Bernardo bought a dozen bags of cement at a hardware store the following day; he kept the receipts, which were damaging at his trial. As he gets older the physical evidence of the effects of this start to decrease, it seems he is developing his social coping mechanisms as he becomes more independent and we see that outwardly his appearance changes, he becomes well turned out, his grades are consistently good he focuses on maintaining a superficial identity of a well put together intelligent and charismatic young man who could very easily appear to come from a loving stable home. This breakdown will focus only on behaviours and situations that there is evidence or testimony of. In 1975, when Paul was only 9 years old, his father Kenneth Bernardo was charged with child molestation. He hid in the bushes as a couple were fooling around, but fled once they noticed him. Paul is a very manipulative person at times and seems to try to talk and charm his way out of things, giving the impression that he may understand the other persons feelings when the truth is, he doesnt care and is only interested in what he will gain from the process. He felt like hed missed out. A feeling that was certainly exacerbated by his mothers revelation he was a bastard. Homolka's parents took her to St. Catharines General Hospital, where she gave a statement to the NRP that she was a battered spouse and filed charges against Bernardo. As per Wikipedia, Paul Bernardo came from a broken family and had a tough childhood. If this was true, Paul may view this as a flaw in their investigation and try to take advantage of this. Because of their middle-class lifestyles - Homolka was a veterinary technician and Bernardo was an accountant - and their classic good looks, the press dubbed them the . They were merely just part of a plan, a means to an end. 7 Pages. Osgoode Hall Review of Law and Policy 1.2 (2014): 137-197. Photo credit: The Chive. Paul Bernardo: Criminal & Biography. Nobody really knows us, but they used to hear a lot of yelling. December 16, 1987: Rape of a 15-year-old girl. Paul Bernardo Case Summary. A chronology of events in the case of convicted rapist and killer Paul Bernardo: 1991. He does this throughout the interview, and it takes him a total of 18 minutes before he finally gives them a straight answer to the question he is asked. Evolution and Social Cognition: Contrast Effects as a Function of Sex, Dominance, and Physical Attractiveness.Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,20(2), 210217., 2022 -, This site uses Google Translate click for more information. May 30, 1988. On May 14 Homolka's plea bargain was finalized, and she began giving statements to police investigators. [3] Later, after growing weary of Bernardo's domineering behavior, his first girlfriend left him for one of his friends. Open Document. The children would go without meals, or clean clothes, Paul got teased as a young child for being smelly because his clothes were not washed regularly and the home itself was generally unclean. Paul Kenneth Bernardo (born August 27, 1964) is a Canadian serial rapist and serial killer dubbed the Scarborough Rapist, the Schoolgirl Killer and, together with his former wife Karla Homolka, one of the Ken and Barbie Killers.He is known for initially committing a series of rapes in Scarborough, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, between 1987 and 1990, before subsequently committing three murders . And he was so cute, with his dimpled good looks and sweet smile, that many of the mothers just wanted to pinch him on the cheek whenever they saw him. She was the oldest of three girls, and was smart and popular at school. Transcript and video Interview recorded/minutes taken 07.06.2007. Open Document. Pauls allergies were also listed in her diary: orchard grass, elm, ash, poplar, and cotton linters. Paul was born to Kenneth and Marilyn Bernardo, as a result of her affair with a former boyfriend, in Scarborough Canada. He was born to a father, Kenneth, and a loving mother on 27 August 1964. Paul was crying and reportedly asked the teacher, Why do they always have to tease me? Bernardo's childhood and home life were tainted by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. . He is an actor. [13], Despite being observed vacuuming and washing laundry in the middle of the night,[11] and despite a chemical burn on Tammy's face, the Regional Municipality of Niagara coroner and Karla's family accepted the couple's version of events. There was Marilyn Bernardo (Pauls mother) depicting the doting housewife who donated her spare time to be a Girl Guide Leader. 2 counts of kidnapping & forcible confinement. He had a large black mark covering the left side of his head that doctors discovered was a blood clot, and it faded from his face six weeks later. "In contrast, it would appear that there is no normative pattern for changes in social withdrawal over time. Paul graduated from high school in 1982 and then went on to study business at the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto. Following an argument between his parents when Bernardo was 16, his mother told him of his actual parentage. [citation needed] The second episode of The Mentalist concerned a respectable, murderous husband-and-wife team. December 22, 1989: Rape of a 19-year-old woman. She fell pregnant and on the. Bernardo claimed that Homolka planned to murder Mahaffy by injecting an air bubble into her bloodstream, triggering an air embolism. During a call from jail, Bernardo told his lawyer, Ken Murray, that the rape videos were hidden in a ceiling light fixture in the upstairs bathroom. She loved animals and worked at a vet's office. Classified as Dangerous Offender 5th November 1995 release is unlikely. He portrayed himself as someone whose self-esteem was damaged by a childhood speech impediment. He spent long periods of time with Homolka's family, who liked him and were unaware of his criminal activities. Studies show that factor 1 psychopaths can cognitively identify with empathy and sympathy in a controlled, non-reactive situation, meaning they have the ability to temporarily appear as though they have compassion. His maternal care and relationship with his mother is mostly non existent and becomes even more disconnected as he grows older, the primary examples he is given by the man of the house Kenneth is that women are objects you can use and abuse no matter their age (in relation to his abuse of Deborah). Due to many missed opportunities Paul was able to carry on his spree of terror, most likely inflating his sense of self and confidence due to the fact he was seemingly getting away with his crimes easily, even with Police investigation into him. [63][64] In 2004, producers from Quantum Entertainment (a Los Angeles-based production company) announced the release of Karla, with the working title Deadly. Paul Bernardo did not seem to be unduly affected by this dark turn in his childhood. Observers recall him as being "always happya young boy who smiled a lot." . Although his intended victim fought him off, Bernardo inflicted two stab wounds to her thigh and buttock which required twelve stitches. Pornography also played a large role in his lust for younger virgins, and the ever apparent satomasifism as seen on tape. In October 1987, he met Karla Homolka. By viewing this inappropriate media, he knew what type of woman he . [37] Gordon Domm, a retired police officer who defied the publication ban by distributing details from foreign media, was convicted of two counts of contempt of court. Paul Kenneth Bernardo was born a twenty-inch-long, eight-pound-ten-ounce baby boy on August 27, 1964 at Scarborough General Hospital. Although he beat the victim, Bernardo abandoned the attack when she fought back. 57. June 20, 1989: Attempted rape; the young woman fought, and her screams alerted neighbours. Hall-Lande, J.A., Eisenberg, M.E., Christenson, S.L., & Neumark-Sztainer, D.R. For instance, he is questioned regarding the unsolved case of Elisabeth Bain. This is somewhat contradictory behaviour, due to him taking the time to cover up the rest of the crimes to avoid detection, but then also keeping part of the crime scene close to him. Shortly after this he would move into the Homolkas home with Karla living with her, her siblings and her parents. [32], Citing the need to protect Bernardo's right to a fair trial, a publication ban was imposed on Homolka's preliminary inquiry. I am reminded of an anecdote from one of the books written about the case where Marilyn started a fight at the reception because she didn't like that pheasant was served. On February 17, detectives arrested Bernardo on several charges and obtained a search warrant. The next day, the. By the age of 19 Paul had gone on to study in accountancy at the University of Toronto like his father Kenneth and aspired to get a job in a local accountants firm. Evolution and Social Cognition: Contrast Effects as a Function of Sex, Dominance, and Physical Attractiveness. The next day, Walker met with Crown Criminal Law Office director Murray Segal. I was a hot tempered person when my kids were young and I dont deny it. Paul was rarely allowed to have friends over, but Steve Smirnis verified thats how they were: You could hear them arguing and screaming. The house and car of notorious sex killer Paul Bernardo will be destroyed Tuesday. Paul Bernardo is best known as a Criminal. It will mainly focus on the potential causes and explanations for Pauls overall personality and behaviours that resulted in him committing such acts. ", Booth-Laforce, C., & Oxford, M. L. (2008). He was the last of three children May 4, 1970 5 Karla Homolka was born to Karel and Dorothy Homolka. After his capture and conviction, Bernardo was sentenced to life imprisonment and was later declared a dangerous offender, thus making it unlikely that he will ever be released from prison. Paul Bernardo, who is a Canadian serial rapist and killer, was notorious for the rapes and the murders that he committed with the help of his wife Karla Homolka. He was arrested, and later released on his own recognizance. That is, some children appear to be consistently and stably non-withdrawn while other children, at least in the present study, exhibited increasing or decreasing patterns of withdrawal that were predicted by earlier family and child characteristics. Marilyn reportedly wasnt very nice to her children either, as one neighbor recalls, She never talked nicely to them or about them. [36] The Crown had applied for the ban, which was imposed on July 5 by Francis Kovacs of the Ontario Court of Justice. Because of this adaptability, people with these traits tend to be quite charming and easy to talk to. lic. Kenneth Bernardo denies physically abusing his children, but admits the verbal abuse was rampant in the home: They were so bloody hyperactive, but I never beat my kids. It also marked the first man landed on the moon. Trajectories of social withdrawal from grades 1 to 6: prediction from early parenting, attachment, and temperament. This was something Pauls friends would later claim was unusual as Paul never seemed to get attached to the girls he dated or had sex with. Paul Bernardo leaves a Kingston Court after his appeal hearing into his double murder conviction in 1997. Paul commits 6th rape, age 18, 10 miles from Scarborough. Although it seems his life was going well he was cheating on Karla at points in the relationship and had also begun to stalk and rape young girls at bus stops early on in his relationship with Karla. [14], Early in the morning on June 15, 1991, while detouring through Burlington to steal license plates, Bernardo came across 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy. December 27, 1988: Attempted rape, with a neighbour chasing Bernardo off. . (, is something we already know can affect the development of a healthy brain causing mild to severe health problems in the future.). Personally, I think Paul Bernardo could possibly be considered a psychopath; he showed little remorse, putting the blame on someone else, and he appeared to be pretty proud of his actions. In addition to the three confirmed murders ascribed to Bernardo and Homolka, suspicions remain about other possible victims or intended victims: Homolka and Bernardo were questioned by police several times in connection with the Scarborough Rapist investigation, Tammy Homolka's death, and Bernardo's stalking of other women before French's abduction. A psychopath, in many cases, will be in control of whatever is happening at that point whereas a sociopath would be less adaptive and more rigid in their approaches to socialisation. Psychopaths speech contained a higher frequency of disfluencies (uh, um) indicating that describing such a powerful, emotional event to another person was relatively difficult for them." Paul Bernardo's dark history. The first, in June, had been filed by a bank employee. And how certain combinations of biological and social factors can contribute to a person being more likely to develop violent tendencies in later life. Under the Canadian publication ban in force at the time, "Fools for Love" could not be shown on Canadian television when it aired on February 23, 2000. [18], During the after-school hours of April 16, 1992, Bernardo and Homolka drove through St. Catharines to look for potential victims. However, it is something that happens in many crimes of this nature. She became pregnant with his child and gave birth to Paul Kenneth Bernardo on August 27, 1964. Name - Paul Kenneth Bernardo Aka - The Scarborough Rapist - The Schoolgirl Killer - Paul Jason Teale Born - 27th August 1964 Ethnicity - White - English/Italian Place of Birth - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Classification - Serial Killer, Serial Rapist Victim Pool - Females . After this, Paul became even more obsessed with making something out of himself. Although it was thought that the hair was removed as a trophy, Homolka testified that it was cut to impede identification.[26]. [43][44], Although Bernardo was kept in the segregation unit at Kingston Penitentiary for his own safety, he was attacked and harassed; he was punched in the face by another inmate when he returned from a shower in 1996. Bernardo scored 35/40 . 27th August 1964 Marilyn Bernardo gave birth to her third child Paul Kenneth Bernardo. "He bought the books and tapes of famous motivational get-rich-and-famous experts." She would sleep with empty cans and food wrappers in her bed and strewn around the room so that if he tried to get into her room she would hear him and wake up. A friend who found Bernardo's suicide note intervened, and Homolka moved in with relatives in Brampton. Barnyard. [5] Bernardo delighted in humiliating his dates in public and engaging in aggressive anal intercourse in bed. Karla helped Bernardo by breaking the windows in her sister's room, allowing him access. (Vol 3)VP Publication an Imprint of RJ Parker Publishing, Inc. Police interview for the sex crimes unit Toronto. This time she took evasive action, stopping at her boyfriend's house just prior to his arrival. . ))", "The Ken Murray Case: Defence Counsel's Dilemma", "Russell Williams enters a 'grim' existence in Kingston Penitentiary", "Bernardo confessed to more crimes: lawyer", "Bernardo Says He's A Good Candidate For Parole", "Families of victims devastated Paul Bernardo has applied for day parole", "Paul Bernardo dad says Karla Homolka 'got away with it', "Paul Bernardo publishes violent e-book on Amazon: report", "Book by Paul Bernardo no longer available on Amazon", "Killer Paul Bernardo set for weapon trial", "Ontario killer and rapist Paul Bernardo denied parole", "Killer-rapist Paul Bernardo denied day and full parole", "Next parole hearing for Paul Bernardo set for June 22", "No parole for teen killer Paul Bernardo", "The Psychopath Next Door: The Psychopathy Checklist", "The victim impact statements of Donna French and Debbie Mahaffy, mothers of Paul Bernardo's teen victims", "Bernardo murders inspire Law & Order episode", "Television News, Reviews and TV Show Recaps - HuffPost TV", "Homolka movie to debut at Montreal film fest", "The Ken & Barbie Killers: Where is Karla Homolka Today? They had a very adventurous sex life Karlas friends had noticed handcuffs in her room and questioned her about them. Bernardo fled when the victim's mother entered the room and screamed. This is where psychopaths differ to sociopaths. Paul Bernardo (Paul Kenneth Bernardo) was born on 27 August, 1964 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, is an Actor, Producer. When he was nine-years-old, Paul was surrounded by a group of classmates during recess and they began to mock his last name. She wanted to end the relationship and recover the money but was afraid. Marilyn and Kenneth Bernardo Christmas 1987. Although Marilyn had an affair she stayed with Kenneth, the abuse would continue and she became heavily withdrawn and depressed in turn neglecting her children, herself and her home. The way you would be able differentiate between a person who genuinely feels things such as compassion, to someone who is only displaying it superficially, would be to look at their patterns of behaviours. He grew up living with his parents in Scarborough and he attended University of Toronto-Scarborough from 1982 and later worked for an American . - Hancock, al. Time: 14.05 - present Paul Bernardo, Detective Brad Hoover, Constable Darlene Coulis, Counsel Anthony Bryant. Mahaffy cried out in pain and begged Bernardo to stop. Homolka participated in and videotaped . Serial killer and rapist who was known as both the Scarborough Rapist and the Schoolgirl Killer. [1], In October 1987, Bernardo met Karla Homolka while she was visiting Scarborough to attend a pet store conference. Pauls childhood seemed on the outside to be a normal one, he lived at home with his mother and father with two older siblings, Dave the eldest boy and Debbie the middle child and finally Paul the youngest of the Bernardos. She was also placed under 24-hour surveillance. As the attacks grew increasingly violent, a police task force . Several days before Homolka's release from prison in July 2005, Bernardo was interviewed by police and his lawyer, Tony Bryant. After Bernardo cut apart the body using his grandfather's circular saw, the couple made a number of trips to dump the cement blocks in Lake Gibson, 18 kilometres (11mi) south of Port Dalhousie. She approached her friend who was also an off duty police officer about this man she had been dating who she had loaned money to. Paul Bernado Age, Biography. Paul Bernardo's father, Kenneth, fondled a girl and was charged with child molestation in 1975, and he also sexually abused his daughter. In his book Lethal Marriage, Nick Pron describes the young Bernardo: "He was always happy. Paul was baptized at St. Johns Anglican Church in Kitchener, Ontario on November 29, the home of both Marilyn and Kenneths parents and the same church they were married in. Clemmer, Christopher D.. "Obstructing The Bernardo Investigation: Kenneth Murray and the Defence Counsels Conflicting Obligations to Clients and the Court." The way in which Paul constructs his use of words and the language he uses when discussing his crimes are typical of someone with traits of psychopathy. Paul would drive to see Karla a few times a week and they became inseparable. Paul's father, Kenneth Bernardo, sexually abused Debbie from the time she was a little girl until the time she fled the house as an adult. His mother, Marilyn, was the daughter of a wealthy Toronto lawyer. It was the fourth bio-social group - the one with both the biological and social hits - that had the highest rates of violence. The two connected immediately and shared . (2013). [2] Repulsed, Bernardo began to call his mother "slut" and "whore"; she reciprocated by calling him a "bastard from hell". Murray was later acquitted of obstruction of justice and faced a disciplinary hearing by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Rather than answering questions, he spends most of the time giving explanations into why he should not be questioned about this, considering they never believe what he says anyway. Performing horrifying acts on young school kids, some of which we. Kenneth would even sit on the sofa during family film nights while Marilyn and the boys watch on, he would molest his daughter under a blanket. Reportedly, detectives found Bernardo more credible than Smirnis. The couple's name change was approved on February 13, 1993. After one minute, Tammy regained consciousness. The following is the description she gave of him: He bought me roses and diamond earrings and was very kind and gentle. Paul was the youngest in the family he was remembered by neighbours as an adorable young boy with gorgeous blonde hair and bright blue eyes. [20][21], After French failed to arrive home, her parents became convinced that she met with foul play and notified police. It would take 2 years for those samples to be run through CODIS where they came up as a match with sample found at the crime scenes of the Scarborough rapist. Because his link to the murders was weak, the warrant was limited; no evidence which was not expected and documented in the warrant could be removed from his property, and all videotapes found by police had to be viewed in the house.