The respected warrior and a strong combatant was known for his strong military sense but sadly lost his sanity to gold-madness as soon as the fire drake . He found the legendary sword Orcrist in a troll-hoard, along with Glamdring. Bilbo "took" the name Baggins after his father. Thorin Oakenshield in the The Hobbit cartoon movie. [6] They escaped in barrels and traveled down to Lake-town. 2941, being the son of Thrin II, grandson of Thrr and older brother to Frerin and Ds. Thorin later recovered his sword after Gandalf saved them. Once Thorin gets his hands on Smaugs treasure, he becomes irrationally greedy and obsessed with wealth, to the extent that he would rather wage a violent war than give the men from Lake Town their fair share of the treasure. [T 13], Tolkien adopted Thorin's names from the Dvergatal, the list of Dwarves, in the Old Norse poem "Vlusp", which is part of the Poetic Edda. Thorin was the first to emerge from the barrels at Lake-town, marching up to the leaders of the town, declaring himself as King Under the Mountain. [T 9], Faced with demands from Thranduil the Elvenking and Bard for a fair share of the treasure to be distributed to the wood-elves and the men of Lake-town, Thorin refused to acknowledge their right to any of the hoard. (and also cry a little maybe)Consider subscribing to my channel: my previous video: http. Gimli was born in the year 2879, about 60 years before the death of Thorin in The Hobbit. Thorin passed away of cause of death in 1814, at death place. This page was last edited on 22 October 2022, at 14:46. Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit of the Shire and is the main protagonist of The Hobbit trilogy. Azog attempts to stab Thorin, but is prevented when Thorin uses Orcrist to block his blade. In this pursuit of mithril, the Dwarves dig too far and bump into a Balrog. Nearly half of all of the Dwarves are dead by the time the fighting stops. Contribute to chinapedia/wikipedia.en development by creating an account on GitHub. Thranduil and some of the Wood-elves were feasting in the woods when they were repeatedly disturbed by Thorin Oakenshield and his company. Remember earlier when the Dwarves went to the Grey Mountains in the north, and then some dragons forced them to head back south again? Earlier in the book, we also get a further breakdown of what this last Durin does, "and he returned to Moria; and there was light again in deep places, and the ringing of hammers and the harping of harps, until the world grew old and the Dwarves failed and the days of Durin's race were ended.". Contact us By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from SparkNotes and verify that you are over the age of 13. Richard Armitage Thorin II Oakenshield, as portrayed by Richard Armitage in The Hobbit film trilogy This makes Frodo uncomfortable, as he (unknown to the rest of the Fellowship) is wearing the exact same shirt at that moment. 215 7 2. Thorin was best known for his deeds as leader of a company that infiltrated the lost Kingdom under the Mountain to take it back from Smaug and for leading an alliance of Men, Dwarves . [T 4] Bilbo, invisible with his magic ring, evaded capture, and organised the company's escape, floating in barrels out of the wood-elves' fastness. "The Return of the King" book breaks down this mirrored monicker phenomenon thusly: "Yet in the end [Durin] died before the Elder Days had passed, and his tomb was in Khazad-dm; but his line never failed, and five times an heir was born in his House so like to his Forefather that he received the name of Durin." Thus the three armies of Elves, Men, and Dwarves united against the two armies of Goblins and Wargs: the Battle of Five Armies had begun. Age [4] In Rivendell, the Company rested and Elrond translated the Moon-letters on Thrr's Map. For the purposes of tracing Thorin's family tree, though, there are a couple of important takeaways at this earliest point in Dwarven history. This was on the wizard Gandalf's advice to hire Bilbo as a burglar, to help them steal their treasure back from the dragon Smaug. This keeps the dynasty in the family despite the tragic situation. Bilbo baggins was born into a Baggins family. Sound familiar? Tolkien derived the name Oakenshield from Eikinskjaldi, a Dwarf in the Old Norse poem Voluspa. [note 1] They then proceeded to go to Thorin's Halls. However, in Thorin's own words in "The Hobbit," "There was a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm called Smaug. The leader of the thirteen dwarves journeying to the Lonely Mountain. He is portrayed by Richard Armitage. [1], By this time Thrin was in possession of the last of the Seven Rings of power. [5] During their journey through Mirkwood, Thorin and his Company encountered spiders and were later imprisoned by the Elvenking Thranduil. [2] The name "Thorin" (orinn) appears in stanza 12, where it is used for a dwarf, and the name "Oakenshield" (Eikinskjaldi) in stanza 13. Fili Y Kili. Gandalf wanted Thorin and a company of dwarves to travel to the Lonely Mountain taking Bilbo Baggins with them. This leads to him becoming increasingly determined to have it, even willing to let Bilbo die rather than risk the quest to fail. The Misty Mountains Cold. During the battle, Thorin led an assault that proved his strength as a leader, striking out from the mountain and providing vital aid as the goblins threatened to overwhelm his allies. Gandalf feared that Sauron could use Smaug as a weapon, and was concerned that Thorin's pride and quick temper would ruin the mission to destroy the dragon. 18 "The Return Journey", During the battle, Thorin was mortally wounded, but he made his peace with Bilbo before he died. We also get a sizeable dose of Dwarvish culture (and its fascinating royal line of Durins) via Khazad-dm in Amazon Prime's Middle-earth adventures. Although Thorin makes no appearance in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he is mentioned by Gandalf in the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, during the Fellowship's journey through Moria. on 2-49 accounts, Save 30% In the final battle, Thorin fights Azog with Orcrist, which he recovers from Legolas. Farewell, Master Burglar. Thorin even begins to talk like Smaug, slowly, stressing sibilant syllables. [12] Meanwhile, Thorin charged his companions with looking for the Arkenstone within the hoard of treasure, and gifted Bilbo a mithril shirt for his bravery. Din continues to rule for several decades until the War of the Ring breaks out. Found Family; Summary. 2941 he led the quest for Erebor accompanied by twelve Dwarves, Bilbo Baggins, and Gandalf the Grey; he briefly became King under the Mountain until he perished following the Battle of Five Armies. Durin VI stirs up a Balrog, and his people scatter northward. It goes on to talk about how evil is stirring everywhere, and the Dwarves just keep on digging for mithril, which has fueled their wealth for generations by this point in time. [1], The war was fought long and hard between the two races, ultimately ending in a pyrrhic Dwarven victory at the Battle of Azanulbizar in T.A. A family tree of the royal houses of the Noldor -- thats Fanor, Galadriel, and that crowd -- from the . Thorin's Family Tree. Yep. Dain was slain during the War of the Ring . [Shoves BIlbo, none too kindly, further down the tunnel, out of earshot] [T 6] Seeing that Smaug was not there, the Dwarves reclaimed some of the treasure; Thorin gave Bilbo "a small coat of mail" made of mithril as the first instalment of his payment. "I gave it to them!" [25] Once he referred to Fli and Kli as "sons of my father's daughter" rather than "nephews" or "sister-sons", for instance. 96 followers. If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together.Thorin Oakenshield. tho'rin. Read about how Tolkien returns to this theme of the corrupting influence of power and greed in The Fellowship of the Ring. Here they prospered in their own fashion, forging iron objects and increasing their numbers (albeit, due to a scarceness of Dwarf-women, very slowly, and by wandering Longbeards who heard of his dwelling). Thorin Oakenshield. Bilbo Baggins. . In Soviet 1985 television play ("The Fantastic Journey of the Hobbit Mr. Bilbo Baggins") Thorin was played by Anatoly Ravikovich. He thought that Bilbo would be a calming influence on Thorin, as well as a genuinely valuable addition to the company. The unmitigated disaster occurs during the rule of the sixth Durin to date. Gandalf's instinct was that the Quest of Erebor would only be successful if Bilbo accompanied them. Yes, that Khazad-dm. Thorin II "Oakenshield", eventually called King under the Mountain or Mountain King[1], was the son of Thrin II, the older brother of Frerin and Ds, the grandson of King Thrr and the uncle of Fli and Kli. 2850 until his death in T.A. [7] The philosophers Gregory Bassham and Eric Bronson contrast the way Tolkien introduces hobbits, as "plain, quiet folks who never do anything unexpected", with how Thorin would have "introduce[d] himself, with aristocratic titles and songs of ancient lineage. Obilupin. Eventually, the most famous Dwarven father arrives at a point in the Misty Mountains where he settles down. You'll be billed after your free trial ends. This causes Thorin to lash out, but he slowly begins to break out of the dragon-sickness consuming him. After succumbing to Dragon-sickness, he seemed to be cruel, stubborn, and vain, and overvalued the treasure of Erebor. This was demonstrated when he participated in the Battle of Azanulbizar in TA 2799. After setting out, Thrin and his companions are immediately pursued by Sauron's emissaries, including Orcs, Wolves, and evil birds. Go back to your books and your armchair. The last important detail of Thorin's family tree has to do with the seventh and final Durin also called Durin the Last. Renews March 11, 2023 The Wizard goes on to point out that dragon fire and destruction would have devastated the northern regions were it not for his chance meeting with Thorin which sparked the quest to retake the Lonely Mountain and vanquish Smaug once and for all. Jrr Tolkien . It means "Bold". He was sophisticated and noble, but tended to treat his allies as equals. He would often stand by his grandfather, Thrr's throne alongside his brother, sister and their parents. He's around for a lot of the early history of his people, who are called either Durin's Folk or the Longbeards. 2941. Actor After the Balrog wakes up and begins trashing Khazad-dum, "The Return of the King" says that "Durin was slain by it, and the year after Nin I, his son; and then the glory of Moria passed, and its people were destroyed or fled far away." [T 14][3] The names also appear in Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder. Thorin's background is . 10 "A Warm Welcome", On the journey, the company encountered a band of trolls; Thorin was the only Dwarf not to be taken unawares. The text adds, "But those who fell in Azanulbizar were honoured in memory, and to this day a Dwarf will say proudly of one of his sires: 'he was a burned Dwarf', and that is enough. Weapon He is an important Dwarf and "King under the Mountain." It seems like it's an easy hop, skip, and a jump from here to Smaug attacking the mountain kingdom, too. Realms [16]. Race 2941 he led the quest for Erebor accompanied by twelve . Thorin II is a fictional character and the main deuteragonist/anti-hero in The Hobbit film series. All of these apply here. One of these is a brother, Frerin, who dies in this battle and becomes a "burned Dwarf.". (one code per order). This is where it all starts to come together. . There he was killed by Bard the Bowman, who pierced the bare spot on Smaug's left breast with his Black Arrow. Wed love to have you back! O Hobbit. A Bagginsheild fiction One day Thorin Oakenshield suddenly shows up at Bilbo's hobbit hole, after everyone thought he was dead. I pin their pictures to my kitchen-door, I wear their items, I sing their song, I am one of the family. Burying that many corpses that way would take years, so they compromise with fire. [13], Before he died, he made his peace with Bilbo by commending the Hobbit's bravery and good character, apologising for his harsh words as he now recognised his comrade's fundamentally benevolent motives. Check out our thorin oakenshield selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costume weapons shops. 20% Purchasing View Site. After the company is captured by goblins, Orcrist is taken by them. She is the only dwarf-woman named in these histories.". shouted Thorin in gathering rage. . They do so in stone, never dirt. In the Battle of Azanulbizar, the Dwarves win the fight, and Thorin earns a nifty nickname, but those are a small measure of compensation compared to the number of Dwarves that are killed in the fray. Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thrin, son of Thrr, King under the Mountain is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's 1937 novel The Hobbit. Thorin and his people were content living in the Blue Mountains and Eriador but as the years waned Thorin's desire to return to Erebor grew.[11]. A sub-plot in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) is the Orc warlord Azog's pursuit of Thorin, to wipe out the House of Durin. Thorin Oakenshield promotional poster for, Thorin II Oakenshield bearing the Elven sword Orcrist, Thorin in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug poster, Thorin on Battle of the Five Armies poster. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He used this blade throughout the entire Quest of Erebor, but was taken from him during his capture in Mirkwood. He repeatedly berates and shouts at his followers, almost strangling Bilbo to death on the revelation that he gave the Arkenstone to Bard and Thranduil and later banishes and threatens to kill Dwalin. Discount, Discount Code In the final film, Balin recognizes that Thorin has utterly succumbed to Dragon-sickness, and confides this tearfully to Bilbo. Rule Thorin was best known for his deeds as leader of a company that infiltrated the lost Kingdom under the Mountain to take it back . Children One night when 13 dwarves interrupt her father's peace, Abbie decides to leave on an adventure. The name "Thorin" ultimately derives from that of the Norse god Thor; it means darer or bold one. Their king, Thrr, escapes, as does his son Thrin II and his grandson Thorin II (not Oakenshield yet), and they lead their people into a long period of wandering. He was laid to rest deep within the Lonely Mountain. "The Peoples of Middle-earth" is filled with many of Tolkien's notes and unfinished writings, gathered by his son, Christopher. Old king Thrr eventually goes back to Khazad-dm on his own to see the ancient mansions of his forefathers (likely driven by a lust for gold due to a magic ring he possesses more on that in a moment). Moira Kahoe. This migration, in effect, hits the reset button for Durin's Folk. 2850 until his death in T.A. A token of our friendship. Bilbo's Final Journey by Morgan Rowland. Thorin II, also known as Thorin Oakenshield, was the King of Durin's Folk from T.A. Nain is the father of Dain II Ironfoot who assumed the kingship of Erebor after Thorin's death in 2941 TA. Balin was seven when Smaug attacked Erebor. It is possible that as Sauron's power grew so too did the ring's influence over Thrin. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Fror apparently died childless, but Gror had a son, Nain. "The Return of the King" sets the stage for the catastrophe, saying, "It came to pass that in the middle of the Third Age Durin was again [Khazad-dum's] king, being the sixth of that name." Thrr and Thrin (Thorin's father) escaped using a secret Back Door. cried Thorin, turning upon him and grasping him with both hands. With that, he died. He entered it and ended up murdered and desecrated by the Orc Azog. Though he lives as a fierce warrior, this entitlement often manifests as somewhat childish petulance. TA 2850 TA 2941 In the films, he is portrayed rather friendly, but hostile to the Elves and suspicious of Bilbo. In the 1977 animated version of The Hobbit, Thorin is voiced by Hans Conreid. Thorin II was born in TA 2746 to Dwarf prince Thrin II in the city of the Lonely Mountain. 2941, being the son of Thrin II, grandson of Thrr and older brother to Frerin and Ds. That story is centered on the "Stunted People" themselves as a gaggle of thirteen bumbling Dwarves who, along with a Wizard and a Hobbit, embark on a quest to retake their home. All information in the tree is from The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, "Durin's Folk" unless otherwise specified. Though his birthright and noble bearing initially make Thorin seem like a fairly heroic figure, the dwarf's status quickly declines as Bilbo's rises. [21], Thorin had a white beard[22] and wore a sky-blue hood with a long silver tassel. Thorin Oakenshield is the main deuteragonist of The Hobbit film trilogy.Thorin was a close friend of Bilbo Baggins and the leader of a group of dwarves and a hobbit known as Thorin and Company to reclaim his home, the Lonely Mountain from Smaug and reclaim his birthright as King under the Mountain.
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