The sex of a prairie dog does not make it a better pet for either gender, with the exception of the fact that male prairie dogs may have a stronger odor than female prairie dogs, but not to the point where they are unpleasant to the touch. Exotic animal possession is prohibited in Oregon with the following exceptions: the owner is licensed through the USDA, which is the Department of Agriculture. While prairie dogs are legal to own as pets in most states, there are instances where they can be considered wild animals and therefore are illegal or require a permit. Prairie dogs clipping and digging activities create more small shrubs and forb plants and less grass sometimes. Family and Shelter for the New Member Cons of Having a Pet 1. The legal status of prairie dogs varies from state to state. what is it like to keep a prairie dog? pros and cons? Furthermore, these animals can be dangerous to humans as well as other domesticated animals, as well as a nuisance to the surrounding environment. Prairie dogs are sociable and enjoy receiving attention, just like humans. Are prairie dogs difficult to potty train? In Maryland, prairie dogs have been illegal to own and sell since the mid-1980s, and any animals found there will be kept under quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading. When kept as a pet, prairie dogs should be fed a high fiber pellet diet, along withtimothy hayortimothy hay cubes. They are burrowing animals and live in colonies. You can only keep dogs of the same gender together if they breed. Prairie dogs are like the canary in the coal minewhat happens to them is happening to other animals on the prairie. 5. They are notorious for biting on cage bars and damaging teeth, so a large enclosure is a must. Do prairie dogs do better in their natural habitats than in a domesticated one? Message and data rates may apply. Its no surprise that prairie dogs enjoy nothing more than a good kiss and a cuddle, particularly when theyre surrounded by people. 5 Types of Doodle Dogs: The Pros and Cons of Each Breed A prairie dog is a domestic dog, just like a cat. It is not their desire to return to the wild. Jessica Alexander, a program associate with WWFs Northern Great Plains office, describes her worst experience with an animal bite as a prairie dog bite. If you want to buy a prairie dog, you should first contact your local animal shelter or wildlife rescue organization to see if there are any injured, orphaned, or surrendered prairie dogs for adoption. Prairie dogs deserve the same level of enclosure that other types of animals do. As a prairie dog, you can make a lot of noise and still have a good time. Pet prairie dogs are commonly obese, have dental problems, are ill with respiratory diseases, have heart disease, and suffer from parasites. Common methods used to remove prairie dog colonies include shooting, poisoning, contest kills and even bulldozing when they face a developers path in the urban areas. Though prairie dog habitat has decreased tremendously and their numbers have dwindled dramatically, people are still trying to wipe out these highly social creatures. Furthermore, prairie dogs that prevented ferrets from entering their burrows were more likely to chase them. Prairie dogs are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the daytime hours and sleep at night. Human-caused changes to the grasslands stemming from crop agriculture, livestock grazing, energy development, residential and commercial development, prairie dog shooting, poisoning campaigns and plague (an introduced disease) have caused the five species of prairie dogs to disappear from an estimated 87-99% of their historic (1800s) range, depending on the species. Despite this, importing prairie dogs is still legal in Minnesota, which does not have a wild prairie dog population, and Wisconsin, which does not have a wild prairie dog population. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Plant Biology from Ohio University. Do the cons greatly outweigh the pros? Prairie dog colonies have the potential to host up to 150 different species of wildlife. Food and water should be readily available at all times, as prairie dogs are grazers and like to eat day and night. Sometimes the damage that animals actually do is much less than believed and sometimes what some see as "damage" is actually a benefit that goes unappreciated. Class I animals cannot be kept as pets in Florida. Are prairie dogs friendly? The bite wound of prairie dogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits can become infected and lead to serious health issues if not treated promptly. Prairie dogs have been kept as pets for decades in captivity. It is possible to develop a number of bacteria infections from bite wounds. Ownership in some areas may be restricted due to city and county regulations. However, if you house your prairie dog outside without a burrow, their systems are ill-equipped to deal with extreme hot or cold temperatures. Theyre very content in your home once theyve been integrated into it and bonded with you. The largest recorded town was 100 miles by 250 miles in size and held 400 million acres of prairies. Should I get a dog? Pros and Cons of owning a dog How to minimize the risk of antler chews. Corn cob is recommended for prairie dogs due to the high levels of dust in cat litter and the possibility of cedar allergies. They cause a variety of visual problems as a result of their burrowing, but their diet of flowers, crops, buds, and roots can have a severe impact on garden plants, fruits, and vegetables. Every spring and summer, thousands of prairie dog pups are vacuumed from their burrows in the United States. A team of researchers from Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri discovered that 25 black-tailed prairie dogs respond to attention in the same way that humans do. Wild prairie dogs are sold to the general public or as pets by USDA licensees. This food was formulated specifically for the nutritional requirements of captive prairie dogs. When you have a dog that is picky about their food, finding suitable dog food can be a real challenge. Owning A Pet Raccoon: Legal Practical And Ethical Considerations. Assuming you would like an introduction on how to care for a pet prairie dog: Prairie dogs are small rodent-like animals that are native to the Great Plains of North America. Prairie dogs, as well as the disadvantages listed above, compete with livestock for grass, though some studies suggest that prairie dogs improve grass, prompting livestock to prefer grass near prairie dogs. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Dog - PetHelpful The #1 Best Overall dog food for picky eaters is the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. To schedule an exotic vet appointment, you must go to your local veterinarian. They can be extremely loving and affectionate and will truly treat you like a member of their family. Cancer and ringworm are both common causes of morbidity in prairie dogs. If both sexes are to avoid health problems later in life, they must be neutered or spayed. Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Taste of the Wild grain-free dog foods is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. Are prairie dogs dangerous? There are rodents that are active, playful, and strong, and they can make affectionate pets if purchased as young, socialized well, and given plenty of attention. Why are prairie dogs cute? The Power Of Oppression In Maya Angelous Caged Bird, Calling The West Valley Animal Shelter: Finding A New Furry Family Member, A Beacon Of Hope: The Olathe Animal Shelter And Its Commitment To Animal Welfare, The Heart And Soul Of Animal Rescue: A Guide To Becoming An Animal Shelter Manager, Helping Local Animal Shelters Find Homes For Their Animals, Verona Street Animal Society: Dedicated To Reducing Animal Homelessness And Providing Quality Care, Giving Our Furry Friends A Second Chance: The Importance Of Animal Shelters, Understanding The Process Of Taking A Pet Bird To An Animal Shelter, Equipping Animal Shelter Workers: The Essential Training For Making A Difference, A Call To Action: Why We Need A New Animal Shelter Now To Help End Homelessness And Animal Cruelty. Prairie dogs require a lot of exercise, and need a large enclosure to live in. For the most part, yes. They are small, burrowing rodents that live in colonies, but they are not typically known to attack humans. Because black-tailed prairie dogs will actually clip plants that are taller than their preferred height, you may want to begin with vinyl barrier fencing or hay bales with tall plants planted behind them. It seems that prairie dogs are fond of nothing more than a good kiss and a cuddle, especially when they have people watching. Pros and Cons? | Paw Talk - Pet Forums Prairies with aggressive burrowing will attempt to devour the other. Because prairie dogs live in the natural environment, a prairie dogs habitat cannot be replicated in captivity. To attract raptorssuch as hawks, owlsand kestrelsyou can provide suitable-sized nesting boxes and artificial perching sites near the colony. However, there are some things to consider before getting a prairie dog as a pet. They also have a strong burrowing instinct, which can lead to them digging up your yard or garden. A prairie dog is a wild animal that is happy to be a pet as well as a wild animal. Emily Estep is a biologist and fact checker focused on environmental sciences. Prairie dogs can make great pets, but there are pros and cons to consider before making the commitment. Taking up residence close to small rivers, on sloping hills, or on flat grasslands, prairie dog colonies thrive by burrowing into a variety of soils and foraging for plentiful food options. There is no such thing as a gender-specific prairie dog pet. Contributions to the HSUS are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Prairie dogs are available in the United States during the months of April and July. Pit bulls on prairies are dangerous to livestock because they burrow. Ground squirrels and prairie dogs have recently demonstrated the ability to survive in the harsh northern climate. Should You Keep a Patagonian Cavy (Mara) as a Pet? Welcome To Old Time Pottery: Shop With Your Furry Friends! If you don't have at least six hours per day to spend with your prairie dog, then plan on having a full colony of prairie dogs or none at all. Most pet owners do not want Prairie dogs because they are difficult and aggressive when left alone. Pros and cons of owning a prairie dog Rumble Viral 2M subscribers Subscribe 1.3K Share 140K views 5 years ago If you're thinking of having a prairie dog as your next pet, you may want to. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets. There are populations of this species found at higher elevations (called montane populations) and lower elevations (called prairie populations), according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). While it is not legal to own one in all states, some states do allow for their ownership as pets. Prairie dogs, on the other hand, contribute to the health of the land and attract predators, both of which are beneficial to farmers. Prior to 2010, the owner of the exotic animal had a valid Oregon exotic animal permit. They are known for their chirping calls and for being good swimmers. As with their other products, High Prairie has a unique formula that combines protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and fatty acids. Wiley, doi:10.1111/jsap.12974, Wildlife Partners Unite to Protect Iconic Species from Deadly Plague. It is generally illegal to own prairie dogs, so owning one may be possible depending on your state, but it may also result in legal problems. Humans are not particularly dangerous to prairie dogs, but they may become aggressive if humans come into contact with them in their natural habitat. Their average lifespan is three to four years in the wild. Prairie dogs can destroy crops if they are not controlled. A typical prairie dog cage should be 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep, and it should not contain any wood; it should be made of sturdy wire. If youre interested in pet prairie dogs,check out: Otherwise, check out other rodentsthat can be your new pet. The Twoodle. As a pet owner, you should be certain you can dedicate time to owning a prairie dog before purchasing one. Alternatively, you can visit an exotic pet show or buy a prairie dog at an exotic pet store. Because prairie dogs also eat grass, ranchers and farmers view them as a threat to their livelihoods. These dogs have brought joy and companionship to their owners and have truly made a difference in their lives. Unless you have a large enclosure (such as a 10-foot by 10-foot concrete-bordered pit filled three feet deep with dirt to allow burrowing), a large dog-sized cage is unfortunately usually used to house a pet prairie dog indoors. They don't shed much, and you don't need to bathe them. They also prune their foliage to improve their line of sight, stunting their growth. Additionally, prairie dogs can get nippy if frustrated or handled incorrectly. Its important to keep your distance from prairie dogs and never try to pick one up as they can become frightened and bite. Its important to remember that even small children may not always choose them as a pet because they can become difficult, nippy, and aggressive if not properly cared for or socialized. P-dogs require constant company, and they are extremely social animals. Celeste Yarnall operates a holistic consulting practice for people and their pets specializing in feline and canine nutrition. Prairie dogs are diurnal animals, which means they are active during the day but sleepy at night. This method can help to even out the teeth. Yes, you can have a prairie dog as a pet. Cost 3. Do the cons greatly outweigh the pros? They are very active, social animals and are a lot of fun to watch and interact with. Prairie dogs engaged in ten aggressive behaviors during interactions with ferrets, including chasing, blocking, and physical contact. It is critical to consider these regulations because they exist to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all animals and the people who live nearby. I've been reading what I can find on them but I'd love to hear from you PD owners first hand!! In captivity, prairie dogs eat a simple vegetarian diet of pellets, fresh hay, grasses, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water. Are you looking for a unique and playful pet? Prairie dogs are a type of burrowing rodents that are native to North America. If you're thinking of having a prairie dog as your next pet, you may want to watch this video first. The exact reason for their qualification, however, remains unknown, but it is likely the result of the 2005 monkeypox scare. They can be noisy and destructive, and they require a lot of space. These dogs are frequently preyed upon by rodents, and as a result, they are susceptible to a variety of diseases. High Prairie is one of the nine grain-free dry dog foods that Taste of the Wild produces using superior-quality ingredients. By closing their teeth, prairie dogs can determine whether or not they belong to the same group. Prairie dogs are classified as non-domestic animals, and it is illegal to possess these animals without proper permits. Colors are a range of chocolate, chocolate and tan phantoms, black, cream, champagne, and parti. We acknowledge that it is quite lengthy to read. Always supervise your dog. There is a lot of affection between them and they kiss and cuddle, especially when they are together. Prairie Dogs As Pets: Pros And Cons - PatchPets Any sign of irregularity in your prairie dog warrants an examination from your exotic animal veterinarian. All large rodents, including prairie dogs, are considered prohibited in New York. This dry food uses pasture-raised bison and venison as its primaryx protein sources, both of which are highly digestible. Teeth that constantly grow and require warning when they are eating or chewing will no longer be an issue. Captive Pet Prairie Dog Caging and Enclosures Licensed USDA dealers sell wild prairie dogs to the public, and different dealers will have different methods of collecting the pups. Dogs can be noisy. The price will largely depend on the breeder, where you purchase the pet, and the particular prairie dog species. High fiber pellets, hay, grasses, and fresh fruits and vegetables will be required in captivity if prairie dogs are to survive. There are no artificial heating requirements for prairie dogs and they should be comfortable at room temperature (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Prairie dogs are susceptible to human diseases and can also become aggressive if not given many hours of daily socialization. Prairie dogs can make great pets, but there are pros and cons to consider before making the commitment. Because these are wild animals, they can be kept as pets in most states, but they must be licensed. If there is a bite on the body, it should be treated as soon as possible by a medical professional. So, without further ado, let's . Wild animals, on the other hand, can spread rabies and other infectious diseases if they come into contact with domestic animals. To have a successful prairie dog, he or she will need a large cage (at least 2 x 2x4). Female prairie dogs are also known to be extremely aggressive, attacking other female burrows and killing their pups.
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