In February 2022, Nike filed a lawsuit against the e-commerce platform Stockx before the District Court of New York, accusing it of trademark infringement and reputational damage . The AMFA-Alaska AMTs and Related new increase all-in rate which includes base pay, license premiums, line premium, and longevity at the top of each of scale was set to $57.44. Aggregated, objective data from multiple companies has far more impact.. Followers. Even if you have a fleet of 20 aircraft and dozens of pilots and maintenance technicians, your data will be limited. 2022 Webcasts. Raymond hopes to see information produced from ASIAS data collection and analysis used to work with the FAA and air traffic controllers, in particular to address specific safety concerns with certain airspace and issues with arrival or departure procedures. November 21, 2022 -- Aviation Safety InfoShare is a semi-annual (Spring and Fall) conference where safety concerns and best practices are shared in a protected environment. FAAs 2019 Aviation Safety Workforce Plan added, ASIAS partners with theCommercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)and theGeneral Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC)to monitor known risks, evaluate the effectiveness of deployed mitigations, and detect emerging hazards.. At Safety Standdown, the planning for 2023 has begun, so join us on our journey, follow us on in LinkedIn and subscribe to our e-alerts. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. This equates to eleven and a half percent (11.5%) increase for each step in the Alaska wage scale. My interview regarding two recent novellas . The increased stress on the existing workforce can have an impact on an organizations safety culture. The AMFA-Alaska AMTs and Related new increase all-in rate which includes base pay, license premiums, line premium, and longevity at the top of each of scale was set to $57.44. When you have concerns, use the safety reporting system or file a report within the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). AMFA National, along with Sam Seham and Lucas Middlebrook of our legal team and Professor Alexia Kulwiec of, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bret Oestreich, National President Phone: (720) 7446628 Email: CENTENNIAL, Colo. , FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bret Oestreich, National President Phone: (720) 7446628 Email: CENTENNIAL, Colo. February 2, 2023 The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) is both inspired and stoked to announce AMFA has filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) seeking representation of the Aircraft, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bret Oestreich, National President Phone: (720) 7446628 Email: CENTENNIAL, Colo. January 13, 2023 After almost six months of negotiations, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) and Southwest Airlines (SWA) announced a Tentative Agreement (TA) on a proposed contract for the airlines Facility Maintenance, By now, everyone is aware of the extraordinary challenges Southwest Airlines has experienced during the recent delays and cancelations across the country. The 2023 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) will return to Las Vegas, NV from October 17-19. So the FAA reworked those MVAs to make them more appropriate for the surrounding terrain. Data-fusion signatures quickly proved to be valuable for checking many airports for TAWS-alert anomalies. AMT Years to Top Step of Scale for Carriers in the Industry. Our commitment to Liked by Thomas Breen Held annually since 1947, the International Air Safety Summit (IASS) is aviations premier safety event, drawing as many as 400 representatives from over 50 countries to exchange information and propose new directions for further risk reductions and make the safest mode of transportation even safer. As integrated risk assessment models are developed, the Fusion environment will enable the community to evaluate potential changes in the NAS and proactively mitigate and monitor risks as changes are introduced into the system., As Fusion data (including surveillance radar data, digital flight data, safety reports, and weather information) in ASIAS are currently merged through a manual and laborious process, the ASIAS 2.0 architecture will automate this process as a sustainable and enduring capability moving forward, the FAA said. Pending results of its recent design reviews, the FAA plans to purchase components of the new ASIAS 2.0 technology platform, with initial operational capabilities to follow starting in calendar year 2021. This most recent Fall Conference hosted over 1500 participants and there is a strong interest in the next one set for March 2023. The data gathered and analyzed through these programs can proactively improve safety across the entire industry, as is proven by the commercial aviation sides successes.. The work of the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST), along with new aircraft, regulations, and other activities, reduced the fatality risk for commercial aviation in the United States by 83 percent from 1998 to 2008and has helped achieve the safest period in its history. The overall goal is to enhance safety through the sharing of experiences and resulting improvements. In the process, analysts manually apply automated capabilities and appropriate algorithms to yield a clear 360-degree perspective of safety events. I might be new to the agency having joined in December as the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety but I've been a safety . Join us to explore how to strengthen the interface between ANSPs EBACE2017 will bring buyers and sellers together as Europes premier event dedicated to showcasing business aviation products and services. A solid plan makes it easier to navigate todays uncertain world and when priorities change or a crisis happens, a well-crafted plan will help keep the team on track. The CDA is self-supporting, using no local or state tax dollars for operations or capital improvements at O'Hare and Midway International Airports. Founded in 2008, our mission is to lead and support the advancement of the highest aviation safety standards. Aviation Conferences 2023/2024/2025 lists relevant events for national/international researchers, scientists, scholars, professionals, engineers, exhibitors, sponsors, academic, scientific and university practitioners to attend and present their research activities. EBACE2026 will bring together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, flight department personnel, avionics firms, fractional providers, charter/lease companies and all manner of people involved in nearly every aspect of business aviation. 625 grant program. . But how does sharing safety data lead to that goal? These safety enhancements are direct results of ASIAS data collection and analysis. Since 1947, Flight Safety Foundation has helped save lives around the world. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. The founding idea of ASIAS is that the federal government and aviation stakeholders given a conducive environment and ground rules will see benefit from cross-querying de-identified aggregate data distributed across airline network servers and related data on government servers. The most prominent databases used come from the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP); Airport Surface Detection EquipmentModel X (ASDEX); Airspace Performance Metrics (ASPM); Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS); Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP); Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA); Meteorological Aviation Report (METAR); Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MOR); National Flight Data Center (NFDC); Near Mid-Air Collisions (NMAC); National Offload Program aircraft-track data (NOP); Service Difficulty Reports (SDR); and, the Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS). University Aviation Association Safety InfoShare Military Fighter Pilot, Commercial Airline Pilot, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advocate Overcoming barriers in . Safety in the Air Begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground. NBAAs 2023 White Plains Regional Forum will bring current and prospective business aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, customers and other industry personnel together for a one-day event. I got to attend the Aviation Safety Infoshare at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania from April 18 th - April 20 th. 22-FEB-2023 - CTEH Beechcraft B200 Super King Air accident: 5 dead. InfoShare enables ASIAS to gain insight into safety issues and leverage its data repository to identify emerging systemic safety . Safety in the Air Begins with Quality Maintenance on the Ground Centennial, CO Joined January 2011. USA Jet is a proud sponsor and participant in the Aviation Safety Infoshare 2022 Conference being held in St. Louis, MO, this week. 2022 Seminar Documents. Without Fusion capability, ASIAS safety analysts were not able to align and measure the influence of specific unique factors associated with a flight, FAA said. InfoShare enables ASIAS to gain insight into safety issues and leverage its data repository to identify emerging systemic safety issues within the National Airspace System (NAS). Due to MITREs unique role, it is a trusted third party, which gives peace of mind to operators that have privacy concerns. Almost 50 airlines participate in the program, as do most of their pilot union groups. Learn more about the National Business Aviation Association. Thursday. Contact: Fall 2021 Aviation Safety InfoShare: 11/2-4/2021: Pittsburgh, PA: EASA-FAA International Aviation Safety Conference: TBD/2022: TBD: MRO Americas-MRO Latin America: TBD/2022: Orlando, FL: ARSA Annual Conference: 3/8-11/2022: Washington, DC: ABACE: 4/12-14/2022: Shanghai: NBAA Maintenance Conference: 5/3-5/2022: Convergint Director of Safety on 2023 Safety Strategy and Goals. With its substantial speeches delivered by top-notch experts paired with an impressive Expo, Startup Contest, and numerous networking opportunities, it gathers thousands of participants each year. The twice-a-year, industry-sponsored Aviation Safety InfoShare meeting also heavily involves ASIAS in facilitating confidential sharing of safety issues and best practices in a protected (non-public) environment. You can also propose a presentation idea via the survey at the end. General aviation safety elements As one example of current initiatives to reduce risk of accidents in this industry segment, ASIAS developed and deployed its National General Aviation Flight Information Database (NGAFID), an open-source portal created to enable pilots and operators to analyze their own data, identify potential risks, and to share flight operations data with ASIAS, FAA said. The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) held its first Shop Representative Training Program class of 2023 in Orlando, FL. At their beginning, the ASIAS Issue Analysis Team FAA employees, contractors and specialists seconded by the aviation industry typically applied text-mining tools and data-mining tools to manually or automatically discover risk trends, atypical events, exceedances and aberrations within their expanding networks of databases. Attend EBACE2024 to experience new and future-forward aviation technologies including high-tech small aircraft, ultra-modern intercontinental jets, advanced air mobility and eVTOL aircraft, state-of-the-art avionics and much more. The overall goal is to enhance safety through the sharing of experiences and resulting improvements. Aviation Conferences 2023/2024/2025 will bring speakers from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. This conference is the tenth in a series of triennial conferences established to inform the international aviation community about recent, ongoing, and planned research activities in transport category airplane fire and cabin safety. Aviation Conferences 2023/2024/2025 lists relevant events for national/international researchers, scientists, scholars, professionals . COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE l'OTAGE OLIVIER VANDECASTEELE EMPRISONNE EN IRAN - 28 ANS SINON RIEN (14 Dcembre 2022). The highly networked ASIAS data repositories include FAA data (i.e., surveillance radar data and navigational information), airline operator proprietary safety data (i.e., digital flight data and safety reports), publicly available safety data, manufacturer information, and other data from flight operations and air traffic control entities in the NAS, FAA said. The 2023 NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference is the premier conference for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, CFOs and flight operations professionals looking for tax planning strategies from industry leaders. Convergint Women Connect Expands, Solidifying Commitment to I&D Initiatives. Tweets. See how companies of all sizes use aircraft to help their businesses succeed. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are joining forces to advance aviation safety through global leadership at the 2022 International Aviation Safety Conference in Washington, D.C., June 14-16, 2022. Because ASIAS is a conduit for exchanging safety information among participants so that data can be aggregated and analyzed and the results used to enhance safety. Deep water ditching is a rare event in todays age of advanced aircraft, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt be prepared to ditch if required. Business Aviation Insiders 2023 Workforce Issue features an insightful survey on how workers perceive their compensation, an update on how operators are struggling to execute pilot upgrade programs and an article that takes a deep dive into how organizations can better support the mental wellness of their employees. The overall goal is to enhance safety through the sharing of experiences and resulting improvements. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) often describes Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) as an evolving program enabling users to perform integrated queries across multiple databases, search an extensive warehouse of safety data, and display pertinent elements in an array of useful formats. ASIAS actually ranks as a central conduit for the voluntary exchange of safety information between the FAA and the U.S. aviation community, and a national resource for the aggregation, analysis and dissemination of aviation safety analysis, FAA said. 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