Calendar Wednesday, February 15 Notice of Public Election Commission Meeting-Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023-4:30 p.m View All Contact the Election Administrator Email Physical Address 405 Downs Blvd Franklin, TN 37064 Phone: : (615) 790-5711 Fax: : (615) 790-5617 Directory I didnt even know I knew how to raise money, she told the gathering at the Hyatt House in Cool Springs. Angeli was arrested Saturday and charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to a Department of Justice Department statement. It is really DUMB and it is weird that nothing is being done to fix the problem the people in charge are either incompetent or power-crazy and willing to support liberals. We have rules and laws set in place but if we change that and were making them up as we go then thats a problem. 615-308-3158, 95 White Bridge Rd Suite 414 Nashville, TN, 37205, US. Low 36F. Tennessee's 5th Congressional District was a longtime Democratic stronghold, including all of Davidson County. Those wishing to vote at the convention must be an active member of the Williamson County Republican Party and have voted in three of the past four statewide primary elections. Williamson was born and raised in Bloomington, IN, where he currently resides with his wife of 21 years and . Our monthly Mix and Mingles were very informative featuring awesome speakers like Author Miranda Devine ("The Laptop from Hell"), Former Governor Robert Ehrlich, Senator Rick Scott, and not to mention, all of the candidates running for office. FAIRVIEW For the first time in school history, the Fairview High School boys' basketball team reached back-to-back Region 5-AA championship games; however, a tough night shooting in the second half hurt the host Yellow Jackets in a 61-41 loss to Giles County Thursday. Be Proactive. Brown, who works as a HUD-approved housing counselor by day, is also the first African American Chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party, an example she said of the diversity of the party in the face of the reception as a party of older white voters. info@williamsoncountygop.orgParty Headquarters716 S. Rock StGeorgetown, TX 78626512-863-8481, Thursday, April 6th, 2023Early Voting Period: Monday, April 24th to Tuesday, May 2ndLast Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail: Tuesday, April 25, 2023 (Received, not postmarked)ELECTION DAY - May 6, 2023. These people are just Dems in disguise. There are quite a few clubs in Williamson County that support Republican ideals and candidates. We raised almost $500K, had a membership increase of 120 percent, and our Chairman's Circle membership grew exponentially. I want liberty and freedom to still be here when my children grow up., Since he was 6 years old, Tony Roberts, who registered for the position of third vice chair, has been helping Republicans get elected by going door to door getting people out to vote.. In producing this guide, we teamed with Mr. Craig Huey's Tennessee Voter's Guide to produce a combined Williamson County general/state-federal primary voters guide that gives the WillCo conservative voter a one-stop shopping cart of candidates we believe best match their values. Lake County. Doors will open at 4:30 p.m. and close at 5:45. We were also able to financially support every one of our Republican candidates. Tennessee Republican Party. Many loyal listeners of WAKM have already adapted to the smooth voice of Leftwich, who was promoted to that position in August 2022. A suspicious package with an anti-gun control message attached was sent to a local Republican Party office in Tennessee on Friday, prompting evacuations of nearby buildings. Franklin, TN. We can do better than this Starbuck fraud. The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County is now accepting this years nominations for its preservation advocacy program,Sites to Save, which seeks to identify historic places that are vulnerable to demolition, development or neglect. Nashville TN (TN Tribune)Williamson County GOP Chair Cheryl Brown said she is convinced anti-fascist activists, sometimes referred to as antifa, were behind the break-in at the U.S. Capitol, according to reports. The Williamson County Democratic Party released a statement Friday . [emailprotected] Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Ballard and Schueler need to back off. High around 60F. Photo People Voting by Phil Roeder CC BY 2.0. Find his email and the necessary information required for new residents at the WCRP website. Throughout the pandemic, she has managed to continue gatherings, regular executive committee meetings and lead the county party through an election season. Tennessee Republican Party. McCall: It is January 12th, so a week from tomorrow this all goes down. We have a diverse group in our party, yet the media portrays us as very white, Schueller said, referring to the diversity of people running for the various offices. FRANKLIN, Tennessee-A huge crowd turned out for the Williamson County GOP Victory Party held at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin on Saturday night.. More than 300 people attended the event, which featured speeches from Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07), Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Glen Casada, and State Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson (R . Thursday, October 20. 2023 County Party Reorganization ; Podcast; Shop; Bylaws and Rules of the Tennessee Republican Party . 1TopProducer intheFranklinoffice of Parks Realty for2022. In a letter dated May 20th, Debbie Ballard; President of Republican Women of Williamson County (RWWC), member of Williamson County Republican Party (WCRP) and CEC member, and Kilyn Scheuler; treasurer of the WCRP, said that Raesemann has continually circumvented the Party Chair and the CEC to achieve his own objectives and has violated the bylaws of the WCRP and the Tennessee GOP., Our source tells us that the turnover in the WCRP CEC has left few, if any, independent minded people on the CEC and the effort to remove Raesemann is an attempt to remove the final conservative voice on the Williamson Countys Republican Partys County Executive Committee.. No official county party established. Over 20,000 people voted, an 11.18% turnout. Theyve had zero issue with it. We are prioritizing building community, voter outreach . Biden Boomerang: Newly Released State Memos Undercut Democrats Ukraine Impeachment Story, Despite Robby Starbuck's Claims, Wilson County Republican Chair Says Starbuck Didn't Send Him Anything About His Voting Record - Tennessee Star. In statements provided to The Tennessee Star, Starbuck referenced conversations with Williamson County GOP Chair, Cheryl Brown, to . Don't knowingly lie about anyone Date and Time: Tuesday, September 13th at 6:00 p.m . He has attended the 2008 and 2012 Republican National Conventions as a member of the Tennessee Delegation. 865-643-4567 Is that true and can you elaborate? Aaron Gulbransenis a reporter atThe Tennessee StarandThe Star News Network. Numerous photos and videos have surfaced of Trump supporters storming the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6, disrupting legislative procedures and causing chaos that resulted in five deaths. The shirtless man wearing a horned fur cap and face paint the person to whom Brown was referring has been identified as Jacob Anthony Chansley, a.k.a. According to sources, what these groups have found is a party apparatus to include many entrenched local Republican politicians who parrot GOP talking points but in reality do not share their values.. Im always cautious about when discussing the topic, since it can also mean so many different things depending on whom you are asking. Candidates Wayne Garrett and Bradley. Supreme Court by AscendedAnathema. 330 Franklin Rd Suite 226B, Brentwood, TN 11:30 am Register Here Williamson County Republican Party Mix and Mingle Representative Scott Cepicky Chair, Education Instruction Subcommittee Thursday, February 17 Cool Springs Marriott 700 Cool Springs Blvd Franklin, TN 5:30 pm Republican Women of Williamson County Screenwriter Howard Klausner Things such as this if true is an example of why the polls showing congressional approval in the teens. FRANKLIN, Tennessee If conservatives want to make a difference, they have to get more involved. November 2022 Sample Ballot VOTE republican candidates . Williamson's GOP chair Cheryl Brown said individuals are considered "bona fide unless challenged," according to the bylaws and the state party's chairman. While in high school, he served in leadership positions, and later in college with the Young Republicans. Maddock's son-in-law lost by a decisive margin in the first round of voting. Troy will walk us through how he keeps the TN Republican Party, the Governor's Office, the TN State Legislature and multiple others on solid financial ground. Previously, Scott was a Chair at Tennessee Republic Read More Contact Scott Golden's Phone Number and Email Last Update 12/21/2022 7:50 PM Email s*** Engage via Email Contact Number (***) ***-**** Engage via Phone Mobile Number If this continues, a lot of members will drop out and NOT support the Williamson County GOP. Has Robby Starbuck supplied you with his voter history documentation or have you seen a version of his voter record that contradicts the elections board document? Public Records Request Courts After a career in the U.S. Marines, Sean Raesemann, a retired colonel, and his family moved to Williamson County in 2019. 3 Robby also claimed that you told him that there is no issue with his bonafides. As you can see by my earlier post, they have already put fear in the hearts of the centrist/tepid conservative Republican leadership in this county and will continue to do so with your help and the help of other Williamson County conservatives. Williamson County is a solidly Republican county and a prized piece of any attempt to flip Tennessee blue according to concerned conservatives. That was the theme of a book discussion Thursday at the Embassy Suites hotel hosted by the Williamson County Republican Party. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. One former chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party told The Star it was the largest crowd he had ever seen gathered to vote for a new county . Williamson County is a solidly Republican county and "a prized piece of any attempt to flip Tennessee blue" according to concerned conservatives. Williamson County Republican Party Chairman Cheryl Brown Matt Masters Chairman Brown said in an email that the event raised about $30,000 for the party, adding that she's confident that the enthusiasm showed by voters will result in a landslide victory for President Trump's reelection bid in November. person will not be tolerated. Join The Fight To Help Rebuild Illinois. The Dems laugh at the GOP Stupidity literally Ive had them laugh when I bring it up they think it is funny. It does matter who . In 2010, Golden received the Madison County Republican Party Man of the Year Award and in 2016 won the Tennessee Republican Party Statesman of the Year Award for the 8th Congressional District. Jake Angeli, of Arizona. 95 White Bridge Rd Suite 414 Nashville, TN, 37205, US (615)269-4260 If he cannot be trusted on the little things just imagine what his behavior might be like once in office. Election day for Williamson County offices and state/federal primaries is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. She has been active in organizing party events and is running for the assistant treasurer position. Thank you for reporting on this. racist or sexually-oriented language. Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. He then worked in New Hampshire on the Steve Forbes for President campaign. In 2003, he began in the office of Congressman Marsha Blackburn as a Field Representative, moving to District Director then Deputy Chief of Staff. I would like to see that we all be one mind and conviction and in unity [so] that we can reach the goal which is what we believe in our conservative values and what we believe in is to get the truth out and walk in the integrity that we have been called to.. But the Tennessee General Assembly's Republican supermajority redrew the district into GOP-friendly territory. Winds light and variable. At 12:00 o'clock P.M., on the 14th day of March, 2023, at the front door of the Williamson County Judicial Center, 135 S. 4 th Avenue, Franklin, Tennessee, 37064, the Sherriff will sell property for payment toward said Judgement. Sheriff sale page .. Contact. Members of the Williamson County Republican Party will gather at 6 p.m. April 22 at the Cool Springs Marriott to elect a chairman, a first, second and third vice chairman, a secretary, an assistant secretary, a treasurer and an assistant treasurer. Chris Leist and Tina Bellamy submitted their applications to be considered for the chairman position. Managing values-based investing on behalf of a group of pe. TN to honor 1st responders on 9/11 during the height of BLM riots in America. County Clerk The County Clerk has many important functions within the county government. $5 $10 $25 $50 Donate. Tennessee has nonpartisan voter registration. Williamson will be running as a Republican candidate for the November 8, 2022, general election. All wishing to participate in the convention must register online at by 11:59 p.m. Saturday. You can reach Paula He topped a list of 130 agents with Parks. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is leading a group of 21 attorneys general in anamicus briefregarding federal immigration law. "Conservatives and Trump Supporters" Nextdoor group meets the third Sunday of each month at 3 pm at the Oglesby Meeting Bldg at 5724 Edmondson Pike, Nashville TN 37211 We can be reached on Nextdoor as a group in Davidson County. is a popular online social networking website that facilitates offline group meetings. Williamson County. 135-A-178Brentwood, TN 37027, Luke Gustafson, Senior Legislative Advisor They worry that the decision may cause other state and federal courts to invalidate existing criminal laws. Its been sent to the Wilson County GOP chair recently too. Primary results listed are for Republican races unless otherwise noted. He has been married to his wife Christie for 19 years, they have three children, Ela, Kipi, and Andrew. It was Williamson County's biggest election year. Vice Treasurer: Beth Scott Clayton Amos Robby Starbuck previously claimed that he voted in August of 2020 and March of 2020 Tennessee Republican primaries when records provided by Williamson County election officials showed that he did not vote in either. They each had two minutes to introduce themselves to those in attendance. First Name. Unless things change, in coming GOP elections I will vote against the incumbent power group. Perhaps all of this is due to the fact that the conservative Williamson Families PAC (WFPAC) saw seven of the eleven candidates it endorsed for the county commission and two out of the four it endorsed for the school board win the recently concluded Republican Primary. Exclusively for Chairman's Circle Members. TNGOP NEEDS a RINO ousting. Member, Williamson County Republican Party Chairman's Circle Past Legislative Chairman, Tennessee Republican Party Statesman's Dinner Past Member, Banking Coalition for Congressman Marsha Blackburn 2006 Delegate to Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2004 District Chairman Bush/Cheney Re-election A grand jury charged California resident Helaman Hansen with multiple crimes in 2017 for scamming hundreds of noncitizens out of more than $1 million by promising them a nonexistent path to citizenship. William Byron Lee (born October 9, 1959) is an American businessman, cattle farmer, former mechanical engineer, and politician who has served as the 50th governor of Tennessee since 2019. We want to see people get involved because theres a lot to do. They show that he did not vote in the March 2020 or August 2020 GOP primaries. We also discuss how PAC's work, and how they can change our city if utilized efficiently and effectively! I suspect all of this is simply in response to the conservative Williamson Families PAC (WFPAC) that saw seven of the eleven candidates it endorsed for the County Commission and two out of the four it endorsed for the newly partisan school board win nomination in the local Republican Primary a few weeks ago. 2023 Insightful coverage of Nashville and Middle, TN news. Use the 'Report' link on He is a member of Fellowship Bible Church in Jackson, TN. General Brnovich and the attorneys general argue in their amicus brief that the Ninth Circuit decision jeopardizes the constitutionality of criminal law in all 50 states. To make matters even worse, WFPAC has two conservatives running for the county commission as well as two running for the school board against Republicans as Independents in this Augusts local general election. My family has been here since the 1770s, he said, adding that he has spent most of his career running businesses and some of it involved working for Gov. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals then struck down the statute arguing that the words encourage and induce, in the law are too broad. Challenges must be made to the state. I registered for first vice chair, but I really just want to be involved.. 330 Franklin Rd Suite 226B, Brentwood, TN, Chair,Education Instruction Subcommittee, Carothers Room (ground floor behind lobby/dining area). Williamson County Republican Party worked tirelessly to help elect Republicans committed to upholding the conservative principles that you and I share. 2023 Illinois Republican Party. Chairman Brown told The Tennessee Star, Our bylaws speak for themselves. . Jenica Shiri Anderson is running for secretary. The official Facebook page for the Williamson County Republican Party in the great state. Once challenged, the burden of proof to be placed on the ballot rests with the candidate and that no challenges will be accepted until February 7, the first day that candidates are allowed to begin gathering signatures to be placed on the ballot. Paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party 95 White Bridge Rd., Suite 414 | Nashville, TN 37205 (615) 269-4260 | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee Cheryl Brown did not respond via email but was reached in a phone call. Attached is a copy of the document that the Williamson County Electoral office gave us. In 2010, Golden received the Madison County Republican Party Man of the Year . Cheryl Brown, current WCGOP chair, ran for first vice chair in 2019 but within days of the election, newly elected Omar Hamada stepped down and Brown took his spot. with The Austin Brothers and Senator Jack Johnson. The attorneys general are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold a federal statute to enforce federal immigration law in United States v. Hansen. or anything. Wilson County. We dont vouch for a candidate in the primary.. The Williamson County Republican Party worked tirelessly to help elect Republicans committed to upholding the conservative principles that you and I share. Republican Women of Williamson County In December 2018, Golden was elected unanimously to serve a second term as Tennessee Republican Party Chairman. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. I grew up in a rural East Tennessee area where I learned you reap what you sow, Anderson said. Distribution of this information or campaign events doesnotand should not constituteor imply an endorsement bythe Williamson County Republican Party. Nearly 30 people were in attendance for the reorganization, which is a time for party members to elect new local leadership. Final List-May 3, 2022, Republican and Democratic County Primary Candidates & August 4, 2022 County General Election Independent Candidates . MONROE COUNTY, Jan. 4 - Monroe County Sheriff Sergeant Nathan Williamson has officially announced his candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff. For more information on how the County Primaries work and what County Commissioners do, see Williamson County Primaries. Party chairman Jeff Diederich, announced the slate of county candidates in a media release as well as on his Facebook page. A few new faces are running for chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party, including Mary-Kate Brown, Toni Eaton and Omar L. Hamada. But we couldn't have accomplished this without your support to your Republican Party. Whats more near and dear, my passion, is service to community, being part of a team and making a difference, he said. Williamson County also has some important seats up in local races for county commissioner, county courts and justices of the peace. Now she is running for the chairmans position. An immigrant from Mexico who became a U.S. citizen, Christian Trujillo loves his new country and is running for the second vice chair position. Candidates are still needed for assistant secretary and treasurer. "If you look at the people, they were not Trump supporters. Welcome our New Young Republican President, The Young Republicans meets every 1st Tuesday, email for more information, Williamson County Republican Career Women.