You can also make your own cleaner by mixing 4 cups of white vinegar, cup of dish soap, and water. Copperplate JBHVEtUZpHJR3QS09MclP8yqcav598w6ZqqWb+V7q7tlgt5bm8tFupgpldFl9NY7V1kWLmfhD+qa Independence Day. january s mtw t f s 10 11 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 21 22 23 24 25 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 february s mtw t f s 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 2 27 28 march s mtw t f 4 27 If your regular collection day falls on one of these holidays your service will be delayed one day. Q: Can I put household chemicals into the trash can or recycling bin?A: No! Holiday Waste Pickup Schedule | WM WM Holiday Schedule Commonly Observed Holidays This list is not exhaustive. 18dWZUNZ3lZmUqYt3MkjPu/cnFUDfSaFYeb7bR4fJ7T/AF9o531mGCL6sjrK86tLJ1Vlf1X/ANan If Services are suspended or terminated by either party, Customer understands and agrees that WD will not refund, pro-rate, or return any amounts previously paid by Customer in advance of pre-paid services, unless such refund is required by law or regulation. xmp.iid:bf2b2f4b-0fea-4463-88b9-7e326d70fabd zd/ysJYje2I8rmwLrp9f9ONwHAMtCtfT3p1p9OKphB6/1ey+r8RcfUJPRL14c6RceVN6V64qkdhH Normal Thursday service will occur on Friday, and normal Friday service will occur on Saturday. yhpz6JO3q3esD045IXdJEf8AdceTfu2kTbb94O3LFUWvk2w07zfpV7o+habb2kcEiXN+sAW5h9KJ Dh6AU9NgeJVVZvJH5nTWNtNby69aXq6ZqsVxBNrnqhr76sgsJBwmVAJJ3l4/y0HIqOICqjqflX89 Find Us On Social Media: rJdM/wCObaf8YY/+IjFXmnmceSpPO/lJtdnnjvbS2tpLK3VYjbyyz3CRW/qtX1VMcvxDYL1FTupK By enrolling in our paperless billing, your invoice will be sent to your email every billing cycle. +n6f+nJrMsLebhdQgg+okfqqwDIWUEEN74VQ0eleXH8pSX0GjaTe6rcwLdyW8EcaQzzqGkCJJ8dN Lee County Solid Waste ratesare calculated to recover the cost of providing solid waste collection, disposal and recyclingservices to its customers. +ZFv5CkOrXOnS+bomaRbg1SzCLLX4yEHH9zWpC4qmCReYf8ABRe4vLS38wraSONQgC/VVloXDr6i fD/1UxVYjXEt/FI1tJFGkUil3MZHJmjIFFdj+ycVWWct1DaQQtZyloo1RiGhpVVANP3mKq31uf8A Tuesday service will occur on Wednesday, Wednesday service will occur on Thursday, Thursday service will occur on Friday. All rights reserved. nlbXZ9e0/StXn0+bS5by2ndrC5BEsVJUWjAhTuBUbdDiqFvPNV1pV95X0mHR7q/j1lfTmv4FJhtB Click HERE for the Holiday Schedule Sample. +ez0avLp7Yq1JrF0fO6QR6hZjRFhDTWR4m5MhR+ienzC1CNXl44qt1PW9SXzVa22n3mnnTWe2a7t viH/AJHN/wBUsVd6mpf74h/5HN/1SxV3qal/viH/AJHN/wBUsVX2ULw2cEMlOccaI/E1FVUA0JAx To schedule a pickup with a pickup request form or call Waste Management at 941.629.1106 or 941.697.0012 (Englewood Area) call 2 days prior to your scheduled day. Please take the shingles tothe Information on how to arrange for paid collection of bulk waste from your house or business. To check for upcoming holidays and impacts to your service, please use the search above. Copperplate.ttc View Recycle Today page. Customer is responsible for all loss or damage to the Equipment, except for normal wear and tear. Unless you live in the city of Burnsville or more rural areas of Prior Lake, Jordan, or Shakopee those carts need to be out by 6:30 am. ihit5UijQBVVVaIKqgdABirF7qHVG1/y7LbaFb39skEQuNUl4rJaghqmNi3xHp8PEda1PTCq2Hy9 Then choose "My Schedule" or enter your phone number to get text message reminders the evening before each pickup. fhLIPjwKkmkXP5+abb3kEPl7TaSrPfRNJKr1vbrUDLLEaXSURYJGK/R8RPw4qhbO2/OPQ9U1G40D Our customers really appreciate the available oversized yard waste and recycling carts when requested! endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 11 0 obj <>/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>>/Thumb 466 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 462 0 obj <>stream 2uJpkjeUCN2crH8PIV235bHFUx1by7rk3ney1iwjsltIkhW6mnjVpyFd+QjbhzWkbkD4qEsOnE8g 2020-10-08T11:43:57-05:00 Residential recycling will be collected on the same day as garbage and all recyclable materials can go in the same recycling container. Medium Read everything about how to register here. 1 ENE4rwU0oCtdsVV/KlxZ3n5f6yn6GudNto2uQbB5JfUYBeRaN0Uuobt6amnbfFKZ/l+0bWcfp6VP YcTwETSGIfH0LclOw+ntirpdXij1mDSvQleWeF5/WUKYkSMhfjJYMCSQBRcVSDXF0u4886TZyXE0 smnyEakHPoJymUekU6czSoNa09q0Coyw/wClb/zBt/zJxVLdR1u9byZNqV3pjJNNbzM+mK7NIycH For areas not listed below, please contact your local office. I0MVxPFfpIwhjYqIyjgLRuSnudtvHCq7U9ZjbzLoT/oua4k5XCLcJKRFbho93kTjxYkfCpPSpp1o T1GKssfRNIfU11R7OJtRVQq3ZUGQKoYKA3tzb78Cqmmf8c20/wCMMf8AxEYqxtPJt0NestdMnC8t Friday service will occur on Saturday. Some residents within the city limits receive weekly garbage and recycling collection services by the City of Punta Gorda's Solid Waste Management Department. Please contact the solid waste offices to determine the proper level of service required. JPEG xRo03qvCAPVu0ZQWibdwooN+2Ksu0O40/WdJtdUthdR292nqRrLNKH41Ir8MjKQaVBUkEbg0wKj9 document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());Lee County, FL. 0D9x32xVMPMd55Ym8xaNp2qJKdQtbmK8011biqzSLNEpNHUkUV1II7jAqf6f/cP/AMZp/wDk8+Ks pLotkrBytVkLR8CpZnKntXCqQa75Q/MebQPSvtKlumHkaysbGOxsroOhTULRxazhjJyukRGZ1Wmw FY 21-22 Fees and rates for lee county solid waste facilities . /wCTz4qpWktzBaQwtZyloo1RiGhoSoA2rIMVVfrc/wDyxTffD/1UxV31uf8A5Ypvvh/6qYq763P/ kCM0HIkdMVVdQg1L/CTGyuLW51WO2E0N5dKn1aSYLzZ34KFVJN6so2Briq3y1a61P5Xjj1i7tLjU Wheeled toter carts are VERY EASY to maneuver. 1 0 obj <>/OCGs[9 0 R 40 0 R 70 0 R 100 0 R 130 0 R 160 0 R 190 0 R 220 0 R 250 0 R 280 0 R 310 0 R 340 0 R 370 0 R 400 0 R 430 0 R 460 0 R]>>/Pages 3 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream The Lee County Solid Waste Departmentprovides avariety of convenient. JbRqUQPDI/EJ9tmHSu+FXMnmlvJUl1Pf2cmoei7fXVmQWRkDEL8TllCVoprX78VVWtfNFv5RuJG1 +RE3/NGKu/SEH8k3/Iib/mjFVNJ1m1GJkSQKsMoZnjkQVLR0FXVR2OKqNnLapbWwmgk9eGJELG3l uuid:f28d09ab-f531-074c-a4d1-200ba1069ace 4SPjJ4jcfTiqv+mf+diOi/VJgBafXPrxQ+gf3vp+kHpTmPtEeH00VbGp3P8AiA6X9Tf6qLQXI1Cv 256 Recycling has always been important to us. document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());Lee County, FL. Kl2IrOWxjhgiadoFnSRZGEbt6fpshkZvhAIbAq/UfJv5yyfmTLJa6rdJ5Ll1GJzS9YOLSV0u7gKp Last updated on February 9, 2023. Please complete the form below, then follow the instructions that follow. 67d8Cs0/R8H883/I+b/mvFVNIFh1GJUeQq0MpZXkkcVDR0NHZh3OKrbK0jms4JpHmMkkaO5E0oqW /9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAgEASABIAAD/7QAsUGhvdG9zaG9wIDMuMAA4QklNA+0AAAAAABAASAAAAAEA All Rights Reserved, Trash toter plus up to 3 additional household bags (20lbs and less in weight or able to be lifted with one hand). Inches PVNdtk892Ux0W4uLsNCEvo5ZfSiDQ3CFmThw6MQ1G32LU4rVS1f6xbz+frdX0OeeVDC/6QWaQQR+ pKqlOYB4o437Htiqy9uvPC+brWztLuzNgwja7s5Z4xd8OFxyMaD4qchG2/g2KtavP5vj8z2EFvqV LMxZuLemrKXPKOoFD1FPHCqFuJ/Nh86CCG9t/wBGspH1X1oPrBZUZmUR09Si8o2+1tX3GKrXl85N Buckingham is a local, hometown company that has been reliable and well-established for over 50 years! Customer shall not put out prohibited waste material for disposal including items deemed hazardous, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive, biomedical, infectious, or otherwise regulated by applicable federal, state or local laws and regulations or other waste material that is prohibited from being received, or disposed of at the disposal facility including tires. Collection: Customer shall provide clear, safe and unobstructed access to WD Equipment for service. jEipy9ZxXiAK/wB1iqr6mpf74h/5HN/1SxV3qal/viH/AJHN/wBUsVd6mpf74h/5HN/1SxV3qal/ FrRo6Vp4VxVZp+n2ElhbSSW0Tu8SM7sikklQSSSMVYP5p/MPTNA1TVbNtEtLlNMjLcUmRbmRvqT3 currentlyno featured news items. You can access our general site. Please ensure your recyclables are empty, clean, dry and loose. Ww0pks9Pt5Eh01mleThEzL6YLAu1QPh28MVTTyjqcdv5Jkns9Ma2h05bgW+nguWYQs5opdefxkbf Residents should leave cans at the curb until they are collected.) Visit this page for information on our commercial recycling program. No thanks, take me to the general homepage >, Due to the holiday falling on a Sunday this year, there will be NO DELAY (except in Buena Park, La Mirada, & La Palma where there is a 1-day delay), One-Day Delay for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Customers Only, One-Day Delay for Thursday & Friday Customers Only. / HGp5TEK32q7dOmKol/N0i+cF8ufom8MbIJP0uIz9TFY3fiZKU5VTjT3xVCyaRo8vmf6jJ5bs3szG New Year's Day. 8WJHbfFDem2XmhPKN5Ld3drJclbh1nhliS2UCvAM5DR/CB8TFTTvWm6qvok+v/4J1WS71Owub6Iy If your pickup day falls on a holidaywe will be there the following day to service you. /XFXaj5O07UPMlprt07vLZKno24ChOcZZlctTmaFwRvtTwLVVTXTP+Obaf8AGGP/AIiMVYtcx+YB enT9jFVf9IQfyTf8iJv+aMVd+kIP5Jv+RE3/ADRirv0hB/JN/wAiJv8AmjFW9OVl0+1VgVYQxhlI 13.0d1e2 x6kssot4+Nu4oycQlWExXYmu1emyrWvarFN570oSaLPdy8Y3F9HNIsEAjZ3X1I6cDVlDdf2RWhCc The following approved rates increasedeffectiveOct. 1, 2022. LLbT3NhYRPfxtNFCzNBOodJJIGk+AuDUGjdsCsIsvL2tNd+YJfMnlbVJPNd7ZXbaPqFt6s2n21pJ XyhqatzcwR1gVDUFQqsyoFFK99wdsVbGo27/AJgm6XRpJLqJPi1Np5RHGjQgcVjKema7Cgb38aKF Search by service address or log in to your account. Black By phone: 239-533-8000 Online: 2bVtCj/M/dro6nvSJUhMHw2xX4pB+8FVNfi6n2AxQhrvVvK7/mfFLLJeLq8QiaKBFjFuf3EifE4H d8VWDyZ5PFpc2Q0LT/qd7IJry2+qwelNIDUPKnDi7e7b4q3N5P8AKU6enNolhLGJTcBHtYWHrMgj City of Huntsville Holidays 2023. aJo88ksVuC+rGeVYo0ZCOKxmP0mZjRaB69+2KqGsWWmRfmFp8X6FvLmYtDTUopZfRh5RzrVk4cKU FVC7/MDylaNEJdcuCJoILqOSO2eWMxXVfq7c47dkHqlSEBNSdgK4qnGi6nY63ZfXtK1SW6s+ZjWd Collection of household garbage, yard waste and recyclinghas resumed on, Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility 10500 Buckingham Road, Topaz Court Solid Waste Annex 6441 Topaz Court, SolidWaste CustomerService 1500 Monroe Street Fort Myers, FL 33901. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Changes beyond WDs control, including changes in local, state or federal laws or regulations, imposition of taxes, fees or surcharges, acts of God and natural disasters, changes in fuel or disposal rates, and CPI increases may necessitate WD to adjust rates. The City's weekly yard waste collection begins on Monday, April 4, 2022 and continues through Thursday, December 8, 2022. . holiday schedule A/B Collection Schedule Click on image below to enlarge Collection Day Do's and Don't's DO DON'T Yard Waste Curbside Collection Town of West Hartford offers residents a biweekly way to remove yard waste. JpSHgabUZPfFXXnlHSU86aXcR6JpQ0+GGa5l1B4VF3DdJOJYljfmv9687yV4mhVq/aGKptqOp+YR Department of Public Works - Solid Waste Division. Equipment: All equipment provided by WD to Customer, including toters, carts, and bins, is and shall remain WDs property while in the care of Customer. Please use your . 9cVSWP8A5yCuo7e1l1Dy39Xe+9T6okV29wD6OpQ6a/qOtsojHOSRgW2PBVrVxRVNbT8557nyfrPm Q: What do I do if all my trash wont fit in my trash can?A: Additional waste can be put in heavyweight plastic trash bags, tied closed and set at the curb next to the other trash containers. Loss or damage caused by improper use or storage of WD equipment by Customer may result in additional fees including replacement and redelivery/removal. Hx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8fHx8f/8AAEQgBAAC4AwER xmLUeWpXk9hB+8aiy217DYOX/f7L61ytKVPGpp2xVNtF1nTtW1G/0+K21CCfTG9O9NxJIipISSiB symZkk/eMG+BKfFQ7imKpIfzAtZ7O8urDQrDlaxGYadfXS2l+QkC3Eha2FvNxURsSDyNadBXCqjJ BookAntiqua KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KoK+0TRtQuLa5v7C2u7izbnZzTwpI8L/AM0bOCUO3VcVas9B0OxmSey0 Recycling pick-up is as follows: The collection schedule for residential yard (leaves, branches, etc.) @leecountyflbocc 3ADBaKBSnYg98VafVAn5cyQxaPMluYX/ANxQaZbk8pSSvqbuGZjyr/DFCeeStM0y98jfo1LSWwsJ Book Antiqua POlzGl6aykF0LQOrvIrrQ0BJ2VRWkeWPzoh1zyzNP+kf0Jb37Pf2dzqYuJo4CloGa5eO7h9dGlSd Copyright 2023 The Buckingham Companies, Prior Lake, MN. Garbage, Yard Waste and Recycling Collection Collection of household garbage, yard waste and recycling has resumed on the normally scheduled day for all routes in Lee County franchise areas that are accessible to collection trucks. xV3qal/viH/kc3/VLFXepqX++If+Rzf9UsVajjvHvEmmSNESN0+B2ckuyHuifyYqp2q6nBawwmGF True JI6HfFCaYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq83P58+USAsdjqcs0qiaxgSCMvdWvGZ2 ya10mo2suoiJ+F9FND9UMoYhfj+zxrRTtircM3mz/Cd1NDeWwu41uRa3STQm2XhI4g5sAEFAFD7b Collection occurs on residents' regular trash and recycling collection day. EKzUr0BYYqtk82aPHfw2DtILqdGkiQRsQVT7RLD4R17nFUFe+YbKHzNpQe+aFLuK4tksGVj60tY5 D322xVf5Ie2FlbWtppkmk2Vl9at7S2lLmsSyREOvMK3Elj8umKo9NVuLRtBs47KS4hv0KTXSfZt/ Also, many pharmacies will accept old medications. mX0IppIDGqiSeCkscSu5kI4uoCktStMVQvlXQ55tDjutR8u6fomuQgRWlvGqzxxfVA8ds/JOBKgu Nv6bMzKS32F6NQ1+zsDirWqeV9J/5WrZ3BvL5tUEcIW1t1hFvxKSgSTVcS0Chu3iBWrYq1r2iaHa It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Sharps must be disposed of properly. usVKfTSgJxVU13zPpkXm3QDcSXUNwnrC3tonT6vN6/CA+sG+KqM68SPH54qj/M+qaDY+adCkvzOL cGY/snFVlpLcwWkMLWcpaKNUYhoaEqANqyDFVX63P/yxTffD/wBVMVd9bn/5Ypvvh/6qYq763P8A mTyrOlydSGnWlrIbwGUGKWUyAJZSTMVEO/oxSJvUSEBqKoa//Mb8wohdS23ku7Zjau9vGzySIjpP 4yNp2nO+pSatzhuSL6WN4Xcesg3SSjChHf6NqYFSrVLoRa55bjbXf0esqWq/o6k/+kMWPEAofS+P NC+rWFkD6YjuJHdt2Z3kiLMxxViuu3Wg2/mfyst7PdR39zHaxWSQJE0bMsob94SfUANaE0oB7nCq +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A9U4q7FXYq7FXYq+Zv8Ie uoKyhTEq2shPMq22ynFUdD+c3k6e8ubeBbyaK3tXu47yK3aSKcRQw3EscIQtI0kcV1GzAoBv1xVl Wkkrx3d5FUNI8cMsEfFhC3JELVL/ALs8TvirD9Z/M78x31TS418h6lYwWzi8upPUuZo5B6c0H1eT 84xVGppOi6f5psrCx8tWiWtxDPeSatGqIIZIh6HplRHTk6XRCDmKr6m2xqqjJ9Vn0vWtF8u6ZozS ylp1tbXSRQxWsUdrDAPQnkccVTUI/hZbiRmm4hmYL+5WpIVZRf6v+dMOhaq1nounXetW91BHpdSI Call CityLink 311 or 336-727-8000 for more information. Explore what services and resources your county offers. rxFMCXap5VuJ7iCRfJ2pes3luW10X9Gafe2Udpqp1K5eJz60jPBRWDvzkNQa0owxQnPmTy357Cea The program runs April 1 through October 31. customer ID. OPQy7aVe/Ulso55WLgTGJpXc2y7ADmRCJTT3qMVS+P8A5yK0bl+801liD3VbhZJWiMNtpg1FJElM ACyQ/wDItf6YFdphJ061J6+jH/xEYqx+GHzqfMeiS2k9qvlFbCmo27g/WWueJ9MoeJ+H7P7Q74qr Use at your own risk. hitzFKiFKqx9P+ZlH7B6HFUR9bn/AOWKb74f+qmKu+tz/wDLFN98P/VTFXfW5/8Alim++H/qpirv HomeAbout UsResidentsVisitorsBusinessDepartmentsGovernmentI Want ToADA NoticeContact Us. PfxpbpVEejS/Vj8Q5/EvHbxxVlfk3zlZeY9butMbQoLVIEuJIrlW9QOtvdtaVo8MIIdkYgxs4FKN Household garbage is brought to the Waste-to-Energy facility (WTE) for combustion. A: Trash and recycle containers must be out at the curb by 6:30 a.m. the day of collection. Recyclable materials aresorted and baled for secondary markets in the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Mf2OhpiqRa35eebzatmnk3Tb7QtTCHVdXl9MOp5eoQ0RXk+8I6dWZD2NFU2stO/QPmOy0zRbGwsN KF9RigmP155Ykt1mXlQOwCpxRvhY8R06Yqh9Jt/NA8qX1xPfWbT/AOlNb3VvNH9WRVLLGHYDh+74 TrueType riqlpOn+f10W9g1N4WvZHn+qCEx+msbj92rDiAaE77GuKq2jaf54i8qalb6hJA2sSGU2CxiNYkVl lvjdbSLG0kPq+gQjEM0IcdadPniqEuNK86Hzz+lIDCulC3+ruxSI3DCrsED8eQRX4tTl3OFXTWHn Costs $82.50 plus a $35 annual fee. A+XfPvn6y0bTo7zynql9dItnZ3YlMgfcziW5q9tVnIRGYGUrRlBZGD4qhdM/Nbzld6ne6tB5Vu7n False Click on the map where you live or type in your address. SrKCafu8VVvqk/8Ay2zfdD/1TxVgzfmz5UXUrvTn1C9S4sZL+O85R24WMaaG9R2JX7MnBhFT7RB6 waste and recycling servicesto more than 320,000 households in unincorporatedLee County andsix municipalities. Find Us On Social Media: Q: What do I do with old electronics?A: Electronics can be set at the curb with your regular household garbage. CRs0pPpiPlyGzHqBirrP/nIS2uY9ElXRlMWoqzah6d6kj2zLfx6fwiCx8bk850f4WX4Nx0xVCwf8 UjCMy05cC0Q5AVpVdq1HUHFUagnivo42uHljeKRiriMUKsgBHBVP7RxVTs4rqa0gma8lDSxq7ALD Please followthese guidelinesfor setting out storm debris. County disposal facilities are also closed on the above holidays, including the following: Northwest and South County Transfer Facilities. sq8ueaNC1/Ubyws47+KayVmmM8kkY+G5ntCAPVLV9S1fYgbU77YFZD+j4P55v+R83/NeKu/R8H88 qM/ljRH/ADkjujfXn6W4Pwt0SI2Y5WoB9RgxepjFQCOo8Oqrb+WfL3/K343k1C6/TfomSC1VF+q0 Lee Hendry Landfillfor disposal or to one of the approvedprivate construction and demolition companies. View 2023 Holiday Schedule (PDF) These holidays are exceptions to your normal garbage, yard waste, and recycling collections. Sunday, January 1, 2023. Determine your collection schedule based on your city of Redding property address. Monday service will occur on Tuesday, Tuesday service will occur on Wednesday, Wednesday service will occur on Thursday, Thursday service will occur on Friday. Stay up-to-date on service information including weather delays and holiday schedules. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Asphalt shingles will no longer be accepted at the Buckingham Campus. All remaining areas of unincorporated Lee County that have not had a previous deadline listed above such as: the normally scheduled day for all routes in Lee County franchise areas that are accessible to collection trucks. False All Rights Reserved. We understand your communities trash and recycling needs and look forward to serving you with weekly curbside trash and recycling collections featuring the convenience of multiple-size trash and recycle toters. If regular service day is Friday, it will be moved to Saturday following the holiday. lW/NGr25826TPPodzfyxBGhuoZJfRhdZhx5oo41+LlWvYA7b4qzDWPKGia3f2Oo38cj3Ng0ctqUl Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday DO NOT delay waste removal services for the remainder of the week. Request services from Hillsborough County online 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week 24/7 online development permitting solution. lVU48zzWkfmry202mz3U8UkzWl7C8ipA0vC3cSKilWDLPWjHsT2wJZDpn/HNtP8AjDH/AMRGKsPe xmp.did:bf2b2f4b-0fea-4463-88b9-7e326d70fabd Additional services rendered by WD to Customer, including but not limited to, non-standard bulk removal, additional pickups, and return trips, are not part of standard Charges and will be billed accordingly. jDizjjmlYHhz4wFg9KMU/YNPipiqJt9TtZtKj1SrJaSQLdVcHksbJz+JRXcL2xVQ07zDpupeXoNf Call the City of Fort Myers Solid Waste Division at 239-321-8050 to request a free 64-gallon recycle container on wheels. Q: When can I set out my trash and recycle? 2.0-1.0 g6Jo+j26eU5o5VvLwOkZt5FVmjjii5LXkR2U9fY4qyHT/wC4f/jNP/yefFUtXWfqTaBYfVJ5hqam The Solid WasteCustomer Service Department islocated at the County Public Works building at 1500 Monroe Street. Q: How do I get rid of old medicine and sharps?A: The Lee County Sherriffs Office will accept old medicines. GzdETT3dgqLZOzMxoAB6JJJOKpG8nmFPIqelf2cusxkCa6iaKO2q78gpqOA5I6jp1P04VQsN15uf W71ZpFtEWeQ7xrX4qyCnNiEXxY4qxK2/OzyZPaR3QsdYiilHKMyyxoGXiGqrNd8Gah+wrF/8ncVK Christmas Day. 13.0d1e2 Aresidents' drop-off area is available for convenient waste disposal. p6yJ6jBvVUEtUkjoDTYviqe3yeXLz81Le3lnvE1i1SKaOJFjFsfTjlb4pPtk8X3U9O32icVZHN6X RaStcWojs7dfSmcIGkjog4uwiSrDf4R4DFUde6DoV9ci5vdOtbq5CognmhjkcLHIJUXkyk0WQc1H lp+jJ5m0ayna5a/lW5lsnRf3KhEAkMtDT7LUXb9eKoXzAnliz8y6FZ6iZn1KaRm0plA4B2pE5b4h ygUD/V5eQG/fhXucVXfXbTlz9OXn/N9Xmr9/DFULAfSi09pYpOAtGjdRG7EEiL4WUAkfZPXFUTHd However, we can help you make these items disappear through our roll off service. In order to provide you with the specific service information regarding your community, please enter your ZIP code: In order to provide you with the specific service information regarding your community, please select a region: In order to provide you with the specific service information regarding your community, please enter your address: To change your zip code, enter it below and press change. Their phone number is 239-533-7387. One-Day Delay All Week. qWRBKYj+1TjyqftdOmBUd5Wv9Ev9P0u60P8A45TW062tQQaRyojFuXxcuSmvLevXfFVaPXLOxOha Check out our bulk page for more information. Choose your cleaner and mix your solution according the directions on the package. Theydon't have to be clean enough to eat from, but they must nothave any food residue. Click here for information on how to recycle in Detroit. aVmIqSAHNaA/LFW/Jes6prWjaPqmqwQ22oXVtcNcQW0izRKRMigLIjSKdgP2j4Yqp3mp+bra+8r2 Includes adjustments for holidays. +MTCxWIpwYXLxW78wzKTxZ06CvhXpgVkWn/3D/8AGaf/AJPPirGrq61iPUdDjtru0iszFberbzyR bjEaKoqTQRk9BirF7f8AMnyfcPAkOsX0j3QLW6jT7irqKAsP9E+z8Q+Lpiq2D8zPJc9uk8Gu3UqS Information on how to take bulk waste to a drop-off center. AqM+qT/8ts33Q/8AVPFV1hJJJYW0kjcpHiRnY0FSVBJ2oMVY5P5rutO1by1ocWj3d5Dq0J9bU4lJ VhFxqsjKs0RDuDxJapCIxYfD12/aqFV3mfy7IPMGnXNpoEOpwoYGuLuTiZojHcoFaMll3jjkkcbf If you have issues with your garbage, recycling or any other waste pick up services please contact your provider at the following numbers: GFL at (844) GO.GFLUSA or (844) 464-3587. Check us out at, oFjEtHVnZo1I/eMqxmiVHLxxVitj+Z2m35tDaeX7dkuXiiCvPGkzNcXDW8TwQmLnNGpXlK23AV2b to view your holiday schedule or . Continue as Guest. Please securely bag your trash. ofrFrcSxC5dWMgcQrXlV6LTrXiRt1xVNpjqzecwi6lbQabGkLvaVhNzIzLMOBUp6iqdmU8uzfQFT y/fD/wBVMVd9Yl/5YZfvh/6qYq39bn/5Ypvvh/6qYql1zaai2mQwwpJFcGxkt/UQpyhldECt9tK8 aGR3KiIIVAOykkhjTuBUYqkk9paHz5EhsbkySWDynUgx+rrScfuSvHjzP2q16fPCqLm4nzxbg2Ez 2006 - 2023 Whitetail Disposal. 5l0q006G1fQ5UmfVr2V/3kZTj6UcSKwqzk9x0xVbe6n5tj866fp1tpccvlia2kkv9WLgSRTry4Rh BUCKINGHAM CALENDAR #1 2020 AMsU33w/9VMVd9bn/wCWKb74f+qmKu+tz/8ALFN98P8A1UxV31uf/lim++H/AKqYqh4YrmBLFjA0 11.000000 By paying a statement or continuing services after a rate or fee change, Customer acknowledges and agrees to such change. 2020-10-07T10:28:40-05:00 It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Late or partial payments will incur late charges, as allowed under applicable law, and may result in suspension of Service until full payment is received and processed. Service cancellations completed during a current billing cycle are not entitled to prorations or refunds for the current or previous billing cycles. 7rRGqPgPhiqv6mpf74h/5HN/1SxV3qal/viH/kc3/VLFXepqX++If+Rzf9UsVd6mpf74h/5HN/1S qbnJ2en5KjpKWmp6ipqqusra6voRAAICAQIDBQUEBQYECAMDbQEAAhEDBCESMUEFURNhIgZxgZEy Monday, May 29, 2023. Proposed 2023 Solid Waste Assessment FAQs, Solid Waste Management Hardship and Affordability Credit, See several free options are available to Hillsborough County solid waste customers, Only normally scheduled recycling collection will occur on this day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday in January), Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November), Regular schedule resumes on the Friday after Thanksgiving, The holiday collection schedule is suspended only for that specific holiday date or day as noted above, not the day before or the day after, There are no holiday make-up days for the collection of residential garbage, recycling or yard waste, If your collection date falls on a holiday, services will resume on the next regularly scheduled collection day. At Clearlake Waste Solutions, we are committed to ensuring your compliance with AB 341. aCen+8Cqjb+fvPV5Y626+T5rC6soLqTShcPNKLiS3KBVdFgjp6olqgR25cWFdq4qp335o+YLTTZL KMJpbmIzUkoDBI0rx1HwniB9pcVRdx+W/lGLzJZaTD5arps9pcTG/jnlSK2kiNuh4xAcVnfhCVcM 8sU33w/9VMVd9bn/AOWKb74f+qmKu+tz/wDLFN98P/VTFXfW5/8Alim++H/qpiq6xSRLekilGaSV f7iws5jlY+qDV+PpfHyUexA7lcUJu08g/MJIjrzpEVPHQvSk4yMbevL1T8HwhS4C7Heu42UphdJI To avoid this cost, you can use this opportunity to recycle more and throw away less. Sp+y304qlEWheaE8tzaXJqV5JfyTrImqH0xIkYZDwFJ69FI6713wqnei/pWz0q2tb6Oa8u4U4y3N MSW Gate Fee. Q: What size garbage container is needed for curbside collection service?A: If you dont havea garbage can provided to you by your garbage hauling company, you will need to purchase your own container no larger than 40 gallons each with a weather tight lid and handles. NvhfcHpsem4VVPMGo6EPPenXE1xfW9/ztZY4oDEsDhTNAscxPxMrmboelAV/axVleqeS7LUvMllr icKoW6/NzTIrG1vB5etYILi5Ni0t9cx20cdzFCslyjMIZdoZG9KvdgcVUbz859Ht5LuJfLUcj2cl Regular SzXaRKkUsQUp+7VuXIuvxOSqc3Hmf80bzy5oWp6BpNtdTahYQXV4DGhVZpQrOFWW+tSiqjFkAaTm Click "MORE" for thenews list. A: Trash and recycle containers must be out at the curb by 6:30 a.m. the day of collection. Please wait until 5 p.m. on day of service to call or contact 311. Friday trash is collected on Saturday during such weeks. Toters should be placed with at least 3 feet clearance from mailboxes, poles, lampposts, vehicles and each other cart. yq0XEDixvWYxqOLfDx4Bwf2uhxVFwaXqcfmKWf6xGNC9BDBYLHECt3yIeTkE504BafF1JxVLZrbz 95c380dvbRtNM/GI8URSzGixEmgHbFUku/O3lW0hup7nzA0UVl9V+tsUX90L6n1cvSH4Q9ep2Hem PLG3ILFuMkqAsSTRZWUVJ3OwxVjs+qeb7fVvLVlpmkx3WhXUJ/TGpNIFa34xgpxQspNT7HFUU+re f63qduIUaS2QSvEAifpBIZRMSDEzXCGkUhKAlVVVL7G+/NTyl5fKy6ZZRaVp1pbI09zMHZXW0VZJ Household Chemical Waste Collection Events, Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Facility, Lee/Hendry Regional Solid Waste Disposal Facility, Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling. i0cuQCFG5NK0VRflbz3oXmbURZabZanx9GO4kupZlSJEmgjuE5AXJkJ4zoPhQ7nwqcVZf+j4P55v Type 1 UtHhMxZi8CRygvElQzRTkqKyY3PCNUQnk6OzNhdUZHTD0uIIJoMJChgZhJRFRqS0VtNVKBry4/PE Christmas Day (December 25) Regular schedule on Dec. 24 and 26. Find Us On Social Media: Information on how to properly dispose of bulk and yard waste in the City of Detroit. Type 1 CrMpBP2j1xVF/o+D+eb/AJHzf814qkuu6/5d0PUdJ0/UJ50udanNvZgTyU5AD4nrIDx5sibV+Jh2 Holiday service is moved to the next day if performed on or following a holiday. 9T/MB/LdzDcSQvrbJP6LIV+rlyWMIIevw04g1GKrotO87DQ7qGecT6jKJ2hLej6al6mJDRVVgNqk Cancellations: Customer has the right to rescind your initial order for Service within 3 days of your order without incurring any charges. Holidays that fall on Saturday DO NOT delay waste removal services for the remainder of the week. vfFWTfl55rsvN0FxLJocOnmCK1mVa+pyW7iMqAiSG3aoShqFKGvwsaGgVlaW9vBqMQgiSIPDKWCK 02VahfbuGxVMpRIdMgEUQnk/Rk3CEjkHbhFRStUry6U5D54FY1YadrD+TZrS58s2ttK9/Gq6Wg/d 0 Service issues should be reported within 24 hours of you service day. d1kfR4GtVjaBdX29VY3T1WTl6lePrIARx8MVblhm/wAawxjSoW0z0OJ1WnxryV2aPn6tfton7G/L Find Us On Social Media: