2.2.What type of people worked. Which of the following are characteristics of Gregorian chant? Each measure contains a combination of strong and weak __________, which represent the underlying ____________ of the music. Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) do not constitute a harmony; they are said to be in unison. [player :34]. 2 (Moonlight), I LG 23_, CH 23 LISTENING QUIZ_ Bach_ Cantata No. True or false: A synthesizer gives the composer control over the pitch, dynamics, rhythm and duration of a musical sound. False Correct! Work with our consultant to learn what to alter. [player :22]. Ryan admits he did so because he loves Claire and tempts Amanda to kill him; Ryan disarms her and has her arrested. A series of unresolved dissonances, on the other hand, can produce a sense of unresolved tension. In these mediums, dissonance may be created through the use of conflicting themes, imagery, or symbols. (play :13), This excerpt is most likely from a It is monophonic and unaccompanied; it is set to a sacred text; it has a melody meant to enhance a religious service. Hardy, Parker, and Weston seek out a militia leader with ties to Carroll's cult. The two main forms of sacred Renaissance music are the _____ and the ____. Claire takes advantage of Joe's affections of her and seduces him before stabbing him. I am so sad, Mayza," Janie whined. Afterwards, Claire discovers Joe's book and is reunited with Emma, which turns sour and results in the two physically fighting. Basso continuo; The Doctrine of Affections, The following excerpt is an example for which style of recitative? 94 Surprise, II and more. Which of the following statements accurately compare the two types of service known as the office and the mass in medieval monasteries and convents? Identify the opera in question. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Hardy receives a call from his sister, Jenny (, Joey gets his hands on the hidden phone, while Emma, Paul and Jacob leisure in the bedroom. The composer of this selection is: player 10:26 Jacob Obrecht The Renaissance was the Golden Age of: Choral composition for small ensembles What element of the musical style of the following piece indicates that it is from the Renaissance period rather than the Medieval period? Which one of these composers was considered a national hero in his homeland? Many instruments come in different sizes, which means they have different. Weston and Mendez begin searching for information on possible suspects for the murders and only identify one person, Carlos, who has been missing for over a year. True or false: Rhythm is a part of life. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser. The texture in the opening phrase of this work is monophonic. (:14). Britten's The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra is written as a theme and variations, which is best defined by which of the following characteristics? Why was the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris important? (Play :32, . Which of the following is not a composer from the Romantic period? Rick Kester (Michael Drayer), who is responsible for killing Faulkner, is also uncovered as another of Joe's followers. 3:41. a) A client with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) tells the nurse, "Sometimes I feel so frustrated. Consonant harmonies usually provide a feeling of tension. Dissonance can be a powerful tool for creating tension and drama in a musical composition. Usually, folk tunes, songs, spirituals, and hymns are not good examples of strophic form. A young girl, Mandy Lang, screams to a man named "Daryl" to come look at the news report on television about the subway murders. Charlemagne The great European churches and cathedrals of the Medieval period were important to the development of Western music True Lonin and Protin were two composers associated with Notre Dame and the development of polyphony True The following composition is a work by: 6:03 A French troubador This excerpt is an example of 00:32 Stepwise melody with unstressed rhythms Which of the following was regarded as a leading composer of the Ars Nova style? (:19), Does the following excerpt move mainly by disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? Which of the following is NOT a Baroque composer? His name is: Changes in tempo were rarely found in music of the Romantic period, in keeping with Classical period values. Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of sacred music from the Medieval period? Strong, dance-like rhythms performed by a combination of instruments and voices. True or false: Josquin Desprez, one of the greatest Renaissance composers, wrote only religious works like motets and masses for the church. (player 3:42). When Carroll's son Joey (Kyle Catlett) is abducted by his father's followers, the FBI discovers that it is the first step in a wider plan for Carroll to escape custody, humiliate Hardy, and be reunited with his ex-wife Claire (Natalie Zea). During the early Renaissance, what was characteristic of instrumental music? What are two ways of lengthening the value of a note? 1:01, The vocal technique illustrated by the following example is known as: A dance of the Renaissance era in duple meter and with a stately tempo might be a. Ryan later returns to Lily's hospital room to check in with her and apologize for the incident, believing it to be his fault that she was attacked. When a melody acquires significant importance within a given composition, it is called a: The most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: (:35), The melody in the following excerpt is comprised of: (:24), The direction of the following melody can be best described as: (:05), The trumpet melody in the following excerpt can be best described as: (:03), The melodic material in the following excerpt can be best described as having: (:13), Mixed melodic directions with a transitional character, Does the following excerpt feature more disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? 1:00, The following musical excerpt is from a recitative. 2003-2023 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. List the point of entry, stasis, inciting incident, at least 3 rising action events leading to t True or false: Electronic instruments include amplified instruments, synthesizers and computers. (:14), This piece of music is a good example of: (:20), The following music excerpt features: (:17), A mixture of polyphonic and homophonic textures, The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. (:16), The following excerpt is dissonant. Quickly and professionally. Listen to the audio clip. Most medieval music manuscripts lack detailed performance instructions, they mainly just indicate. CH 24 LISTENING QUIZ: Handel: Messiah, Nos. Fell free get in touch with us via phone or send us a message. Consonant harmonies usually provide a feeling of tension. (play 6:03). :08, Beethoven is sometimes referred to as "The Father of the Symphony.". Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name False. Which of the following statements describe an important development in medieval organum? Rules and logic are less important that the free expression of human feelings. 3. Which of the following is a composition for an orchestral ensemble? Liszt Which of the following excerpts is most likely a composition by Paganini? :21, What is the name of the technique used in the following excerpt? What is his name? Identify the opera in question. How does John Dowland express sorrow and melancholy in Flow My Tears? The following excerpt comes from a famous aria in one of Mozart's most enduring operas. [player :52]. What is the term for three or more tones sounded together? Which of the following is not an overture by Beethoven: Which of the following were important composers of the Classical period? For what voices/instruments were madrigals written? :35. According to the text, which of the following is NOT considered a form of program music? Which of the following Italian tempo terms best applies to this selection? Generally, how are rhythmic patterns used in a baroque period? Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like the italian term that describes very fast tempo is, the following execrpt is an example of ritardando, tempo is an italian universal musical erm that refers to the speed at which a music composition is played and more. (:28). Although the violin is mostly a single melody instrument, violinists can also play chords using an instrumental technique known as: Why is Goya considered a Romantic painter. Which of the following forms is not based on the principle of repetition? She was a visionary and mystic; she was an abbess in Germany; she wrote many monophonic chants. Match the search results: Listen to the following two examples from a piece in . What was the official certification given to The Following (2013) in Japan? 27, No. (:14), Listen to the following selection. Answers : The preview shows page 6 - 7 out of 31 pages. The FBI believes Carroll is dead, and Hardy takes Claire back to his apartment where Molly stabs both of them. Therefore, It is a true statement that the following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment. The following composition, featuring 40 voices, was written by: Which of the following terms does not refer to a basic musical texture? Finally, many of the studies supporting the theory of cognitive dissonance have low ecological validity. Carroll's lawyer, Olivia Warren, is able to arrange his transfer to another jail. Roderick goes after Claire, along with two military followers, Ryan and Claire manage to escape and go to Ryan's friend Tyson's home. Emma returns to her apartment where she lives with Hannah and other former Carroll cult members who were never found by the FBI. "I just don't have the time." Pianissimo (pp), forte (f), and fortissimo (ff) are Italian terms and symbols for which musical element? Everytime an Agent or Policeofficer getting attacked and killed. The sudden quiet and crescendos leading to important parts of the piece are examples of changes in. . Faced with this turn of events, Hardy, Parker and Weston begin to question their assumptions about the case and realize that The Following is much bigger than a cell of three individuals. The distance between two tones is called a(n). It is a passamezzo by Caroubel; it is in duple meter; it does not use percussion instruments. Identify the opera in question. Listen to the audio clip. dua to make someone love you like crazy. Which of the following events occurred in America during the time period known as the Renaissance? Pentatonic scales, found in many early American and children's songs, only use five pitches, hence the moniker "pentatonic. . The modern word juggler comes from jongleur; Jongleurs performed in castles, taverns, and town squares; Jongleurs, being wandering minstrels, carried news with them wherever they went; Jongleurs played instruments and sang songs for entertainment. This is called: How dissonant harmonies create tension and instability throughout. Which of the following factors most strongly suggests that this piece is an example of secular music? None of them reacts in time. True The composer pictured above is best known for taking older forms and styles and redefining them in modern ways. The independence and equality of concurrent melodic lines, This music passage is an example of: (:16), The following excerpt represents monophonic texture. 3 in E-flat major, Op. The plague known as the Black Death; Literary themes of sensuality; The Hundred Years' War, Hildegard of Bingen claims to have written O Successores after being inspired by a. Parallel organum developed into true polyphony, with two or more independent melodic lines. Claire receives a disturbing video of Joey being goaded into killing small animals by Jacob. Kester arrives, ready to flee with Maggie. Music was part of parties, games, and dancing indoors and outdoors; reed instruments, pipes, fiddles, and many other instruments were used. (:28) false. Sonata-allegro form was used mainly in works for solo piano and did not apply to works for larger ensembles. What does variation in tone color often produce? Distracted by the search for Joey and unable to find any leads in Carroll's escape, the FBI lose faith in Hardy's ability to catch him and his followers and usher in a new agent to oversee the investigation. For most of Flow My Tears, the lute is subordinate to the voice; however in the middle section, as heard in this excerpt, what happens? Institute a mistake? Which of the following are correct statements about the scales known as church modes? ers job and responsibilities are in general, then describe what you would do if you designed this show. (Play 2:08), The smooth melodic lines and unstressed rhythm. They remain the same every day throughout the year. Which of the following statements about Hildegard of Bingen are true? Kyrie from Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass. The Following: Created by Kevin Williamson. Carlos runs to another hotel room where a woman, Gisele, answers the door and lets him in. True The following excerpt represents melody by itself without harmonic accompaniment. Fell free get in touch with us via phone or send us a message. When a note is emphasized more than others, usually by being played louder, is called a(n), A mechanical or digital device that indicates tempo on a scale of beats per minute by emitting sounds or flashes of light is called a. True or false: Even when the entire choir is singing the chant, the texture remains monophonic. (player 2:34). So, the excerpt may be dissonant intentionally to create a specific effect or it may be an unintentional result of the composer's choices. (play :25). A young man, Luke, and woman, Heather Clarke, make eye contact in the hallway of a hotel. Top rated: 4 Lowest rating: 2 Summary: Articles about Music 152 & Harmony Final Test Answers - Quizzma The most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: (00:35).Imitation between voices. Ryan arrives at Carlos' house and attacks him before questioning him at gunpoint. (player 1:58), The following excerpt features characteristics of polyphonic texture. :28. Tempo and rhythm are interchangeable terms. (5:59), Which combination of beat and tempo is present in this excerpt? (:16), The following excerpt is an example of duple meter. Gregorian chants are sacred texts or prayers set to music; Gregorian chant enhances religious services, including prayers and rituals; Gregorian chant is monophonic, or sung without accompaniment. Which statements are true about this Bach piece? Which of the following is a false statement? "Coach," she said, I'll be there." Joe is informed by Roderick of losing the bunker, which causes Joe to snap at Roderick to not make orders anymore. Which statements best describe the recording? His disappointment after being forgotten by the young girl he loved, A Chantar is an example of a love song sung by a. (:09). Consonance creates a sense of suspense that is only resolved with dissonance. These elements may be harmonically, melodically, or emotionally incompatible, and their presence can create tension and unease in the listener. strict religious upbringing, Singing School is related to _____ ? The following excerpt is not an example of triple meter. (player 1:38), The following excerpt has smooth melodies that imitate one another on entrances. Listen to the following excerpt of a Medieval composition. The episode's ratings reached a series high and was watched by 11.18 million and earned an 18-49 rating/share of 4.4/12. Identify this composer. and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) constitute a harmony. What is Machaut's love song, "Puis qu'en oubllo sui de vous," based on his poems, about? Carroll selects Agent Weston to be the victim and has his followers abduct him. Obviously, what seems pleasant or unpleasant is partly a matter of opinion. The pitch moves in stepwise fashion; the melody flows within a narrow range of pitches. While investigating Parker's whereabouts, the FBI are attacked by a sniper, who Hardy and Weston capture and torture. Which of the following best describes the music in this selection from Machaut's Notre Dame Mass? Which of the following correctly describes this excerpt from the Pope Marcellus mass? However, it is important to use it wisely and in moderation, as excessive dissonance can be jarring and unpleasant for the audience. Claire willingly gives herself up to Roderick, but not before she and Ryan reaffirm their love for each other. A chord made up of three notes (root, third and fifth, or do, mi, sol) is called a, A combination of tones that feels unstable and demands onward motion toward a stable chord is described as being. The Following. ) Beneath is the best information and noesis near the most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is: compiled and compiled by the bmr.edu.vn team, along with other related topics such as: the most salient compositional aspect of the following excerpt is quizlet, does the following excerpt move mainly by disjunct, conjunct, or repeated tones? The following selection is from Berliozs Symphony Fantastique. The beat is not very evident because different melodies overlap with each other; each melodic line has rhythmic independence; imitation of the main melody is a common device used by composers. What would you expect next? Choruses, orchestras and bands usually have a _________ who leads the group, keeping everybody together and helping to shape the musical composition. That feature is: That excerpt did not represent melody by itself. The following excerpt is consonant. Joe eventually lets Claire reunite with her son. Overcome with pain and frustration, Carroll calls Hardy and informs him that he plans to kill Claire, finally accepting he'll never get her to love him again. "Oh, why not? Which one of the following excerpts may be classified as chamber music? (play 4:24). Josquin's music was widely praised by music lovers; Martin Luther remarked that God has preached his Gospel through the music of Josquin Desprez; Josquin's masses, motets, and secular vocal works influenced other composers.Definition. The following excerpt represents: Melody with harmonic accompaniment. The following excerpt is dissonant. :40. Back with Ryan, he is greeted by Molly, who is revealed to be his next door neighbor. [player :40]. The proper musical term for "increasing the tempo" is __________. It is by Pierre Francisque Caroubel; It is a fast dance in triple meter known as the galliard; It is found paired with a passamezzo in Terpsichore (1612). True or false: Machaut wrote both religious music as well as secular love songs, reflecting the changes and secularization of the 14th century. The symphony had its origins in the overture, which was the introductory music for Italian opera. Prima practica emphasized equality of voices whereas seconda practica emphasized a hierarchy of voices. Agent Phillips shows up at the home of Mike Weston, who was suspended by the Office of Professional Responsibility and is awaiting a hearing. Two simultaneous pitches of the same letter name and pitch (e.g., C, G, or D) constitute a harmony. The following excerpt is dissonant because it contains elements that are in conflict with one another. From the Classical period onwards, sonata-allegro form was replaced by other forms as the basis for most instrumental music. Two important composers from the Renaissance period were: Despite advances in other areas, Renaissance harmony and polyphony remained restricted to the music rules that governed most of the Medieval period. Many different forces affect the surface of the earth\underline{\text{earth}}earth. Ryan runs into the hotel, passing by Emma Hill without noticing. :40, Which of these examples is a recitative? I am so sad, Mayza," Janie whined. Heather is later found on a park bench, set up in a white dress. Which of the following statements accurately describe the rhythm and melody heard in Renaissance music? By writing in a minor key; by using a slow tempo; by having descending melodic lines representing falling tears. The great European churches and cathedrals of the Medieval period were important to the development of Western music. This composition represents False Which genre is represented by this example? In musical form, what technique lets us recognize previously presented melodies, harmonies, and rhythm patterns? (00:06) False. 40, No. From the following composers, select the one that best understood the intrinsic nature and potential of the piano as an expressive instrument: The following choral work, based on the German Bible, was written by: According to the text, the Traditionalists were composers of the Romantic era who: Held reverence for the music of the masters. A Theory of cognitive dissonance. 18 and 44, Listen to the A and B sections of "Rejoice Greatly" from Handels. They bring him to the FBI's main office to see if he can be of any help. Which of the following trends in contemporary music does this excerpt exemplify? __________ is an Italian term that describes moderately fast tempo. It differed from opera in previous periods because Charlemagne Which of the following was regarded as a leading composer of the Ars Nova style? (:11), The following excerpt represents a melody without harmonic accompaniment. :20. The Following Excerpt Is Dissonant . The texture of this excerpt is: 00:32 Polyphonic Which of the following important events took place during the Baroque period? :33, The following musical excerpt is from a recitative. The duo escape and return home, only for it to turn sour for Joe as he discovers Claire having read his book and expresses her disdain of it. Largo, moderato, allegro, and presto are Italian terms in music that indicate. Acta Psychologica, 15, 389-390. Not even if they are several agents in the same spot. That was first recognized by the 19th-century German scientist and philosopher Herman von Helmholtz. :22. In broad terms, music and the other arts of the Romantic period. Answers: -harmony -melody -rhythm -none of the above. Renaissance artists didnt really care very much if their works appealed to the public at large; they were more concerned about the "purity" of their music. It is more ornamented. (:13). Paul hands the knife over to Jacob and threatens Jacob with his menacing secret. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. As Hardy and Parker become frustrated with having to play office politics whilst conducting a manhunt, Carroll's plans escalate even further as he puts its next stage into action. Their fight takes them to a boathouse where a rogue gunshot ignites tanks of gasoline; Hardy manages to escape as the building explodes with Carroll trapped inside. :40, The dynamics in this example is best described as: The lute imitates the voice's upward leaps and so becomes more prominent than before. False Correct! Hardy shoots him but Maggie escapes. Which of the following statements are true of the texture in Josquin's Ave Mariavirgo serena? The active voice for the sentence, you are advised not to eat junk food. Meter organizes _________ and __________ sounds into units called measures. Which of the following types of texture does it represent? (:46), Which of the following excerpts has a fast tempo? Listen to the audio clip. :35, Which of the following describes this example? 5 in C Minor, Op. Which of the following statements about minstrels or jongleurs are true? An important Romantic composer founded The New Journal of Music, an influential musical periodical in which this same composer frequently published his own musical criticism and promoted the works of other musicians. Which of the following composers envisioned operas as "musical dramas"a combination of all the arts? Most of the notated music that survives from the Medieval period is secular in nature. 16:54. Jordy says that he does not know where Joey is but that Kester's wife does because she helped plan the abduction, revealing Maggie to be involved. Many composers prefer to set ______ to music due to its rhythmic and emotional qualities. Frustrated, Weston asked Ryan why he had ignored all of his calls and messages in the past year while Weston was struggling with after-thoughts of the case. Ryan releases him, but Roderick is killed by Joe's followers for his betrayal, and Joey is rescued by Hardy and Weston after a standoff with Jacob. The FBI are wary of the transfer and monitor every step, save for the actual exit of the van. False. The voices constantly imitate each other. After being recognized at a police station by Weston, Roderick is forced to go on the run, and his disagreements with Joe come to a head when he abducts Joey as "insurance" against Carroll and the FBI. Dissonance, in music and other forms of art, refers to the use of conflicting or incompatible elements in a composition. The texts for mass were in Latin; Some texts were used for mass only on specific occasions, such as Christmas; some texts for mass were used day after day. Nadia Boulanger was a prominent music teacher who taught some of the most influential composers of the 20th century, including Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, and Walter Piston. Stories were based on "real people," and the music was light and humorous. By having each instrument of the orchestra play individually, Britten lets us hear the differences in ____ _____ of the orchestral instruments in The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. The following excerpt represents melody with harmonic accompaniment. He asks where Joe is, and Carlos says he hasn't seen Joe since the night of his supposed death at the lighthouse; Carlos had picked him up and helped him escape the scene, despite the FBI being fully convinced they'd identified they body they found as Joe's. Which of the following were sacred genres in the Medieval period? The added melodic line in early organum was improvised, and only later written down; early organum was a Gregorian chant with a second melodic line on top, As with many earlier music, the instruments used to play this estample or other dance music were. Which of the following characteristics are associated with the rococo style? [1] You can get your paper edited to read like this. Weston suggests to Ryan that the previous cult has sparked back up and recruited new members, but Hardy seems uninterested and leaves. Answer: Excerpt B 00:39 Listen to this music example and answer the following question: Who would be a likely composer for this work? Also, the majority of experiments used students as participants, which raise issues of a biased sample. The dates given in the course for the Baroque Period place it between: The composer of the following music example could likely be It is polyphonic. The following example was composed by a musician whose career exemplifies the dominance of composers from Northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance. In the Baroque period, music for keyboard, Was created mainly for use in instrumental genres such as sonatas, suites, and concertos, The following excerpt is most likely from a/an: Which of the following is the process of getting oxygen from the environment to the tissues of the body? answer. There may be other movements, some of which may introduce soloists. Thomas Hart Benton was influential in Regionalism, a style of art that focused mostly on what?. False. Which excerpt represents the Theme? "Mayza," she said, "I saw you at the practice run yesterday, and I was very impressed with your ability.
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