWN, TX, USA. This Featured Listing has the highest priority placementon all search result and high-traffic pages of the site. Since they have a corgi parent, they will have an elongated spine to some degree, with shorter legs than your average Australian Shepherd. This puppy is an Auggie, She is 1/2 pembroke corgi, 1/2 mini aussie, Tails docked, 1st vaccine and regular deworming with proof on hand. We have strict requirements based on experience, breeding facilities, animal care and moretake a peek at our Breeder Pledge for more information if you're looking for a puppy for sale near me. Awesome lil dogs! Stella 6. Johnnie Cash 17. My name is Ryu the F1 Shepadoodle puppy, and I can't wait to show you the love I have for you! He is motivated by puppy treats and eager to learn so he can earn French BulldogFemale, 9 weeksSan Diego, California. We have some auggie puppies that would like a new home. Have a peek at our featured breeds for more info! Monte is a confident, fun, athletic tri female, she is 17 and 1/2 inches at the shoulder and 24 pounds. We have males and females Auggie puppies born on 15/07/2020. Auggie mom is ckc Auggie, dad is asca Aussie. If you want the best local information or some doggy inspiration then you have come to the right place. Your veterinarian or a certified pet nutritionist will be able to help you with this process. No mills. Here are a few of them About California Puppies Approved Breeders. Let's play a game of guess who! Mom is 1/2 Toy Australian shepherd and 1/2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Just Born 8/30/15 GROESBECK, TX, USA, 1/2 corgi and 1/2 miniature Australian shepherd, Tags: Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in GROESBECK, TX, USA, USA Puppy scams are as common online as car mechanic scams are in the real world. CROSS TIMBERS, MO, US. $1500.00. Pictures taken April 21st. Theyre great with children as well. California Ontario. The dog breeding industry is poorly regulated, which is one of the reasons we decided to build California Puppies. information to make the right choice when buying a puppy. An Auggie is a cross between an Australian Shepherd, either standard or miniature sized, and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. LuLu will be small, with a coble and square face, and hair very thick and long! Minnie aussie corgi. This listing was posted on The current median price for all Auggies for sale is $1,677.50. Learn what to expect when researching the price of Auggie puppies for sale near me. Will be priced $700-1200. Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world. Find dogs and puppies from oregon breeders. Good question. ADN-541501. I'm Baynes, a beautiful Pomsky puppy, and I can't wait to meet you and be part of your family! History & fun facts about dogs in Texas View more Please upgrade your browser. Mrs.Hagaman. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. We only have a few Aussalier puppies each year. To play, press and hold the enter key. $450 or she stays. Their size can vary depending on whether their Australian Shepherd parent was a miniature or standard. We have zero tolerance toward puppy mills and pride ourselves in connecting you with honest and reputable breeders where puppies are raised with love and compassion. The Aussiedoodle has a very pleasant personality. French bulldog, Puppies For Sale and Dogs For Adoption - Super loyal super smart dogs in desperate need of good homes. I'm Theodora. Our puppies are socialized, healthy, and playful. Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy life with your new best friend. post id: 7591606925. posted: 11 days ago. I will be your best friend and stay by your side through thick and thin. You'll be pleased to know that finding well-loved Auggie puppies for sale isn't difficult. 12 inches tall. ADN-556752. Puppies. July 23, 2020 View more $ 400.00 Male Aussie-Corgi Puppies for sale Aussie-Corgi Phoenix, Arizona, United States Aussie-Corgi a.k.a Auggie puppies for sale. Dad is a pattern white blue merle male. Vancita 7. This means theyre easy to train and eager to please. June and Brutus had a beautiful litter of Toy Augie's! If you are considering an older puppy, call me and tell me what you want in a dog. Hes still pretty small which Im loving hes only 20 pounds a lot smaller and shorter than Trixie was at that age but we are loving it. Are you trying to determine how much an Auggie with breeding rights and papers would cost? Since there are risks with feeding any dog a raw diet or a grain-free diet, make sure they are the best choice for your dog before deciding on one. They do shed even more during the fall and spring, which are normal shedding seasons for dogs. This is the price you can expect to budget for an Auggie with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Thanks!!! Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies for sale in Arizona from top breeders and individuals. Are you going to be my new fur-ever family? Resource Center. Smallest one! I've combined the best of two breeds. Only 2 left!!! Prices are 400-600. We all love her very much! California Puppies for Sale 2022 Terms of Use Privacy Policy, puppy mills by empowering ethical breeders. Loves cuddle and tummy rubs! These include shots for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and, if youd like, kennel cough. Sunday, May 1, 2022. Hey there, my name is Maddy and Im a fluffy French Bulldog puppy! You may be wondering whether one is right for you. If youre choosing the breeder route, keep in mind that mixed breeds are more likely to show up in backyard breeding operations and puppy mills. She knows all her commands and we are working on more training! Augie Puppies - Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Mini Aussie REGISTERED for sale in Stephenville, Texas $600 Share it or review it Boomer is a beautiful male CARDI AUGIE PUPPY (Designer Breed) Mother is Cardigan Welsh Corgi, father is Mini Australian Shepherd. Again, this can be curbed with proper socialization and training early on. Click to browse available puppies from 5 Star Breeders. Besides our tough screening process for new breeders, were not shy about the praise weve received from past customers living the good life with their new best friends. They are the best dogs! We work with breeders and companies across the nation who specialize in all sorts of different breeds, from traditional favorites like the Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd to popular hybrid breeds like the Pomsky and Goldendoodle. Every puppy is backed by our comprehensive health guarantee. Again, thank you to you and your family. Amazing Aussiedoodles of California! Puppies and Dogs for sale or Adoption in Arkansas. Since this breed can develop food allergies, you may want to choose a food which excludes common dog allergens, like corn, wheat, and soy. watch website and after waiting list is filled I'll post available puppies on here! Our ASDR registered family Fur Babies have had a litter of their own. (888) 671-0518. Reply to Seller Auggies do well with a bath every few months. Independent and intelligent, they're easy to train, loyal, and need plenty of exercise. She is active but has such a very sweet disposition and passes that loving disposition and those piercing blue eyes to her puppies. " They will be small. Our adorable Aussie puppies can be hand delivered to your local airport. Tags: Corgi auggie toy aussie toy Australian Shepherd, USA Alaskan malamute, French Bulldog Puppy for Sale near California, FAIRFIELD, USA. In fact, puppies can be beneficial during times of stress and can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues. Puppies will be akc registered. Purchasing, Merchandising and Procurement, North Highlands Pets and Animals for sale. She has blue in both eyes! Black, white, and brown tri's. Rehoming fee. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, but never had one that had such a fabulous early training BEFORE we got him. If youve gotten your Auggie from a responsible breeder, they will have performed health screenings for these issues. ADN-561583. We expect great things from this little cowboy! Corgi Puppies You should budget anywhere from $2,500 upwards to $5,500 or even more for Auggie puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. Since Auggies, like their corgi parents, are prone to obesity, its important to pay attention to how much food they eat. Join our community of paw lovers across the u.s. Using Pawrade to browse for a Auggie for sale is a reliable way to ensure that you get a dog from a reputable breeder. Your vet will be able to see your puppys growth, checking to make sure theyre growing up healthy and well-adjusted. Ready to find your perfect Auggie? Full AKC Contact for more information. Read more to learn about Boston Our goal is to improve the life of dogs and their owners across the world. . Schnauzer, MiniatureMale, 10 weeksSan Diego, California. Jaydan 18. A deposit needs to be placed to reserve a spot. Bessie 10. I'm Kobe the grey, white, and tan Wolf Hybrid puppy, and the day you meet me will make all my puppy dreams come true! Read our puppy vaccine schedule to learn more. Her body will be Miniature Australian ShepherdFemale, 10 weeksSan Francisco Bay Area, California. Coat color, pedigree, sizethese can all play a role in your pups final price. Between you, your puppy and your dog breeder, happiness is our foundation. Tags: Double Doodle Puppy for sale in VACAVILLE, CA, USA. I like going to the dog park and playing with other puppies and grownups Schnauzer, MiniatureMale, 11 weeksSan Diego, California. The puppies have been home raised and . Birth Date: 6/10/2020 . This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Auggie Augie Corgi Corgi mix lubbock west texas, Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in SPRINGTOWN, TX, USA, Corgi auggie toy aussie toy Australian Shepherd, Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in SELMA, TX, USA, Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in GROESBECK, TX, USA, Aussie-Corgi Puppy for sale in BROOKER, FL, USA, Puppies For Sale and Dogs For Adoption - 580-695-7711. Auggie Puppies for Sale: About the Breed Adopting a Auggie puppy is one of the great joys of life! Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt from you again. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. Check your Auggies ears regularly for wax buildup, debris, and signs of infection. Guess who is wanting you Labrador RetrieverFemale, 16 weeksSacramento, California. Community. Intelligent Rank: Very smart: Auggie is an excellent dog breed. They are 1/2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 1/2 Mini Aussie. All of these items can add up quickly so make sure you estimate anywhere from $500 - $2,000 or more for the first year then about $500 - $1,000 or more every year thereafter to meet the annual financial obligations of your growing, loving dog. Bianca 9. The average cost for all Auggies for sale is $1,600. is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via This user's identity has not been verified. Puppies for sale from dog breeders near California. CA, USA (760) 757-1670 (760) 757-1670. . Please text for fastest response. Hi, my name is Davia and I am a gorgeous Mini Australian Shepherd girl! California, 4 boys and 2 girls. Augie is 13 inches tall. FORT PIERCE, FL, US, Lithuania They are registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club and are considered a "designer" 3/4 CORGI-1/4 MINI AUSSIE Find Aussie-Corgi Puppies for Sale and Aussie-Corgi Dogs for Adoption from around the world in our dog classifieds directory, or advertise your Aussie-Corgi puppies and Aussie-Corgi dog litters for free.If you are a Aussie-Corgi dog breeder trying to sell your puppy, is a great place to get the word out. We vet all breeders and partners based on our strict Breeder Standards. Dad is a full corgi. Freckledcowgirls. Check out our glowing testimonials. Dreamer. Theyre usually some combination of black, tan, brown, or merle. Since theyre a cross of two high-energy breeds, Auggies tend to be high-energy too. Gender. no longer supports your browser. Hi, I'm Iain, and I'm a beautiful black English/American Labrador Retriever puppy with a fun personality! Browse adorable Auggie puppies for sale in Arkansas from our network of 1,000+ trusted breeders. And don't forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for Puppies for Sale near Vacaville, California, USA area and Dogs for Adoption near Vacaville, California, USA area.