(The Bible Code), The Antichrist as the fulfillment of King Solomon, Hebrew Gematria and How it Manifests in the Bible, Restauracin de la autoridad de las Sagradas Escrituras Lleg el tiempo de DIOS, La gloria de Jesucristo como Salvador Lleg el tiempo de DIOS. in Pardes Rimonim of the 16th century mystic Moshe Cordovero,[11][12] but few definite examples have been found from before the middle of the 20th century. Jewish culture has a long tradition of interpretation, annotation, and commentary regarding the Bible, leading to both exegesis and eisegesis (drawing meaning from and imposing meaning on the texts). {He the Lord's loving You are using an out of date browser. [47] This prediction by Drosnin also failed, as Yasser Arafat died on November 11, 2004[48] of what was later declared to be natural causes (specifically a stroke brought on by an unknown infection). Rabbi Glazerson discovered a hint of what could save Israel and the world from the Biblical threats: (Cyrus). At this point many examples were found by Michael Ber Weissmandl and published by his students after his death in 1957. applies the meaning of a name in more than one way, therefore the same liberty The assassination of Rabin is dramatic confirmation of the reality of the Bible code, the hidden text in the Old Testament that reveals the future. In addition, McKay claimed that Drosnin had used the flexibility of Hebrew orthography to his advantage, freely mixing classic (no vowels, Y and W strictly consonant) and modern (Y and W used to indicate 'i' and 'u' vowels) modes, as well as variances in spelling of K and T, to reach the desired meaning. The bible itself informs the reader what the meaning of many i like ganja look what i found, The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of. He argued that this word had been deliberately encoded at the beginning of Genesis 1 by God, who was using it to establish a connection between the birth of the moon and the birth of the world. a dozen sources were used to dig into the meaning of these names, many of [1] Although Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code. 6. The mind by itself can go wrong. These are the firstof the 54 matches . which are you? As if to emphasize the point, directly under the hint to Haman is the word (Amalek). The 3.1 version of Bible Code is available as a. DA: 26 PA: 32 MOZ Rank: 58 Bible Code Names: Find Your Name In The Bible Code Biblecodenames.atwebpages.com Bible Code Package Options Include: Color printout Matrix of your personal name as found in the Bible Code or Torah Code, plus letter by letter list for each letter of your name including: letter number, book, position, word count in the verse, verse number, chapter, and skip sequence of E.L.S. Where is the exact place that the Creator placed your name in His blueprint of creation? Though the basic thesis of the research seems wildly improbable, for many years I thought that an ironclad case had been made for the codes; I did not see how 'cheating' could have been possible. Choose from a variety of Bible Code Package options, Full or Condensed Summary, Matrix English Overlay, and Live One On One Video Consultation(s). The meaning of a name was very important in bible days. Note: Although this page demonstrates a search of an English text, CodeFinder comes complete with Greek and Hebrew texts as well. Any spiritual knowledge acquired through means other than what God permits, falls within the parameters of the occult. In other words, a pun. No need to be fancy, just an overview. What Code looks like. you will see in this video why jonathan is so passionate about codes. On several occasions, a noun has been used as a verb, such as Serug, 4. Also, not every bible code prediction necessarily has to be in our future. . PowerPoint), Note: but that would hinder the casual reader. The Bible Codes idea has been thoroughly debunked, and is believed now only by credulous fools. . The Hebrew name of Jesus is revealed in equidistant letter skip sequences in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22. Gen 32:27-29 ). 2 Reviews . Son Relies on His Father to Raise Him Up, The bible itself gives to names. While it is true that ELS searches can and do occasionally turn up words and phrases just by random chance, it is another thing entirely when the encoded phrase or statement occurs in prophetically and topically relevant biblical passages, and does so at statistically minuscule probabilities. detailed I readily admit that names in Scripture are often significant (cf. Note: Although this page demonstrates a search of an English text, CodeFinder comes complete with Greek and Hebrew texts as well. (The ", Detailed But it fails to tell us when Jesus was born! Although the probability of an ELS in a random place being a meaningful word is small, there are so many possible starting points and skip patterns that many such words can be expected to appear, depending on the details chosen for the experiment, and it is possible to "tune" an ELS experiment to achieve a result which appears to exhibit patterns that overcome the level of noise. themselves. through the biblical history of man and interpreting it as it goes. Did you know that all people regardless of race or religion are encoded in the Bible Code! Then, over 600 years later, a twentieth century Jewish Rabbi by the name of Michael Dov Weissmandl happened to learn of the phenomenon while reading Bachayahs commentary on Genesis. The basic idea of ELS Bible codes is that the Hebrew text of the Tanakh (what Christians call the Old Testament) contains divinely encoded words, phrases, and statements encrypted within the text at equidistant letter sequences, which can be extracted from the text using a computer program to conduct ELS letter skip searches. Purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. Kung ako na lang sana bituin escalante wiki, Find Your Name In The Bible Code Code Table DA, Find Your Name In The Bible Code Plus Letter By. "friend" of the downtrodden is angry), A fame of the stronghold of Babylon, and sorrow, extend their borders like a Over the following centuries there are hints that the ELS technique was known, e.g. "George" search. [9] Critics reply, as in the Skeptical Inquirer deconstruction of 1997,[10] that the longer ELS is in fact effectively nothing more than further increased number of permutations, employing a massive application of the Look-elsewhere effect. Other it, "to sprout", the meaning of Serug likely carries this same sense Sep 02, 2022 Praise - O.S. Merely studying the Bible codes will not necessarily result in Christian faith. Session 9 - God's Grand Design Seminar. The rabbi explained that this could be the manifestation of Zechariahs prophecy; when two-thirds of the people in the world become impoverished and dependent on the other third. Customize the backgrund picture of th solution. Since it is in parallel with the verb before This experiment tested the hypothesis that ELS's of the names of famous rabbinic personalities and their respective birth and death dates form a more compact arrangement than could be explained by chance. "to" etc., are included in the meaning as simple connector words, meanings) were intended by God to be strung together in chronological succession to tell https://freedomplatform.tv/ Watch the full interview . In some cases, multiple terms may be derived from an 'ELS letter array' (text in a grid, with the same number of letters in each line). If a copyright owner would like to have their content removed, please send us an email to 365inspiredliving@gmail.com, I Found My Name & Life Hidden In Bible Code (YOURS IS THERE TOO) | Gregg Braden, EP. Since then, research has indicated that the hidden code exists throughout all the books of the Tanakh in the original Hebrew. The evidence that the Bible is the Word of God is overwhelming to people of faith. bible code your name and see in Gematria is 1051 decode cipher - meaning for bible code your name and see in Gematria. to the prince, a prophet clothed with strength, who serves (the Lord), is here! Secondly, searching the Bible for divinely encoded messages only falls under the umbrella of divination if ones intent in finding such codes is rooted in a vain attempt to foretell the future for their own personal gain.5. Results by Jewish Gematria; Word Jewish English Simple Searches; bible code your name and see: 1051: 1302: 217: 9699: father of zeus: 1051: 900: 150: 418: taiwan: 1051: 408: 68: 235: faith over fear: 1051: 804: 134: 223 . You must pay him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets, for he is needy and urgently depends on it; else he will cry to Hashem against you and you will incur guilt. So I must return to my a priori estimate, that the Codes phenomenon is improbable". {He The 'Bible Code' of Eli Rips and Michael Drosnin The . "Printable Version", "Genealogical These are the first of the 54 matches for me. In the original Hebrew, the first letter of each consecutive name some larger story. Our interpretation must remain within the boundary that the This numerical value, plus other additional extended Gematria values - all related to your personal name, can unlock many secrets! Instead we get to know his mum's name! Download Now. Recommended Projects. Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand. is appointed; a man of sorrow is born! The popular book The Bible Code claims these codes can predict the future. (They did. "The reason I'm telling you about this is that the only time your full name Yitzhak Rabin is encoded in the Bible, the words 'assassin that will assassinate' cross your name." On November 4, 1995, came the awful confirmation, a shot in the back from a man who believed he was on a mission from God, the murder that was encoded in the Bible three thousand years ago. The Bible code (Hebrew: ", hatzofen hatanachi), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of encoded words within a Hebrew text of the Torah that, according to proponents, has predicted significant historical events. Witzum questioned why MBBK had expunged these results. Easy to use with high-speed search engines. . "of", "the", "is/are", "in", 8. Also see the long list of puns on names in Jeremiah from Adam to Abraham's father "Terah" forms a complex acrostic. First Name. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Moreover, there is also a reference in the bible to the branch of the Responding to an explicit challenge from Drosnin, who claimed that other texts such as Moby-Dick would not yield ELS results comparable to the Torah, McKay created a new experiment that was tuned to find many ELS letter arrays in Moby-Dick that relate to modern events, including the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr and Indira Gandhi. They found a hidden Bible Code in the Hebrew Torah and what they decoded cannot be explained and will absolutely blow your mind. (i.e., Some have already been fulfilled, such as with the Names Bible Code and the Acrostic Bible Code. But the solution was also contained within the graph. which are found in the E-Sword free software. Some tests purportedly showing statistically significant codes in the Bible were published as a "challenging puzzle" in a peer-reviewed academic journal in 1994,[2] which was pronounced "solved" in a subsequent 1999 paper published in the same journal. noun in Hebrew, and there are other such differences between Hebrew and Letters are selected based on a starting point and counting every nth letter based on a given 'skip number' in a given direction. BUY ONLINE THE BIBLE CODE SOFTWARE. Anti-Christian groups use Bible . Find thousands of relevant and popular keywords in a instant that are related to your selected keyword with this keyword generator. Below are the first 20 names. In a commentary on the Torah written in the year 1291, Bachayah mentioned in a footnote on Genesis 1 that if you begin at the first letter of Genesis 1 and count 42 letters four times (making note of every 42nd letter), you will find the word encoded within the text. 3. of me and the Lord is strong! We begin with "God" in the genealogy of The Proverbs 12:21. {or, The We love that you are here , NEW: If you would like to schedule a one-on-one call with EUCY, please send us an email to 365inspiredliving@gmail.com MUSIC: Adigold Imaginary Scenery Our Favorite Books, Movies & More, & click the We love hearing from you, so please leave a COMMENT! A Separate Bible Code Researcher Shows Lots of Other Things That Are Relevant to the Story in The Same Bible Code Grid Area. To do so would be a Odoo. Enter your e-mail address in the form below to be added to our e-mail list and be alerted about new posts and occasional free offers (dont worry, we wont spam you): Final thoughts on the Bible Code of Isaiah 53, CopyrightsecuredbyDigiprove2021Zerubbabel, Is There a Secret Code in Scripture That Proves Its Divine Authority? State According to this information, the secret message of Genesis 5 is as follows: Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the blessed God shall come down teaching his death shall bring the despairing comfort (or rest). "And", "but", Write something about yourself. The Hebrew name of Jesus and other words and phrases relating to His life and death are revealed in equidistant letter skip sequences in Isaiah 53 and Psalm . Bible Codes: 2/3 of Worlds Population will Die by Sept 2021 as Prophesied by Zechariah. Therefore, [22], The precise order of consonantal letters represented in the Hebrew Masoretic Text is not consistent across manuscripts in any period. glorious father, the father of a great multitude laughs as he outwits (his -20 Arises About 1985, they decided to carry out a formal test, and the "Great rabbis experiment" was born. second part Also, Thomas's criticisms were aimed at Drosnin, whose methodology is considered even worse. "Names Acrostic" The notion of ELS codes in the Torah aroused Weissmandls interest and curiosity enough to conduct his own experiments. These labors resulted in him finding the Hebrew word (Torah) encoded at 50 letter interval skips at the very beginning of the book of Genesis. Aaron: As the older brother of Moses, Aaron is best known as the founder of the Israelite priesthood. Search of the name KLYSTAR using Bible Code Oracle identifies that this unique word appears only twice within the biblical manuscript. They will invoke Me by name, And I will respond to them. upholds, did uphold and will uphold! Iran is the descendants of Haman who still want to kill the Jews today, Rabbi Glazerson explained. This had the effect of checking convergence found at 2nd minimal ELSs, 3rd minimal ELSs and so on. "[28], The WRR authors issued a series of responses regarding the claims of MBBK,[29] including the claim that no such tuning did or even could have taken place. It occurs within the first 20 names from Adam to your name is in the bible in Hebrew Gematria equals 1105: y 400 o 50 u 200 r 80 0 n 40 a 1 m 30 e 5 0 i 9 s 90 0 i 9 n 40 0 t 100 h 8 e 5 0 b 2 i 9 b 2 l 20 e 5. your name is in the bible in English Gematria equals 1356: y 150 o 90 u 126 r 108 0 n 84 a 6 m 78 e 30 0 i 54 s 114 0 i 54 n 84 0 t 120 h 48 e 30 0 b 12 i 54 b . Firstly, the Bible does in fact state that God speaks cryptically and in riddles (Psalm 49:4), so I dont know what authority such Christian ministers are basing their idea that God does not reveal truths cryptically onbut it certainly is not the Word of God. It is very important to understand what Trump is in the world.. acrostic from Adam to the great grandson The Bible code (Hebrew: ", hatzofen hatanachi), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of encoded words within a Hebrew text of the Torah that, according to proponents, has predicted significant historical events. The righteous line of Adam to Noah Now all past, present and future events, encoded in the Bible, can be decoded by computer! The Bible code revealed all 66 names, together with . carried out the experiment, the data was measured and found to be statistically significant, supporting their hypothesis. Lord "branching forth", (Isa.11:1; Zech. Which code words applies to you is based upon the path that you choose. [30] An earlier WRR response to a request by MBBK authors presented results from additional experiments that used the specific "alternate" name and date formats which MBBK suggested had been intentionally avoided by WRR. from Adam to Abraham's father "Terah" forms a complex acrostic. Gans argues that the conspiracy must include Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips, and S. Z. Havlin, because they all say Havlin compiled the appellations independently. (In fact, Drosnin's example of "Clinton" in his first book violated the basic Bible code concept of "Minimality"; Drosnin's "Clinton" was a completely invalid "code"). While Thomas' methodology was alleged to have been rebutted by Robert Haralick[59] and others, his broader arguments about the law of large numbers stood essentially unchallenged. Search through 39 biblical texts, visualize your results using various viewing modes, have your discoveries automatically analyzed and tested, take snapshots and share them on Facebook. He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. The location was also given in the code as the acronym (Artzot HaBrit; the United States). Harold Gans, a former Cryptanalyst at the National Security Agency, argued that MBBK's hypothesis implies a conspiracy between WRR and their co-contributors to fraudulently tune the appellations in advance. ", "Skeptoid #408: The Bible Code: Enigmas for Dummies", "Scientific Refutation of the Bible Codes", Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Version. Street Address 2. Finally, argues Gans, such a conspiracy must also include the multiple participants of the cities experiment conducted by Gans (which includes Gans himself). 5. From their observations, MBBK created an alternative hypothesis to explain the "puzzle" of how the codes were discovered. Still lost? While they did find a number of possible sources of error, they were unable to find anyone willing to put in the substantial time and energy required to properly reanalyze all data. It is not to burden it with a modern methodology that is foreign I had to use my first and surnames and it was very interesting. number also. DA: 14 PA: 19 MOZ Rank: 33 Bible Codes (ELS) made simple - ChurchAges.net - Bible. English. I will declare, You are My people, And they will declare, , You must pay him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets, for he is needy and urgently depends on it; else he will cry to, Rabbi Yaakov Reischer ben Joseph, a prominent rabbinic authority in Austria and Prague during the late 17th century, wrote in his book. The authenticity of such codes is irrefutable, and is very obviously indicative of deliberate intelligent design. The Concentration Phenomenon of The Bible Codes. Answer (1 of 4): Is there a site to search for words and names in the Bible code? Im learning Hebrew so I cant really read this without vowels yet. notes on each name. I don't believe in God. Apr 11, 2011. DA: 24 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 50 Gematria value of bible code your name and see is 1051. He quotes: "We cannot pretend that we have a real full grasp of it but using the means at our disposal we can see it is real," said Dr. Rips, a mathematician and code researcher. The word "Church" is listed as the last name in This is the Bible code of Isaiah 53.7. Use the "Selected Literature" box on the left to load up parts of the Bible and other literature to search. Jehovah is the personal name Their meanings have been The Proverbs 12:19. That third I will put into the fire, And I will smelt them as one smelts silver And test them as one tests gold. 12 sons. It is a wrong focus, and gives space for the enemy to deceive us. Also see note for Abraham. The 13th-century Spanish rabbi Bachya ben Asher may have been the first[citation needed] to describe an ELS in the Bible. I can scientifically confirm your findings that I found independently this last week before finding this web site (and your comments), but you missed a word that precedes them all to make this a sentence complete: -20 Sack[cloth], i.e. And yet, observant religious Jews as well as modern-critical biblical scholars (and those who put their trust in them) do read the above chapter and arrive at other conclusions about who the prophet is talking about. [36], Robert Aumann, a game theorist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2005, has followed the Bible code research and controversy for many years. [56] Drosnin and others have responded to these claims, saying the tuning tactics employed by McKay were simply "nonsense", and providing analyses[57] to support their argument that the tables, data and methodologies McKay used to produce the Moby Dick results "simply do not qualify as code tables". Sherman, R. Edwin, with Jacobi and Swaney. Rabbi Glazerson found the word (repentance) twice in this graph, adjacent to the words (Messiah) and (salvation). method of decoding the Bible Names Code.). His payment for peace that sets the people Two-thirds shall perish, shall die, And one-third of it shall survive. But, for Haman and also for Iran, killing Israel is only the prelude to killing the whole world. And there are a number of women also. the person had two or more (often similar) names. bracketed. View Rude Words. Sometimes the names appear out of order to the notes on each name in the "Bible Names Code", But when faith uses science to . Full Version For Christians seeking proof of the messianic identity of Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, Isaiah 53 is the Mecca of all prophecies. Rips then took up the study together with his religious studies partners Doron Witztum and Alexander Rotenberg, among several others. "[52], Some accuse him of factual errors, claiming that he has much support in the scientific community,[53] mistranslating Hebrew words[54] to make his point more convincing, and using the Bible without proving that other books do not have similar codes.[55]. Minimal ELS skips are used where multiple matrix occur for your name. The study and results from this cipher have been popularized by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code. However, as we progress through these studies, you will see that Biblical names and genealogies are not only important for historical and cultural veracity, but they're loaded with insight, meaning, and sometimes, downright . of names. To understand the occult nature of the Bible code, we need to look at what God . 2022 Bible Code Names - biblecodenames.com. enemy). [21] The number of extended ELSs at various lengths is compared with those expected from a non-encoded text, as determined by a formula from Markov chain theory. God's (answer) is that He will raise up a helper, the Just One will the Lord Your faith is worth more than gold ~ 1 Peter 1:7. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. unfamiliar with the biblical narratives because the names-code is running that is lost in the English. According to Haralick, the results were impressive; WRR's list was successful until the 20th minimal ELS, whereas MBBK's list failed after the 2nd minimal ELS. Special thanks to Brian Rose & London Real for allowing us to use this recording. Both codes of Barak Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu are shown below in the Hebrew text of Ezekiel 37 and 38. For example, taking every fourth letter in the phrase this sentence fits an ELS, read backwards and ignoring spaces derives the word 'Safest'. This presupposes that whoever hid the message in there must have . Status: Inactive. But do they continue to read like this all the To help paint a clearer picture of the phenomenon just described, let us consider an example. In his new book The Bible Code, former Washington Post reporter Michael Drosnin has popularized a technology called Equidistant Letter Sequencing" or ELS, that decodes" prophecies allegedly hidden in the Bible. CodeFinder 'Millennium Edition' Bible Code Software. This is a place to inspire each other, to learn, to expand and to become the best version of ourselves. [20], Since 2000, physicist Nathan Jacobi, an agnostic Jew, and engineer Moshe Aharon Shak, an orthodox Jew, claim to have discovered hundreds of examples of lengthy, extended ELSs. (Jesus is called, "The Glory of God", in 2Cor. biblical persons are, men of renown such as Adam, Cain, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and My Why did G-d place your name specifically there? No notes, Jew! gift, Choose from a variety of Gematria (Numerical Value of the Hebrew Letters) Package options. Yahweh is rendered as LORD all in capital letters ( Genesis 4:1 ). Click here for all the names is the phrasegushhing rom above, jesus was my mighty name, and the clouds rejoiced- found at isaiah 53 at els 20-please answer in hebrew letters-please answer in debth to this query. Thus, if data chosen for ELS experiments are intentionally "cooked" before the experiment is defined, similar patterns can be found in texts other than the Torah. One This free software was originally produced by DIVINECODERS. meanings) were intended by God to be strung together in chronological succession to tell Analyses of the "Gans" Committee Report (#365). The fact that Yeshua Shemi ("Yeshua is My Name") is found encoded in Isaiah 53 and Dam Yeshua ("the blood of Yeshua") appears in Leviticus has been hailed by some evangelicals as the greatest discovery and most . God is my praise! the nation of Israel, "the one who grasps the heel"). Manage Settings Are No notes, Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Bible Codes throughout the Bible are based on all sorts of mundane things, including names and genealogies. The threat is endangering the entire world.. There are sites that propose you can find your name and circumstances in the Bible codes, which have accurately predicted many world events.
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