There are many benefits to timing your practice, including: Well provide personalized question recommendations, Your score will improve and your results will be more realistic, GMAT Online Course at 55% off (Record 700+ scores delivered since 2021), GMAT Quant Practice Questions - Coordinate Geometry Problems on the GMAT, Master 700-level PS and DS Questions using the Remainder Equation, GMAT Verbal Practice Questions - 700 Level Critical Reasoning Complete the Passage Questions, AssumptionandInference-2ImpCRSkills(FreeWebinar), Learn Sentence Correction Strategies with 780 Scorer, Should I apply in Round 3? (c) How might you extend or elaborate on Postman's ideas and share them with others? a) helping the poor b) writing about slavery c) her Abolitionist newspaper d) running the underground railroad, what was fredrick dounglass best known for? Shakespeare wrote four types of plays: histories, comedies, tragedies, and tragicomedies. Definitely not. The author's purpose for sharing this information is likely twofold. The speaker's primary purpose in the passage is to A.) Strategies, Submit a Free Profile Evaluation Answer choice B most clearly expresses this purpose. Writing to Entertain. guidelines." Throughout the passage the author's tone is persuasive. The passage follows and explores the history and impact of public education in the U.S. Yes, because the sentence provides useful information on how E-Cigs are usually marketed. The word "democratic" in lines 9-10 is best understood to mean. It was popular during Shakespeare's time. It is stated explicitly at the beginning followed by an extended definition as support. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. This has been widely interpreted to mean that Einstein's theory of relativity itself implies that the passage of time is an illusion and that time, like space, has no direction, a position often . based on 2795 explain how most diseases are spread. The percentage of the population living in cities was lower in 1890 than in the 1850s.\ Use the meaning of the suffix to help you write a definition of the word. The speaker's primary purpose in the passage is to a. propose a change b. describe a process c. explain an idea d. criticize the taste of readers e. praise a work of literature C; explain an idea Throughout the passage, "literature" is used to mean a. works ofpoetry and prose fiction b. books that are likely to become classics Delete it, because it interferes with the flow of the paragraph by introducing irrelevant information. Choice 2. is the topic of paragraph 2. AWA, GMAT Examine Read the following passage carefully before you choose your answer. GMAT Club's website has not been reviewed or endorsed by GMAC. Too narrow: A choice that accurately reflects the purpose of a sentence or a paragraph in the passage, but is too narrow to be the primary purpose of the entire passage. Study Plan, Video The speaker's primary purpose in the passage is to, The speaker's perspective in the passage is that of, IN the first sentence of the passage, the speaker's attitude toward the material is that of a person who is, The word "democratic" in lines 9-10 is best understood to mean, The citations from the rector of Hambleden's letters do all of the following EXCEPT. Keep it, because it provides important information on how data has been collected for the study. Attend this webinar to learn the core NP concepts and a structured approach to solve 700+ Number Properties questions in less than 2 minutes. The speaker's primary purpose in the passage is to A. describe a series of unprecedented events B. characterize an idyllic era C. portray an unusual character D. depict an inequitable situation E. comment on a popular assumption C. portray an unusual character 2. Answer 8: A. The first sentence of a passage or the topic sentence usually introduces the idea (s) central to the passage. The use of experiments is crucial in modern science as we now understand it, Prevailing scholarly opinion holds that modern science began with the great achievements of the scientific revolution of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, argued that science is predicated on the assumption of the 'common course of nature, This profound assumption represented a major shift in scholarly focus from the theological investigation of the uncommon or miraculous to the attempted explanation of the regular structure and operation of the world in purely rational and secular terms, The origins of modern science can be traced back to the articulation of a particular approach to the study of nature, The question is restricted to what prevailing scholarly opinion "holds", the author of the passage does not agree with "prevailing scholarly opinion". since E-Cig devices, the way that they are used, and the types/flavors of e-liquids available are constantly changing. Choice 5. is the topic of paragraph 4. Admitted - Which School to In the second paragraph, the speaker's images of seeing and looking all refer The second paragraph used the claims made at the end of the first paragraph to examine an individual, The stylistic feature most evident in lines 32-62 us the use of, Which of the following rhetorical devices is used in lines 35-38 ("he had neither satiety"), In lines 35-48 ("he had neither in him"), the author suggests that Bentham, C. Cannot understand strong human feelings, In the context of lines 43-48, "self-consciousness" means, The author most likely includes the clause "He saw accordingly in man little but what the vulgarest eye can see" (lines 59-60) in order to, A. It's about the way that humans appreciate music of different kinds. The last paragraph should bring your idea to a conclusion and should reiterate your points and thesis. (D) The origins of modern science can be traced back to the articulation of a particular approach to the study of nature. Learn more. A speaker's style is simply the unique way in which the information is delivered to the audience. B. B. Should the writer keep or delete theunderlinedtext? (7) The remaining question is then one of dose ranging. Only option B fits into this context. Prep Scoring Analysis, GMAT Timing Problem-Solving ApplicationFirefighters, 46 and 54, Sue for Age Discrimination The Mount Lemmon fire district in Arizona fired two firefighters, aged 46 and 54, who filed an age, The question is: If the Mount Lemmon fire district attempts to implement age diversity initiatives, but these initiatives are defeated because the district is concerned that younger firefighters will, In context, "headsmen" (line 1) is best understood to mean (A) censors (B) courtiers (C) monarchs (D) executioners E) philosophers, 52. Which of the following best describes the words "wealth, rank, power and honors" as they are used in lines 28-29? It begins as a simple statement and then is briefly qualified with technical examples. Prevailing scholarly opinion holds that (, the great achievements of the scientific revolution of the, a particular way of approaching the study of nature, The one important ingredient of modern science that was missing prior to the sixteenth century was the widespread use of experiments, and the. A is the best answer. An A.A. group, as such, cannot take on all the personal problems of its members, let alone the problems of the whole world. Convey the limitation of Bentham's perception, The author's attitude toward Bentham's abilities as a writer might be best described as, A. Dismissive because of the narrowness of Bentham's experience and understanding, The author characterized Bentham primarily as an individual who, The area of experience of which Bentham is said to be most ignorant is the, The passage as a whole is best characterized as, The speakers primary purpose in the passage is to, D. Convey the psychological impact of a system of segregation, Line 7 ("continually knocking his hands, head and heart") provides an example of, The series of phrases in lines 12-13 ("in muscles became divine") suggests the, C. Many ways that class structure was maintained, In relation to the rest of the passage, the first paragraph provides, A. Lymie's father, with whom Lymie's relationship seems somewhat strained. Delete it, because it contradicts the claim made earlier in the paragraph which is developed throughout the article. such fluctuations in population are known as population cycles. The author wants to prove that something "should/must" or "should not/must not" be done. Thank you for using the timer! In 1890, France had the highest percentage of its population living in cities of the four countries listed.\ . praise a work of literature5. In this passage, the first sentence is ridden with a tone of dissatisfaction and frustrations (regarding his job as that is the the central idea) thus sets the emotional tone for the entire passage. Rather, modern science should be identified with a particular way of approaching the study of nature, and many important elements of this approach were already in place and articulated as early as the fourteenth century. This passage is excerpted from an essay written in nineteenth-century England. Suggest why Lindbergh's feat appealed to Europeans. Which of the following statements most accurately summarizes the effect of the sentence in the lines 53-62? Choose? Sobriety - freedom from alcohol - through the teaching and . The function of the opening sentence might best be described as, B. The speaker presents an argument; he does not analyze (A), criticize (C), or describe (D). (3 points). The main purpose of the first paragraph is to establish the passage's setting Second, the author wants to warn others about the dangers of online dating. Research suggests that listener perceptions of a speaker's oral language use, or a speaker's "comprehensibility," may be influenced by a variety of speaker-, listener-, and context-related factors. The original topic is missing a question from this passage, which felippemed posted: 3. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, The speakers primary purpose in the passage is to, A.) I am 5' 10'', slim, pretty, and only 23. a) running for congress b) writing about immigrants c) leading factor riots d) speaking against slavery. (9) Although this would be an undeniably expensive undertaking, the estimated value of the E-Cig market is in the billion-dollar range, indicating that tobacco and E-Cig companies could likely foot this bill. Too strong: Be wary of extreme words like always and never. Yes, because the sentence contains an important insight into information the researchers have. The passages were not about how music has influenced spoken language. From this we can conclude that the aim of the passage is to give an account for the atmosphere of this ring . Teja V, a GMAT 780 scorer from Scoreleap, reveals the tips and tricks that helped him achieve his impressive score. Anyhring helps really. Answer defense: Robert Louis Stevenson, from "Crabbed Age and Youth" 1. The author of this passage uses the first line of the novel to provide an example of one of the themes of the novel. B This passage is from one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates; here, Douglas argues in favor of states rights.You should note that it is possible to eliminate several of the choices based on the verb used.
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