Great articlebrings back many memories of the bad old days. A must have item for your helmet display, uniform or gear. got there 170 pounds left at a 110 pounds. Ive often wondered since who made those peaches and if their product is still available. During the 1960s C-ration cigarettes were identical to the sample packs of four that tobacco salesreps handed out to the public. Always let the FNGs learn a lesson the hard way. So many times I got something other that ham & Lima so I made out in the bargain department. Nov 16, 2013 at 2338hrs, Being an MACV Advisor C-rations always tasted good when ever we had a chance to beg some. We were supplied by air drops and you ran to the pallet to get the best c ration unit. Our squad leader was fairturned all Cs upside down and would mix up..then we would pick..No Fear!! During the 1960s C-ration cigarettes were identical to the sample packs of four that tobacco salesreps handed out to the public. You did what you had to do and made it home to an undeservedly rough reception. Saved the coke for when we would be by the tanks or APCs. 2.03M subscribers Subscribe 129K 9.7M views 6 years ago Check out this full review of a Vietnam War MCI or "C Ration"! But it was usually raining. Click Here for web printable Vietnam Boarding Pass. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. Hi mates, good paragraph and fastidious urging commented here, I am genuinely enjoying by these. , Just looking at a can of Ham and MFers makes me wanna puke. Thanks Freddy Wright. Now you could use an ammo box with a thousand rounds instead of the standard ammo box and metal feed chute limited to 300 rounds. Larry, as a young WO1 pilot just reporting to Nam, making and using the crew chief stove was one of the first thing my crew chief taught me to do. Do you remember your special recipes? 1st tour grunt recon, etc. It was illustrated by Fred Rhoads. Smoking the local product might fool Mr. Charles. Pound cake was one f the favorites in my platoon. Scottie Hill CW4(Ret) Ret. Everything was always better with Tabbasco Sauce to spice it up. in Nam and why I dont like fruit cocktail to this day.In the last part of my tour, it was pecan roll and coffee. U.S.A.F. I was an infantry radio operator with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division, located in the Hiep Duc. Dec 18, 2011. I collect all of the C-Rats rejects and I have plenty to eat. The Vietnamese will sit for hours with a homemade fishing pole fishing. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these posted messages about C rations, even though Ive never tasted even one bite of food from one of those cans. Welcome Home my brothers & Sisters. At topa C-ration with P-38 can opener. A second or B unit might include peanut butter and crackers, chocolate, gum, cigarettes, salt, pepper, and sugar, among other items. A generation full of Peace&Love did not belong in Vietnam ever! U.S. Army photo It was great when someone got a care package from homewe all shared. Ill never eat C-Rations again, but I can remember when I was glad to have them. Vietnam Equipment VE-547 Choice Vietnam Jungle Boots, size 12. Tastes just like it always did, Mikolashek mumbled with a mouthful of cake as Moak laughed and clapped. "Peanut butter and crackers was the best," Orbell said. Free delivery for many products! What brands of cigarettes were in C-Rations? Stand tall and thank you for your service. That was the beginning of the Tet Offensive and the hot meals were few. Marines were not great cooks, but they were inventive. In 1925, the meat ration was replaced with canned pork and beans. Never heard of that version before. He jokingly staggered back a few feet and loudly cleared his throat, while one person yelled out, Eeww, gross!. taste of C-rats in 1975 in basic training at Fort Polk La. I would have beer almost every day. Those wonderful recipes that you made up so the Cs were more palatable. Then mix a bunch of mosquito repellent in about a half of can.use the rest of the peanut better on the very thick (hard tack) crackers!! That went for Officers and enlisted men. My first thought was that Crap,weve killed someone,but thankfully the only problem was that every bottle had been stolen off the tables,and he wanted to know if we would make him some more,which we did,and they were also stolen. We burned and buried the last ones in the system in1986 in the Sinai desert. General Delivery Silver Springs Fl.34489 USA son of the 2nd company president of McIlhenny Company from his experiences with C-Rations as a soldier during WWII came up with the idea to send soldiers copies of the Charlie Ration Cookbook filled with recipes for spicing up C-rations with Tabasco Pepper Sauce wrapped around two-ounce bottles of Tabasco Pepper Sauce along with a handful of a P-38 type can openers all in a waterproof canister. Dont have any Cs any more, but still got several P-38s, three still sealed in the brown paper. Went back a few months ago, the whole country has changed. Cigarettes. This establishment made Beans and Meatballs in Tomato Sauce shipping thousands of cases a month out. You could buy cases of beer and soda too. And in spite of all their faults, I do sometimes miss C-Rats, especially the Pound Cake! The new menu (late 1968 onward) included good stuff like beans & weenies. In 1976 I found the notebook in some old Marine stuff I was going through and I finally got to make the sauce,and it was pretty darn good. 4th infantry, Great article. Mass-2 Marine attached to the 3rd Marine Div. The line units were pulled out of the field on occasion, usually about once a month for three days, to enjoy home cooking, barbecues and ice-cold beer and soda a reward we always looked forward to. vet 69-73 does any one have a recipe for meat and beans? Twelve different menus are included in the specification. B9719 VIETNAM ERA US Military C Ration Spoon in plastic bag IR19A - $16.35. Semper Fi. Issued as one boxed ration per person per day. We learned how to cook rice in an ammo can and that Ham & MFs with greens, heated and served hot over the rice with some kimchee as a condiment was a decent meal. So I gave my last Cs to a Boy Scout Troop and switched to freeze-dried packets (civilian version of MREs) . I really enjoyed reading these replies about c-rations and your experiences in Vietnam. Hated Ham and Lima beans. The standard ration pack issued to infantrymen in Vietnam was the Australian Combat Ration (One Man). The military teaches you to be a thief . Anyone able to help me out? Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. I got pretty good at stealing C4 to cook with , and those LRRP rations . ago. Each meal was in its own cardboard box, which contained the individual items sealed in cans. about fruit cocktail. Replace with VO or whatever whiskey you can find. Ive also created a poll to help identify my website audience before leaving, can you please click HERE and choose the one item best describing you. I was raised on Spam in South Dakota and Minnesota since Spam is manufactured in Minn. To this day I enjoy Spam sandwiches!! Never ate either one of these meals while in country. Prayers-Love and GREAT BIG -Thank you to ALL Military personnel (still here or passed) and their families for serving our COUNTRY. noviopera From shop noviopera. After a short naval round almost blew us away, I smoked too many of those Lucky Strike four packs and suffer today as a result. DONT HOW THEY PRESEVERED THEM BUT THEY DID A GOOG JOB TSGT CLARENCE C WOODY USAF. A whole heat tab had to be used. This is the official Quartermaster's description of C-Rations used in Vietnam "The Meal, Combat, Individual, is designed for issue as the tactical situation dictates, either in individual units as a meal or in multiples of three as a complete ration. It replaced the earlier C-ration, which it was so similar to . Should you have a question or comment about this article, then scroll down to the comment section below to leave your response. He vowed to hang on to it until the day he retired, storing it in a box with other mementos. They loved hearing how Tabasco Sauce made even C-rats mostly palatable. I appreciate the education you help to provide and for keeping it real for those like myself who have never had these experiences. 98 the LEMCO Cha Rang Valley 66 67. Serving in the Marine corps the beef stew in cans, cold,! Very well written and important for us who did not serve due to age ( too young) to learn about this, Excellent; Never told 2nd Lts about the hazards of heating an un-opened can. I flew as a Crewchief on a UH-1C Gunship. description of C-Rations used in Vietnam: The small cans included in the meal were ideal for making a stove. Best dessert was peaches & pound cake, but you had to trade for stuff. This stove was satisfactory, but did not allow enough oxygen to enter which caused incomplete burning of the blue Trioxin heat tablet, causing fumes which irritated the eyes and respiratory tract. Thanks for your service. C-Rations used in Vietnam This is the official US Quartermaster's description of C-Rations used in Vietnam "The Meal, Combat, Individual, is designed for issue as the tactical situation dictates, either in individual units as a meal or in multiples of three as a complete ration. or Best Offer +C $14.58 shipping. About C-Rations. I miss the guys I hope all are doing well. Moak joked earlier this week that he hoped the can wouldnt explode. Doc Shyab. Just askin, BTW: I grew up in New Orleans and knew many of the McIlhenny family. I grew up in Pensacola,and lived on tabasco sauce for my oysters and everything else, and while in Nam I came up with an idea for my own hot sauce for eating c rations with,and wrote it down in a notebook we kept our call signs and frequencies in. C Ration Cigarettes (1 - 3 of 3 results) Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $100 $100 to $250 . I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! The components of the MCI were the M - "Meat Unit", the B - "Bread Unit", and D - "Dessert Unit". I think the onions were gone in a matter of a few days. Reunion 2006 Grand Lakes O The Cherokees,OK, Audie Murphy Presidential Medal ofFreedom,,, Army C Rations: 21 Cool Facts - Citizen Soldier Resource Center. A few of the troops didnt like to drink beer. There was also a separate "tobacco . Then there was the white worms in red sauce. I came from Landisville PA in Lancaster County that was only 12 miles from Lititz. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Love the pound cake especially if you saved the fruit cocktail and ate them together. Marvin J. Wolf, author of Abandoned In Hell, The Fight for Vietnams Firebase Kate.. In an effort to keep things fair, Ive witnessed squad leaders dumping cases of C-Rations upside down (hiding the name of the meal) and mixing them up to give everyone an equal chance of selecting a popular meal. Pour out all of the heavy syrup, and 3.) Some of the guys cannot stand to watch me eat one. . $40.00 WW2 German Patronenkasten 88 Ammunition Crate $150.00 WW1 German Patronenkasten 88 Ammunition Crate $150.00 WW1 British and Commonwealth Biscuit Ration Crate $90.00 I remember having to eat my C-Ration meal cold because we were either on the move or rushed to leave in the mornings. Food was of secondary importance. They came sealed in foil . Missed the initial one 4 years ago. USMC. Got some Phillip Morris cigarettes in a dark brown package PM quit using the dark brown package in the late 1940s thats how old some of the Cs were. But themilitarydiscourages eating from old rations. The photo above shows an original VN era Marlboro cigarette pack from a . Its even a little moist, he said, wiping his mouth. Since I didnt smoke, the cigarette 5-packs (except Chesterfields, which nobody wanted) came in handy for that. The daily ration of 3 meals provides approximately 3600 calories." There were 4 choices of meat in each B group. My last CO also liked them. Cigarettes disappeared from rations in 1975, but their legacy was a . Everyone like cake after that. iI LOVE C RATION WISH I HAD SOME NOW I ATE THEM EVERY DY WHEN I WAS IN NAM I W THERE FOR 18 MONTH WIT THE 101 ST ABN. Move away from the Chopper and light with matches from C-rat. yes crissie it was a mess kit one side flat other side had two compartments and you had silverware so to speak. l would buy and eat them today if someone was to make em. Vietnam Era C-Ration Cigarette Pack The photo above shows the components of the cigarette pack. Technically, the C-ration of the Vietnam-era was a different thing than the World War II C-ration, but troops still called it a "C-rat," and it was very similar in packaging and content. As an infantry soldier in Vietnam, C-Rations was my sole source of nourishment for at least 300 of the 365 days I served in-country. C-packs also contained cartons of Cigaretts, M&Ms and other favorites, Also read a lot about their c-rat experiences too. Wow brings back a lot of memories. Turkey packed in 30 weight motor oil was the worst. When I told my idea to my wife,she looked at me and said,baby,youre crazy ! And thats how we started Crazy Jerrys sauce company in 1989 with our oyster,clam and everything else sauce. The next thing I got was the MREs. Sold by kragsr4c07 in Great Falls Buy Now! Although the meat item can be eaten cold, it is more palatable when heated. Gen. Walter S. McIlhenny. I can't find my links right now, but a little bit of searching should turn them up pretty easily. In the field 90% of my tour. Well, with aSTOVEyou made, right? However, none of us wanted to carry that much extra weight on our backs, instead, most settling for a single complete meal per day and extra cans of crackers, cakes and fruit to supplement their diet until the next resupply all stuffed into a sock and tied to the back of a rucksack. C-Rations were developed in 1938 as a replacement for reserve rations, which sustained troops during World War I, and consisted chiefly of canned corned beef or bacon and cans of hardtack. Heating the meals and water required a small stove (see article below) with Sterno tabs or C-4 plastic explosive, the later burning very hot and fast preferred for quick meals. DD345 - Liberty Pass. It was often supplied by water trailer or inflatable bladders from helicopters (called water buffaloes) because they were black rubber, and placed on a Gerry built wooden stand surrounded by sandbags to prevent shrapnel or small arms fire from penetrating and emptying the water. Abandoned my country, Vietnam, in 1975, but that did not make me hating them.
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